brian kinney's character development is the most beautiful on the show and that is saying something

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Okay I need your help. I know this is gonna sound stupid but I was wondering if you could analyze/explain a B/J scene for me. I'm talking about the scene where Brian is riding his bike (liberty ride) and he has visions/hallucinations of himself and Justin.

Not stupid in the slightest! And you’re in luck, because that is absolutely one of my FAVORITE scenes in the entire series. (I feel like lately every time I’m asked to analyze a scene I say it’s one of my favorites and I should hold back a bit before the phrase loses its meaning, but I can’t help it if you all keep choosing amazing scenes for me to explore. <3) But really, this is a gloriously revealing scene that tells us so much both about Brian and about his feelings for Justin… because really, what better way to get inside Brian’s head than to have him in such physical and emotional agony that he begins hallucinating, am I right? :D

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