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samuelpino  asked:

It's true that Geoff Johns, Azzarello and Morrison didn't like Superman/Wonder Woman and that it was editorial mandate that many people rejected? because that runs the couple for me a little bit and thought i always knew that eventually they were gona ended i like that they did something different and that they answered the question of What if Superman fell for Wonder Woman.

If you can find quotes of them saying so then by all means share.

I know Azzarello said he did not want anyone detracting from Diana in the story he was telling. Neither Steve nor Clark was in his story. Johns is currently involved in the Gal Gadot movie and it’s in his interest to push for Steve hard due to that so maybe this is why he wants clois back to sync with the movies and free Diana for Steve in time for the movie. Morrison I have no idea what he thinks, not that it matters tbh because we will ship who we want end of the day.  All I know is that Rucka and Jurgens are trying to undermine Azzarello’s Diana and Soule’s ClarkxDiana to benefit their own stories.

Now if they do/did hate it, it is interesting that Geoff Johns was involved in the JSA story Thy Kingdom Come with Alex Ross  that had this ending. Yes that is Diana and Clark with their children and Godfather Bruce. 

Brian Azzarello and Frank Miller gave us this today in DK3. Yes, Clark and Diana and their second child. 

End of the day the person who matters is the man who gave us the couple and as far as he is concerned Clark and Diana’s love is real.