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Talks Machina Highlights (Spoilers through E86)
  • Secret Denise message of the week: “He who sees my face will be cursed for a thousand years.” As you do.
  • Sam makes his entrance gagged and with his hands tied while the rest of the cast points and yells “shaaame” at him.
  • Laura thought Scanlan was screwing with them and kept waiting for him to turn around.Travis notes that they can usually talk people out of that kind of choice, and Marisha realized Scanlan was actually leaving when the conversation started going around in circles and there were no easy solutions.
  • Taryon was not supposed to appear in 85 at all. Midway through the show, Matt called Sam over and told him Taryon was going in tonight. “Why?” Matt: “’Cause… why not?” At that point, Sam had virtually no backstory planned for Taryon and didn’t even have Doty named yet. Matt: “…I can say that was a miscommunication and I thought that was the intent?” Matt told Sam they’d figure out Taryon once the party knew where they were going next, and Sam took that to mean in the next episode, so Matt sort of accidentally threw him in at the deep end.
  • Sam: “I did not do any of that to hurt you as people or characters, I did not mean any sort of betrayal by it. It just felt like the right thing to do… and the tasty way to do it.” Taliesin notes he’s had e-mails after a break-up that sounded just like that. Matt was tense through the whole thing.
  • Taliesin: “You’ve proven that we can bring in a new character and it works.” Liam keeps thinking of the pre-stream game and missing Scanlan. Marisha realized she was putting away her d12s because she only ever used them when Scanlan gave her inspiration.
  • Vex felt like she and Scanlan really understood each other because they both put up fronts, and now she’s starting to doubt that.
  • Liam notes that Scanlan was the only one who really managed to get through to Vax during his nosedive.
  • While Scanlan was out, Sam had time to think about how Scanlan would feel when he woke up, and he couldn’t really justify why Scanlan would stick around. He thought it would be really difficult to make it seem believable for Scanlan to stick around when he was that miserable, so a break made sense.
  • Liam: “With a little space from this, it was brilliant.”
  • Sam: “Some of the things that Vex said to Scanlan changed his plan. My initial intent was to leave solo, alone, and you guys all convinced me to stay with Kaylie.”
  • Liam points out that VM doesn’t really keep their guard down anymore, so they’re pretty wary of Taryon, although Grog’s on board now that they’ve beat him up (”I’ve done all the insight checking that’s needed”), and Percy’s on board because he’s excited to have a nerd-buddy and a very useful distraction.
  • It was Grog’s idea to beat up Tary and Doty, because he was worried about them possibly getting the rest of his friends killed if they weren’t able to hold their own.
  • Laura points out it was more of an audition than a hazing–they did it to their staff at the Keep. Marisha reminisces that she turned into a giant scorpion for the first time during that scene and scared off a lot of them on the spot. Vex shot an arrow at Jarrett, and he side-stepped and made eye contact, and she knew he’d be sticking around.
  • Taryon is inspired by the likes of Richard Branson and Tony Stark. The pitch to Matt: “I wanna be a guy with no skill at all who has bought everything he can do, if he has a problem he just throws money at it, and he wants to be a brave, daring adventurer and has no skill to back it up,” and Matt immediately thought of the artificer class. Matt: “In theory, without any of his equipment, he’d be a level 2. The equipment’s what brings him up to level 13.”
  • Percy stopped feeling threatened by Taryon when he realized he needed magic to build his stuff. “We can do a Bruce Banner-Tony Stark kind of thing.” Sam points out that Taliesin actually knows some of the stuff Percy talks about, whereas the simple machines Taryon talked about so condescendingly were the actual limit of Sam’s technical knowledge.
  • Marisha leans towards Keyleth mostly just using the elemental spells that she’s completed her Aramente for.
  • Vex thought of Scanlan as the dad of the group, the one you went to if you didn’t know what else to do. Sam, whispering: “…I’m so sad right now.”
  • Brian: “The first person who can open a fucking door should be the leader of Vox Machina forever.”
  • Liam on Vax: he was a total fuck-up, didn’t have a purpose, and that got flipped on its head. Vax thinks another shoe is gonna drop from the Raven Queen, but he’s not rushing towards that; he wants a little private time. “It’s a weird thing, being Fate-Touched in a game of chance.” He’s currently waiting for instruction, but doesn’t really know where to go. From Matt’s perspective, the Raven Queen’s set him on a path and has outlined the general direction, and until that path needs to be corrected, she’ll leave him to keep walking. But without training, Vax doesn’t really know how that connection works.
  • Travis thinks Grog would do okay one-on-one against Kevdak now.
  • A fan points out that Matt was silent for 18 minutes during the party’s confrontation with Scanlan. Matt loved it, because it let him become a member of the audience. “That’s the reward for all the hard work.”
  • Matt re: Keyleth potentially taking on True Resurrection as a ninth-level spell: “There’s an interesting disconnect between the mechanics of the game and a realistic narrative.” He feels that there needs to be a necessary, very important purpose for that person that didn’t get completed. Marisha mentions that there are some spells that Keyleth wouldn’t be comfortable with (same as Pike not using some spells), and that True Resurrection would be difficult. She’s excited about True Polymorph, though.
  • Matt had to tell Sam that Scanlan did not hear Grog’s contribution to the resurrection ritual–Grog unfortunately failed his contribution. Sam: “I will say as Sam Riegel listening to Travis Willingham’s song… legit tears.”
  • Doty is not quite as strong as rules-as-written, but is a little smarter so he can read and write. Liam: “But can he love?”
  • Matt points out that a lot of the show’s narrative stems from relationships, so it seemed natural that romances would start up in the game. Laura: “[Liam and Marisha] had to deal with all of us acting like asshole fucking schoolchildren.” Travis: “I just want the story to be good. I just want nudity and good story. I don’t care where it’s from.”
  • Marisha and Liam went out to lunch to talk Vax/Keyleth once it looked like things were heading that way to make sure everyone was on board and comfortable with it.
  • Sam thinks Scanlan would be very skeptical of Taryon and would think he’s an asshole and would be on board with pretty much everything that’s happened.
  • Liam hopes for a bit of overlap between Scanlan and Taryon. Sam: “Oh god…”
  • Sam honestly doesn’t know if we’ve seen the last of Scanlan.
  • Percy does not want to return to Whitestone in a permanent sense at all, but Taliesin notes that it doesn’t matter, because he has to, and he understands that responsibility’s part of being titled. He doesn’t think Percy will ever take power, but if it comes up, he has ideas of how he could be useful.
  • Brian: “Is there anything special you want to do for episode 100?” Liam: “Wear some pants, please.” Matt: “No. Never.”
  • Matt sighs heavily when everyone suggests a bodyswapping episode. Sam: “We’re doing it, Matt. Someday.” Matt: “…so hackneyed.”
  • Brian: “Oh, I forgot about Alpha! Probably because it hasn’t worked for months.”


  • Sam would be down for playing both Scanlan and Taryon.
  • Everyone was pretty okay with Taryon not knowing their names. Marisha: “That seems like something we’d do.”
  • Brian asks where the giant mug is right now. Sam points out that it’s literally sitting on a shelf behind Brian, in the same shot as him. Sam’s new mug was a gift from Laura ages ago.
  • At the time, Vex thought hanging onto the deck was the smart thing to do, but after the conversation with Scanlan, she decided it was better to give it back to Grog. Travis had games and games of guilt-trips planned. Percy was planning to build fake magical cards with a bit of flashpowder.
  • Matt reveals that Fenthras was already Exalted when Vex got it. Laura, slumping dejectedly and extremely dramatically on the couch: “Fucking hell, I’ve got all this fuckin’ shit I’ve been working on!”
  • Exalted is the next level after Awakened for Vestiges. More info in the campaign guide.
  • Liam: “What if Pike was hit with love at first sight for Taryon?” Everyone just goes silent while they ponder that.

KoRn // Berlin, Velodrom. 28th of March 2017

Markiplier Character List

Now, before you complain, none of these characters are listed in order of appearance, they are listed in the order of which one i’ve searched. Every character has a source listed as “(x)” if you want to see the character yourself. I may not have listed all of them, but here is the post anyways!

Purple Wiggle (x)

Brad The Dad (x)

Survivor (x) (x)

Elder Jeremiah (x)

Dr. Iplier (x)

Ben Trimmer (im guessing thats his name!) (x)

Captain Falcon (x)

The Author (x) (x)

Frank The Policeman (x)

Google (x)

Security Guard (x) (x) (x) (x

Big Maker 6 Superhero (x)

Wilford Warfstache (x) (x) (x) (x

Silver Shepherd (x

The following characters all come from the same exact video which can be found here (x) His name in it is “Brian”



Winter Is Coming


The Doctor

Mad Men

Dad (x)

Bill (x

Mark Leader (x)

Opinion Minion (x) (x)

Cool Guy (x

News Anchor (x)

Ed Edgar Adoptallott (x)

Perfume Seller (x)

Brian's Premonitions ( Closed Starter )

Closed Starter for @memeteamyomi

“JOHN!” Brian shouted before he could stop himself, immediately afterwards he smacked a hand over his mouth. It was rather early in the morning to be shouting like that.
A wave of relief crashed through him.
They were okay.

“Brian, what the hell?!” John barked back angrily. He was now holding the phone away from his ear since his manager just blasted his ear drum out. He gently brought it back though, to hear what he had to say.

“Sorry, sorry…!” Epstein whispered after gasping for breath. He happened to stop breathing between the time it took for him to dial the number and when it was picked up. “…Now, John, listen to me and listen to me good. This…this is important.”

“Eppy?” Lennon sat up a little his anger switching to concern as he heard both the gasping for air and the intensity in Brian’s voice over the line. “Is everything alright? Are you alright?”

“Nevermind about me, I’m fine. John, please, please don’t come to Abbey Road today-”

“What? But we’ve got a record to do!”

“I know that! I know!” Brian snapped. “John Lennon I am begging not to come today. Please. Tell Paul, George and Ringo too. I’ve got to go.”

“Brian, wait-!”

But Brian had already hung up.

2016-17 Buffalo Sabres Regular Season Stat Leaders
  • Games Played: Brian Gionta (82)
  • Goals: Evander Kane (28)
  • Assists: Rasmus Ristolainen (39)
  • Points: Jack Eichel (57)
  • Plus-Minus: Taylor Fedun (+3)
  • Penalty Minutes: Evander Kane (113)
  • Time On Ice By A Goalie: Robin Lehner (3,405:28)
  • Wins By A Goalie: Robin Lehner (23)
  • Fewest Goals Allowed: Linus Ullmark (3)
  • Goals Against Average: Anders Nilsson (2.67)
  • Saves: Robin Lehner (1,768)
  • Save Percentage: Anders Nilsson (.923)
  • Shutouts: Robin Lehner (2)
Title?Don’t got one. Gta grumps x fake ah crew x reader

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You laughed loudly and gave your boss a sheepish smile.” Sorry boss, gavin dared me to!” You said and gavin squeaked, pointing a finger at you.

“You traitor!”

“ Meh,” You said with a shrug.” Sorry gav, all’s fair in love and war.” You said and geoff sighed.

“ I knew recruiting a computer wiz was gonna come back and bite me in the ass.” He grumbled and jack rolled her eyes.

“ Oh don’t be so grumpy goeff, this girl is a Godsend and you know it.” Jack said as she gave you a kiss on the cheek, causing you to beam proudly and him to sigh.

As much as he hated to say it jack was right.Ever since they recruited you, many heists were easier with you monitoring them and making sure they stayed in the shadows. Not to mention all the cash you earned from online scams and such. But not only were you helpful with jobs, but also as a family. You were able to calm others down when geoff couldn’t, hell even make ryan smile on a bad day.You were sweet, hopeful, and extremly skilled. Probably the greatest thing to ever happen to the crew.

Which made their prime job to protect you.

“ Speaking of grumps, guess who’s gonna be in town?” Ryan said as he walked into the kitchen and geoff groaned.

“ No!Are you kidding me?” He asked and ryan chuckled.

“ Yup, they’re all gonna be in los santos next week.Apparently they’re on tour, but we all know the truth.” He said and you raised your hand.

“ I don’t mind filling me in?” You asked and jack sighed.

“ There’s another gang from another city called the grumps. Two of them are in a bad called starbomb, and whatever city they’re performing in, the rest of the crew goes and cleans the place out. They’re smart,” She said and geoff scoffed.

“ There a bunch of stupid, smug sons of bitches who need to have the smile ripped off their face.” He said andryan snickered.

“ They’re close friends of ours.” He explained and you nodded.

“ Well that makes sense.” You mumbled and geoff groaned.

“ Whenever they get here they team up with the lads and raise all sort of hell!” He said and rubbed his head.

“ Ugh, i’m getting a headache just thinking about it.”

“ Yeah well you’re giving me a headache by talking about it so shut up.” She hissed and you began to type in grumps crew onto your laptop.

Might as well do a little research on them before they get here.

“ Man i have missed los santos!” Dan said as he looked out his window and arin sighed.

“Yeah well don’t get so comfortable just yet, geoff might run us out if you and the lads start causing trouble again.” Brian grumbled and arin sighed.

“ Aw come on brian!We’re always on our best behaviour!” He said and suzy rolled her eyes.

“Riiiiight.” She laughed.” Remember the last time you guys were there and you set a bank on fire?”

“ That was an accident.”

“ WE WERE IN THE BUILDING!” Ross shouted angrily and Barry sighed.

“ Well i hope this will be different from last time, I still have a scar from our last visit.” Barry grumbled bitterly.

“ Oh this time will definitely be different.” Kevin said as he looked up from his laptop.” Rumor has it they have a new member, a hacker apparently.” He said and Dan grinned.

“ Well, can’t wait to meet them.” He said as they drove to the penthouse.” Hopefully geoff is in a good mood today.”


“ GAVIN STOP FUCKING RUNNING AROUND!” Geoff shouted angrily and the brit stopped.

“Sorry geoff, i’m just so excited to see the grumps again.Boy i got the greatest gear in the mail the other day and ross will just-”

“ No!” Geoff said harshly and poked gavin’s large nose.” NonononoNOO!” He said and motioned to everybody in the room, everybody except for you was sat in the living room.

“ Listen to me alright!?None of you, will start anything while they are here. Got it?” He asked and ray raised his hand.

“ But what if-”

“ But nothing!” He snapped.” I don’t care if they made a bet, or dared, you, or if their life fucking depended on it.I just want one, peaceful visit. Okay?” He asked and they all mumbled and nodded and agreement. Geoff always got this when the grumps visited, rightfully so.

“ Geoff where’s y/n?” Michael asked.

“ She’s in her room, “ Jack said and geoff nodded.

“ And she’s gonna stay there, i don’t want danny anywhere near her.” He growled.

Danny Sexbang was a ladies man, no if and’s or buts about it. With his charming smile, beautiful voice and smooth words, he was able to make anybody fall for him. So when he sees the beautiful h/c girl, he’s probably going to have a few things to say to her. And if he hurts her, geoff gonna rip out his fucking tongue.

The doorbell went off and jack answered the door with a smile.

“ Hey guys, long time no see huh, come in come in!” Jack greeted the grumps as they filed into the house.

“ Hello geoff, how have you been?” He asked as he shook geoff’s hand.

“ Good, would be better if you aren’t here.” He said and brain chuckled.

“ Wouldn’t we all?” Brian said and geoff cracked a smile, as annoying as they were they were family.

“ So we heard you guys recruited a newbie.” Suzy said as she sat down on a couch and geoff sighed.

“ Yeah, but they’re not here right now so-”

“ Hey geoff, i’ve got the perfect job but i’m gonna need some help with it so i was wondering if-” Geoff cursed under his breath as he heard your voice and your footsteps stop.

“ Oh.” You said, seeing the new people in the house.” I forgot that was today.” You said and brain smiled.

“ It’s not problem, i’m brian.” He said.” The leader of these idiots.” He said and you smiled.

“ I’m-”

“ Absolutely breathtaking.” Dan mumbled as he let his eyes roam your body.

“ W-what?” You stuttered and he smiled, you were shocked by his looks and advances.

“ I’m dan, and you are?” He asked and you smiled, causing him to blush.

“ I-i’m y/n.” You said shyly.

Oh shit, you’re fucking cute.

“ Aaaand she’s off limits.” Geoff growled as he pulled you into his chest.” You hear me avidan?Lay a finger on her and i’ll end you.” He warned and dan raised his hands in defense.

“What?” He asked with a smug look.” I wasn’t doing anything, merely introducing myself to your newest member, which i look forward to working with very soon.” He said and winked, causing arin to sigh and hit him upside the head.

“ Ignore him, he’s an idiot.” He said and suzy nodded.

“ Yeah, but it’s nice to meet you!” she said and you smiled.” Im suzy and this is arin, my husband. You’ve already met dan, sadly.” She said and the man huffed.

“ How dare you!I am a hoot!” He replied and she rolled her eyes.

“ And then there’s barry-”

“ Hi.”


“ Hello!”

“And kevin, our little techie.” She said and you smiled at kevin.

“ Finally somebody who can actually use a computer around here.”  He said and you laughed.

“  know right, ugh it’s like 1920 around here with these doofs.” You said and an idea popped into your head.” you know i was planning this job that has one hell of a haul, and it’d be great if i could get an input from another hacker.” You said and kevin nodded.

“ Sounds awesome!” He said as you led him to your room geoff sighed.

“ Alright,that it. I’m done.  go sit wherever, i’m gonna go get drunk.”

I guess this is sorta an intro i suppose. Of like little fics if the grumps and fake ah crew together, more specifically flirty dan with y/n, while the fake ah crew watches over her like angry hawks.If you want some like that with a specific prompt send it in!I hope you guys are happy and well, bye lovelies!


drake: whoa… sufjan… you look…

sufjan: Terrible… I Know… Ha Ha H-

drake: …so nice

sufjan: Oh! Well! Thank You Aubrey! You Also Look… Nice

drake: this is gonna be so much fun! thanks for coming to junior prom with me. you’re such a good friend :)

sufjan: You Are A Good Friend Too Aubrey My Bro My Pal My Friendly Platonic Comradely Chummy Buddy And Confidante

drake: well, anyway, we should get going. hey, wouldn’t it be nice if-

an incorporeal voice: WHO DARES SUMMON ME?

drake: oh my god! is that-

sufjan: Brian Douglas Wilson! The American Musician Singer Songwriter And Record Producer Best Known As The Leader And Founder Of The Beach Boys!


drake: holy shit dude this is so cool i LOVE good vibrations

sufjan: Mr. Wilson Why Have You Graced My Front Porch With Your Presence


drake: but how?


drake: oh well i’m sorry mr. wilson there must be some mistake because uh, sufjan and i aren’t really young souls in a time of need


drake: what? what are you talking about?


sufjan: Goodness Gracious Aubrey He Is Really Dragging You


sufjan: What Can I Tell Whom


sufjan: I Am Afraid I Do Not Know What You - Oh! It Would Appear That The Founder Of The Beach Boys Has Dissolved Into A Puff Of Glitter Without Clarifying His Meaning How Unfortunate Mysterious And Glamorous

drake: sufjan… wait… i think he was trying to tell us something

sufjan: Whatever Do You Mean Aubrey

drake: sufjan, i get it now! i think i can do it alone! i isolate my head! i stay in my safety zones! but i shouldn’t do that. i have to be brave. because the truth is… i can’t do it alone. i just can’t. i need you, sufjan.

sufjan: Oh Aubrey… Now What Can I Tell You

drake: you can tell me anything, sufjan. 

sufjan: What Can I Say That Won’t Make You Defensive

drake: you can say anything.

sufjan: Well… Aubrey… I Am Quite In Love With You

drake: oh, sufjan… i love you, too. so much.

sufjan: And I Want To Attend The Junior Prom With You But… Not As Your Bro

drake: as… more than bros?

sufjan: Precisely Aubrey

drake: hey sufjan… if we kissed right now… wouldn’t it be nice?

sufjan: Yes Aubrey… It Would Be Nice


70 Years.
The world’s greatest guitarist is 70 years old.
He’s been involved with the guitar since he was 11 years old.

He’s played with such varied acts as Blondie, David Bowie, David Sylvian, Brian Eno, Talking Heads, and of course, Peter Gabriel.

As the leader of King Crimson, he has continously pushed the boundaries of music for almost 50 years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon

Thank You for all of your work Robert Fripp.

Play on Maestro! “Music is a powerful and direct teacher which speaks to us all, to the degree that we are able to hear. ”
- Robert Fripp