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The Beach Boys – SMiLE

Via the Albums That Never Were blog – a very nice listen, and probably the most “authentic” SMiLE experience you can have, though I certainly dig the three-sided official version that emerged a few years back.

“The goal of this reconstruction is to recreate what the SMiLE album would have sounded like in 1967 if it had actually been finished. To do this we must discard any notion of the “correct” tracks sequence from the 2004 album Brian Wilson present SMiLE, as well the first disc of the 2011 SMiLE Sessions box set.  All original Beach Boys recording are used; no anachronistic “fly-ins” from Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE were used. Also no digital pitch-shifting or digital extraction was used. This is an attempt to be as authentic to the material as possible and offer a strictly 1967 version of SMiLE. My mix is all mono (as it would have been released in 1967) but an alternate custom-made stereo mix is also included for those curious audiophiles. The best possible source-tapes were used, almost exclusively material found on the 2011 The SMiLE Sessions box set.” 

Side A:

1. Our Prayer
2. Heroes and Villains
3. Vege-Tables
4. Do You Like Worms?
5. Child Is Father Of The Man
6. The Old Master Painter
7. Cabin Essence

Side B:

8. Good Vibrations
9. Wonderful
10. I’m In Great Shape
11. Wind Chimes
12. The Elements
13. Surf’s Up


“Pretty Wings” by Maxwell | Choreography by Jason Magsuci | Video shot by Brian Ines

One of my favorite pieces created by Jason.


Freestyle Friday | Rudy “Rufio” Reynon II “I Am Not A Human Being”

video by Brian Ines for Capitol Roots


Brian Ines

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