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For @mellie-art whose artwork made me feel all emotional and induced an urge to do a quick Killing Joke tribute before sleep. Ow, and it’s 3 am…

With all the complaints about Riri, I still don’t think Marvel should give up on her. Like it or not her character is necessary. 

Riri is a black girl in STEM, with dark skin and natural curly hair, has depression, and a black mother (who’s also dark-skinned) who supports her. 

That is rare in media. There are some positive feedback of black girls and even grown black women inspired by the concept of Riri. I don’t believe it’s fair to take that away from them because of a white man’s bad literature. 

Instead of killing her off or erasing her existence for the Tony Stark klandom to be happy, replace Bendis with a black female writer and reboot her story.