brian ily

bias vs bias tag

the amazing @k-pop-jjang tagged me to thing fun bias vs bias thingy, thanks love ♥v♥

Rules: Write down your top 10 kpop biases on little papers, mix them up, pick two for each round.

  • round 1: Xiumin vs. Yongguk
  • round 2: Jonghyun vs. Buffy
  • round 3: Young K vs. Jaebum ………. round 1 & 2 i was like fine okay this isn’t too hard but REALLY sorry brian ily ;;
  • round 4: Jeup vs. Kihyun 
  • round 5: Hongbin vs. Vernon

this was fun, actually writing them down and picking heh SO YEAH I’m tagging: @banilla-kookie, @chanlee, @actualprincejun (it’s been a while~), @ko-yoongi, @fantastic-t-o-p, @gimtajoo, @mintbean, @manwalage, @petitshinee@http-baepsae, @markslilbunny and @puppyprincesses xxx


Aretha Franklin, the Beyhive is coming for you!!

“What the fucking hell!” Schechter shouts, gesturing at them. “The place is a mess when I get back, neither valet nor master anywhere to be found, dirt all over the place, what the hell was I supposed to think!” Schechter shouts.

“Uh,” Gerard says, at a loss.

“I mean, this,” he gestures wildly at the two of them in bed, “This is none of my business. Well, actually, it’s entirely my business but I’m going to pretend I didn’t see it so it doesn’t have to be my business.


omfg kling, ily