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The Signs As Day6 Things
  • Aries: Jae's aegyo
  • Taurus: "I wish you would take a shower before you sleep."
  • Gemini: Dowoon singing the beginning of Well Done Again My Friend
  • Cancer: Cleansing foam
  • Leo: Every time Sungjin scolds any of the members
  • Virgo: "I would also like to see Yugyeom rap Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over Kanye's Mercy."
  • Libra: "Sungjin-hyung, are you a bear?"
  • Scorpio: That time Dowoon hung up on Junhyeok because he was tired of "old people"
  • Sagittarius: THAT Wonpil Hunt fancam
  • Capricorn: Brian's predebut math dance
  • Aquarius: Wonpil climbing into Dowoon's bed all the time
  • Pisces: Brian eating ramen at 3 AM

Omfg I’m dying, laughed way more than justified. Love this video, I’m sorry

Brian starts singing Nancy Boy before realizing it’s Pure Morning that’s playing. Also, that first note. Also, the overall questionable singing. 

How Brian can a drunk be? lol

anonymous asked:

Could you do that oral thing for brian? Thanks ily 💕

ILY  ≧◡≦


- Dirty Talk

- Low Grunts

- Constantly pushing your head down way too far because he couldn’t help himself and you’re just too much.

For this..

- Apologizing


- Chuckling 

- Teasing

- Slow actions

- A lot of tongue 

Brian would chuckle hearing you moan or beg for him. Like Jae, he would tease a lot and having fun seeing you desperate.The actions with his tongue would drag slowly. He would mostly use his tongue than his fingers.


anonymous asked:

There's this soul mate au where the ppl can hear eachother sing songs whenever they're kinda nearby to eachother, could u maybe write a little thing of that for either ego bang, septiplier, or dan brian? ily so much bro😚

I chose Septipler because I’ve written for them the least, haha. And I love you too, dear anon! Here you go~

Drabble prompts are open!

Mark never saw the significance of soulmates. Maybe it was because of his parents. They raised him to have reasonable expectations from life. Look for your soulmate, sure, but if you find someone that makes you happy, then go for them.

That’s exactly how Mark lived. He dated people he liked, and if it didn’t work out, no problem.

Other people raved about what it was supposedly like when you found your soulmate. One of you would get the urge to sing, and the other would be able to hear it clearly, no matter how quiet. Then bam, you’d find each other and happily ever after.

He never expected to experience that. Let alone at two o’clock in the morning, while he was watching TV in his boxers and a t-shirt.

“All the way… All the way…”

Mark shot up in an instant. There was no way. He raced over to the window and threw it open, poking his head out to take a look around. Sure enough, there was a dark silhouette, walking along.


The run outside seemed so short, and the moment right afterwards, right as he met eyes with his soulmate for the first time, seemed so long. Funny, he never though his soulmate would be a guy.

The man grinned. “Nice boxers.”

“Thanks,” he said a bit awkwardly, smiling too. He then held his hand out. “I’m Mark. I heard you singing.”

“Sean,” the man replied, taking his hand. “But you can call me Jack.”