brian has a husband

Furious 7 (2015)

As a day one fan of the Fast and the Furious saga, it was really hard reading about Paul Walker’s untimely death. Fortunately, they decided to continue the movie in Paul’s name and after a year dealing with solutions around Paul’s unfinished shoots, the movie is finally here.

For the first time since Tokio Drift, the saga embraces a new director in the form of James Wan. He takes over the reigns from 4 time Fast and Furious director Justin Lin, who is partly responsible for the amazing success this saga has generated. His vision on topping action scene after action scene but not going into that Michael Bay territory is fantastic. Unfortunatly, he’s moving on to other things. Now, James Wan is not just some new director. He’s responsible for some of the greatest horror movie hits of the past decade, like The Conjuring and Insidious, and even responsible for directing the first SAW movie. The strong revenge thriller Death Sentence is also from his hand.

Now, James Wan is a director who likes the 70’s revenge thriller feel. He showed it with Death Sentence, he used the slow stuttering old slowmotion effect in his horror movies and he is now doing this with Fast 7. For me, it felt out of place. He created the perfect tone, cause it really feels the way he wants it to feel, but it felt weird looking at the other films. Fortunately, this feeling doesn’t linger on and he soon drags you into the film and won’t let you go. But for the first time, I couldn’t look past some of the things they did in the movie. I even loved the Vin Diesel bridge jump or the scene in the airplane from 6, but they really went full blown Transformers in this one.

It’s fantastic they made the decision to go trough with it and give Paul a respectful goodbye but here and there you can see they made obvious changes. For instance, the amount of time Vin Diesel spends reminding Brain O’ Conner that he now has a family (which he has had for the last two movies also) are suddenly becoming an issue. the emphasize and emphasize that only family matters, and that even tho Brian has jumped out of airplanes, jumped off trains, fought countless times with the group, the bravest thing Dominic has seen Brian do is be a husband to Mia. Okay dudes, we get it.

Somehow it also feels that they intended the movie to be different at all. Sidelining Hobbs for the greater part of the movie just felt extremely off, as the previous two movies gained so much because of his presence. I even had problems with the script this time, which pitches our gang of street racers against brother-of Owen Shaw certified bad ass Deckard Shaw played by Jason Statham, but not before getting side-tracked on some very weird side mission to steal some hacking device with a very overly complicated plan. But oh well, it is the Fast and Furious saga.

The movie hints back to previous times for numerous occasions. Wether this was always the plan or just another way to emphasize the old days with Paul I don’t know, but it was a great addition to the movie. I’m talking the old muscle car, corona’s, Los Angeles and even that hillbilly from Tokio Drift (including original soundtrack).

It isn’t until the end, when all the warfare and mayhem that they let loose on the streets of Los Angeles settles down, that you are really confronted with the death of Paul Walker. And it isn’t until this moment you know why they kept saying stuff like how the bravest thing he has done is be a father and a husband. Because it all reflects on Paul in his real life. You know they’re gonna do some kind of memorial thingy, but what they did in this movie can bring any tough guy who has loved this series for years to tears. It is a very respectful, graceful and beautiful goodbye to an actor, a friend, a brother, a father and most of all a great human being, having devoted his life off-screen to helping people in need and working for his disaster relief organisation.

For me it’s not the best movie of the saga, but still a fantastic addition that I will be watching again and again, and knowing how much trouble they  must’ve had changing things and keeping Paul in this movie the way they did, I can only say they did a great job. I hope they will continue this story with more movies but even if they don’t, this would be a great ending to a fantastic saga.


Rest in peace, Buster.

Destiel or Queerbathing

I have some thoughts about Supernatural. I do. Was I disappointed about Destiel not becoming canon?Hell,yeah. And then I said to myself:“Vlada,come on,do not be irrational and think about it.”. And so I did. There are few conclusions:
No, I do not. I adore Dean,Castiel,Sam and Crowley also as separated beings. Do I ship anything? Yes,I do. I am a hardcore Destiel shipper, I also do ship Cockles but…I like Sastiel e Sabriel,Mishalecki and J2M, I have read some Wincest fics…So Supernatural is freaking awesome. Even without my ship. But let us talk more about THE SHIP.
Until the season 9 I would totally say that it is queerbathing. God,I hated them. I hated myself for getting my hopes high. Everytime I expected an epic scene…but it never happened. My dear Chuck!So frustrating. But…I noticed…Few things changed. Dean does not hook up anymore as he did before. A friend of mine who started watching recently said:“Gosh,Dean is a fucking womanizer!”. But is he now? Everybody noticed he is not. His character is growing. Evolving. Getting older and self aware. Can a repressed Bi Man come out just like this , with a kiss or “Hey guys,I am bi,I love cas,bye.” No way… It does not happen this way. And then Dean?He is like a gift for every shrink out there. He has a bad case of daddy issues,his mommy is dead(or not now,wtf),nobody said to him that some things are ok. It took years for him to fully trust,love,accept Cas as his family,as a part of a whole, his world. And you think he can just come out like this?I I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. That takes me to another point.

3) Supernatural and its popularity.

SPN is very popular,I guess you noticed. Everybody knows about it, some people watch it occasionally,some people are crazy and obsessed(people like me),some enjoy it without getting totally mad.
Let us just say that. Producers are afraid to scare people. The TvShows are a big buisness and there are a lot of homophobes out there. I mean…It is only in the last 2 years gay marriage has become normal etc. Some assholes still cannot accept that. So we won’t have a big destiel sex scene,or a kiss scene or whatever. I would like it, god,I would made a deal for that. But then I think better…Would it fit ? Not now. Dean has to grow yet. He is not ready for such things. Then the show is not a grey’s anatomy,it is about god,darkness,hunting,supernatural staff. The do not want to risk everything for some sentimental change for characters. They are between a hammer and a wall. Average audience is the hammer, we superfans are the hammer. They know everything. They would like to give us more. But they are afraid. They try really hard tho. GOD IS BI.
Not everybody has balls like Brian Fueller with Hannibal had. He created murder husbands…He made it so canon and yet there was no kiss. Will and Hannibal…We just knew. We knew they loved each other,that there wasn’t one without other. A lot of explicit hints…Looks…LOOKS.

4)So what is Destiel to me?
I do not know. I want a kiss. I want it. I am bisex,I want Dean to come out. So I would know that I should do that. I did not find the courage yet. So I feel Dean. I like guys. I make comments about them and I mean them. Like “look at these abs”. But I am not heterosexual. I AM BI. But some friends do not know. And my mother does not know. I look at girls too. I look at guys more,it is easier to hook up with a guy,I had more heterosexual experiences but I still like girls,too. Maybe in the street I can see that girl with green eyes, and I think about her all day but when my friend makes jokes about big dicks I get along. So I feel Dean’s struggle. I feel what he can feel. Give him a break. To me Destiel is not about a kiss…Even if I would love it. It is more about subtle glances, tight hugs,some words unsaid.“You are a brother”~“I wish you were more but I am afraid”.


At the very end of the show,last episode, no more seasons. It is over. And Sam says to somebody" Yeah,castiel and dean , they have been in love with each other for years,these dorks.“
And there we have a close up of Dean and Cas in the Impala, they are riding somewhere and soft music is playing nd they are talking about some stupid shit and Dean says"Cas,finally you can stay there with us,with me. Forever.” And he smiles. Cas blushes.
That is it. More destiel than any kiss. Well maybe not more but…I would be fine with it.