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Game Grumps Affirmations

Be innovative and passionate like Arin

Be understanding and silly like Dan

Be inspired and dedicated like Ross

Be supportive and kind like Barry

Be nurturing and resourceful like Suzy

Be inventive and spontaneous like Brian

Be grounded and helpful like Holly

Be honest and sweet like Kevin

Be spirited and determined like Jon

Afternoon Fic - Angel AU (Part - 12)

Happy Valentines Day!

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Quick question to my followers - I’ve heard there are some problems with ‘keep reading’ basically that if you’re on mobile it looks as if text just ends, and doesn’t give you the link to the rest of the story.

As these sections are long - I usually keep a portion of them under a ‘keep reading’ link … can everyone see the full chapter?  Please let me know.


“We need to get to hallowed ground.”  Brian shot two demons, as they exited the building and into the open.  

“Like a church?”  Fusco asked, making sure to keep Harold between him and Shaw.  "Isn’t St. Patrick’s a few blocks up on 5th Avenue?“

"A blessing indeed.”  Brian nodded, his brogue once again more pronounced.  "You’re weapons will not destroy the Demons as they are not blessed, but they will slow them down.  No kneecaps.“

"Wasn’t planning on it!”  Shaw shot two in the head.  "Can you bless them?“

"I am many things, but I am not a priest.”  

They continued their way across the square towards Park Ave, coming to a halt when a half dozen snarling Demons blocked their way.  Harold wondered where John was, he had said if he was to ever call out for him he would be there.

“Be gone Demon!”  Brian yelled. “Your kind is not welcome here.”

They cringed, but continued forward.

A howl echoed off the buildings, sending shivers down everyone’s spines.  Brian braced himself, preparing for the attack.   Hell Hounds were unholy of creatures, and the hardest to kill.  

“What was that?”  Fusco asked, become more concerned with each moment.

“Hell Hound.”  Brian answered, sending prayers to his own. “Uriel I need you.”

“A what?” Shaw demanded.

“It’s not a Hell Hound…”  Harold hesitated when the three looked at him. “Well it is, but …”

A flash of brown and red slammed into the first Demon, ripping out its throat with a vicious shake of the head.  The dog dropped the body, looked at the small group, then turned to face the rest of the Demons.  His hair was raised across it’s spine, blood dripped off its snout, eyes flashed red with intent.

“It’s Bear,” Harold finished.

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Why Brian called me "ground beef"
  • Me: *my turn in line for a group photo w/ PVRIS at their acoustic set*
  • Everyone: *crowds around Lynn*
  • Me: *sees lone Brian* *stands next to Brian*
  • Me: "Wanna hear a joke?"
  • Brian: "A joke? Me."
  • Me: "Hold on."
  • Brian and I: *lean on each other and put up peace signs*
  • Photographer: *takes picture*
  • Brian: "Alright, what's this joke?"
  • Me: "What do you call a cow w/ no legs?"
  • Brian: *struggles to act like he doesn't know but doesn't want to reveal that he already knows the answer*
  • Brian: "I..already know it" *laughs*
  • Me: "Ground beef, gOD!"
  • *Later that evening at the VIP M&G*
  • Me: *walks up to PVRIS*
  • Brian: "Hey ground beef!!!"
  • Me: -___-