brian fields

Professor Brian Cox of the University of Manchester (in red) will co-host The Entire Universe on Boxing Day on BBC 2. The programme will present an explanation of everything in existence in a little less than an hour. The professor’s hairdresser Eric also will be there (shown in a shiny purple dinner jacket above), as well as the booshiest of all Noel Fieldings (cleverly disguised in this photograph as a green barstool).

Photo credit: Mark Harrison


Trailer for Eric Idle’s new scientific musical thingapalooza “The Entire Universe”!


The Entire Universe

Here is it! Enjoy! x


The Beatles filming the “Strawberry Fields Forever” promotional clip, Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent, 31 January 1967; photographed by Jane Bown.

While sorting through one of my scrapbooks, I re-discovered this description from a Christie’s listing (filed under 2005) - for autographs obtained either on 31 January or 7 February 1967:

“These signatures were acquired by the vendor during the shooting of the promotional clips for Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane at Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent, on either 31st January or 7th February, 1967.

At the time, the vendor was chief photographer for a local newspaper, the Sevenoaks Chronicle, and recalls receiving a tip-off that the Beatles would be at Knole Park. On arrival he was told by the producer that the press were not welcome, but managed to persuade him to let him take a few photographs on the understanding that he would not reveal what the film was for.

The vendor noticed Brian Epstein and asked him for his autograph and recalls, ‘He was charming and signed my book three times.

I then managed to get Ringo, John and Paul [to sign]. […] George Harrison’s signature was not obtained as he was, apparently, irritated at being asked to pose for photographs, dismissing the vendor and a colleague with the comment, ‘Go take ******* photographs of yourself!’“