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Road Trip

Nap Date part 8
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“Come on, it’s not gonna kill you to get out of the studio for a little bit. You’re even going to be with the team so if something sparks that writers brain of yours then you can still write.” She says reasoning with a huffy Shawn.

She’s been dying to get out of the house. He’s been in the recording studio for three weeks, barely even coming home. 

She knows that that’s what she signed up for when she married, his work ethic is one of the things she love most about him, but she could use some attention now. 

“I just want to finish the album.” He grumbles from the bed. 

“I know, but I talked to Geoff and he thinks you guys could use a change of scenery.” 

“He doesn’t know anything.” Shawn says typing something on to his phone. 

“Hey.” She says plucking the phone from his hands.

“Hey, give that back.” 

“No.” You challenges

“I’m not in the mood Y/n, give me my fucking phone back.”

“Whoa, there’s no need to be so angry.” She says throwing his phone back at him. 

“Really? Are we going to be like this?” He asks catching his phone.

“I don’t know Shawn are we?” 

“I’m so fucking done right now.” He sighs standing up and leaving.

“I’ll pack for you.” She mumbles to herself. “Or maybe we’ll leave your grouchy ass here and I’ll go on this roadtrip by myself.” She says louder so he can hear her. 

He’s in his home studio, not even knowing why he’s so pissed off. But when he goes to bed that night he finds both their packed bags sitting on the floor next to the door, he also finds her in bed with her back to his side. He slips in next to her, laying there wondering if she’s gonna move over and cuddle like they usually do. 

When he wakes up the next morning she’s still facing away from him, and he can’t take it anymore. He wraps an arm around her middle pulling her into his chest.

“What Shawn?” She sighs, eyes still closed.

“Can we just stay home instead?”

“Hell no.” She says trying to get out of his grasp.


“Shawn.” She says sitting up. “You don’t have to come, that’s your choice, but I’m going. I want to go on a roadtrip and I have the opportunity too. I’m going whether you are or not.” She says getting out of bed to get ready for the day. 

Brian, Geoff, and Matt were gonna be picking them up in a half hour and she wasn’t so sure if Shawn was gonna go. She knows he would be super pissed off if she went with the boys without him, but she doesn’t care anymore. 

A half hour passes and she can hear the three boys walking up to the door. They walk in and meet her in the kitchen.

“Hello Mrs. Mendes.” They greet her. 

“Hey.” She smiles at them. 

“Wheres the Husband?” Brian asks.

“Not sure, around here somewhere.” She shrugs. 

“There he is.” Matt says as Shawn emerges holding both of their bags. She sighs in relief when she sees that he’s got his bag. 

“I’m here.” He says, setting the bags on the ground by the door. He walks up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, chin rested on her shoulder. 

“I’m sorry.” He whispers in her ear, kissing her cheek. She sets her hands on top of his and leans back into him. 

“Are we ready?” Geoff asks.

“Yeah so ready.” She nods. 

Shawn’s still reluctant. Not wanting to spend a break with all the guys he’s been with, he’d rather stay home stowed away in the house with her. But she’s running off to the car, calling out

“Shot gun.” 

He’s grumbling silently when he gets in the seat behind hers, Geoff driving. Brian is in the middle between Shawn and Matt. He doesn’t know where their going all he knows is that he doesn’t want to. 


It’s been four hours, she’s reclined her seat back and he can see her now. Brian and Matt fell asleep hours ago. All Shawn is doing is looking through his phone. She looks up at him, he’s not even humming along to the John Mayer she put on. 

“Hey.” She whispers, reaching up to touch his face. He looks at her, phone still in his hand. “You okay?” 

“Yeah.” He mumbles looking back at his phone. 

“Can you look at me for a second?” She asks, tracing his features with her finger tip. 

“What?” He asks, eyes locking on hers.

“Are we still grouchy?” She asks smirking a bit.

“Why are you so adamant on me being grouchy?” He snaps harshly. She pulls back and glares at him.

“Maybe it’s because you are.” She snaps back, pulling her seat back to its original position so she can’t see him and he can’t see her. 

“Hey.” He says trying to reach for her before she moves from his reach. He slips his hand in the small space between the chair and the side of the car. He moves his fingers until he feels that he’s touching her. She sighs and moves away from his touch. 

He doesn’t want to cause a scene in front of all his friends. He grabs his phone and tries to text her to get her to talk to him but he watches as she turns her phone off causing the music in the car to stop. 

“Hey Y/n what happened?” Geoff says looking over.

“Phone died sorry.”

“Here use my charger.”

“I think I’m okay for now, thanks though.”

“Oh okay.” He puts the radio on instead. 

Shawn sits in the backseat trying to get her attention, trying to get her to talk to him. But she ignores him. 

“Let’s stop for snacks.” 

“I have to pee too.” She says as Geoff parks the car. She gets out and head inside the ‘Grab n Go’. Shawn gets out, sighing as he leans against the car.

“Dude what the fuck is going on with you two?”  Geoff asks looking at Shawn.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“No I’m gonna worry about it because she’s one of my closest friends and she’s not okay so what the fuck?”

“She keeps saying that I’m all grouchy.”

“You are.”

“Only because I don’t want to be here, no offence but I’m with you guys all the time. When I have a break I’d like some time with her.”

“But Shawn, she’s been alone for weeks while everyone she knows in Canada has been in the studio. Your parents have been out of town with Aaliyah, she has literally been alone for three weeks.”

“But I thought she would want to just stay home with me.” He shrugs.

“Shawn, she’s been at home for three weeks. She wants to get out, adventure with you. The only reason she invited us was so you could work on this trip. Only wife I’ve ever known to bring work on a trip so her husband could work on vacation.” Geoff says making some sense to Shawn.

“Ughh, I fucked up.” He groans rubbing his face.

“Then go make it up to her.” Geoff says pushing Shawn towards the store. 

He goes in and wanders around eyes landing on a ring pop. 

He knows just how to make this up to her. 


“Where is he?” Y/n asks standing by the car.

“Hey.” Shawn says walking up behind her. 

“Are you ready?” She asks still annoyed.

“I need to steal you for a minute.” 

“Shawn we have to go.” She says turning back to the car, making eye contact with Geoff. Shawn looks over her shoulder and mouths ‘Help’.

“We’ve got time.” Geoff shrugs. She rolls her eyes and turns back to Shawn. 

“Just for a minute, you’re gonna love it. I promise.” He smiles taking her hand. 

“Fine.” She sighs. He takes her off, behind the ‘Grab n Go’. 

“Come on.” He says, wrapping his arms around her waist. He walks her forward down a little pathway. “Baby.” He whines in her ear. “I’m sorry.” He says, kissing her cheek. 

“What are you doing Shawn.” 

“I wanna show you this place.” He whispers. He turns her towards him, noticing the scowl still on her face. “Don’t be mad at me anymore.” He whines, kissing her cheeks. He keeps kissing her face until she’s giggling telling him to stop.

“How far is this place.”

“It’s right here.” He says turning her back around. She turns and takes a step forward out of his embrace. 

“Shawn.” She says breathless. She’s standing in front of the most amazing view. It’s all green and orange with yellow and a blue sky. The mountain in front of her is covered with snow. “It’s so beautiful.” She says staring at it. 

“I know you are.” He grins behind her.

“My cheesy Shawn is back.” She grins over her shoulder. 

“I’ve always been right here.” He says taking her back into his arms.

“Yeah, I guess I just don’t see that some times.”

“And I’m sorry for that. But I can make it up to you.” He says rubbing her arms.

“And how are you going to do that.” 

“I’m gonna promise you.” He says spinning her so she faces him. “I promise you Y/n, to love you always. I promise you that I’m always gonna be here for you. I promise that I’m gonna stop being so grouchy with you. I just want to spend time with you. But I,” He says grabbing the packet of candy out of his pocket, unwrapping it, and holding it out to her.

“What are you doing?” She laughs.

“I love you with all my heart, and I promise with all my heart that I’m here for you. You can talk to me, even when I’m not home for three weeks.” He says slipping the ring on her finger. 

“It’s so pretty.” She mocks him. 

“Don’t mock me, this was cute.” He says laughing. 

“What flavor?” 


“That’s my favorite.” She says smiling at him.

“I know, that’s why I got it.” He says pulling her a little closer.

“I love you too.”

“I’m gonna kiss you for real now.” He says leaning in. He connects their lips and she sighs and melts against him. He pulls away.

“It’s about time I got my boy back.” She sighs leaning against him. 

“He’s right here.” He nods to her.

“Guys, I hate to break this up but we gotta get going if we wanna make it to the hotel tonight.”

“I’ll drive Geoff, take a nap.” Shawn says, still looking at his beautiful bride. 


Their about an hour away from the hotel and sees sitting next to Shawn sucking on her ring pop. He keeps looking over at her, then back to the road, then back to her. 

She knows what she’s doing to him, with the way his hands are gripping the wheel and how he keeps shifting in his seat. She pops the sticky candy from her lips again, smirking as he looks over again. 

“Can you stop?” He asks looking over at her. 

“Stop what?” She asks innocently.

“You know what you’re doing, I need you to stop.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing, please enlighten me.” She teases, leaning closer to him. 

“Y/n,” He warns, “We aren’t alone right now.”

“But their sleeping.” She shrugs.

“Are you serious right now?”

“What I’ve missed you.” She says sighing. 

“And we couldn’t have done this last night?”

“You were in your stupid studio, being grouchy.” She shrugs.

“I hate it when I’m grouchy.” He grins looking at her. 

“Me too.” She smirks. Going back to her candy. He reaches over and takes the ring pop out of her mouth throwing it out his open window. “Shawn! That was my ring.”

“You’ve got a better one.” He says taking her left hand, running his thumb over her ring finger. 

“I’m not so sure.” She teases. He looks over with a worried look. “It’s not strawberry flavored.” She laughs.

“Hush, you and your teasing.” He bites back a smile.

“I love you.” 

“I love you more.”

“You guys are gross.” The boys groan from the back. 


Season 10 + ultra variant covers

  • #01 • Phil Noto x
  • #01 • Brian Horton x
  • #01 • Rebekah Isaacs and Dan Jackson x
  • A&F 10 #01 • Rebekah Isaacs and Dan Jackson x
  • A&F 10 #01 • Steve Morris x
  • #02 • Aly Fell x
  • #05 • Andy Park x
  • #11 • Georges Jeanty and Tariq Hassan x
Blame It On the Alcohol

summary/request: Can you do one where at shawn’s birthday party Shawn got really drunk and started making out with some girl and y/n caught him cause it was like right in the middle of the party and breaks up with him and he starts crying saying it was mistake chasing after her and the last thing y/n said something for like a final goodbye and Shawn was just left there alone crying

The loud music and pulsing from the bass was giving you a headache, and the tequila in your cup was doing nothing to help. You had been invited to a party by Brian, and you extended the invitation to Shawn, since he was visiting both you and his friends for the weekend. “Babe, I’m going to grab another beer, I’ll be right back.” Shawn spoke into the shell of your ear, since it was too hard to hear if he spoke from where he was sitting next to you.

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Young K: Listen (Smut)

Disclaimer: This is a smut. If you don’t like this kind of stuff, don’t read it. I don’t want to get any complaints, so I’m just putting an extra warning.

Also all of my smuts will be put under the “Keep reading” link. I don’t want to offend anyone, so that’s why I’m doing it the way I am. If you would like to read something and cannot access it, feel free to contact us and we’ll send it to you.

-Admin Lionheart

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Best of 2015 Meme: [2/5] New Shows → Limitless

↳ “You’re on the verge of having a life that most people can’t even begin to imagine.”

the-queen-sees-all  asked:

Since you wanted prompts what about a fic where Tom hangs out with Marco for the full time for the anger management and Marco never finds out it was fake and then they get closer and become genuine friends/maybe boyfriends and Tom eventually confesses that it was fake

Sure I can! I hope you like the story! Enjoy!

Tom felt his face heat up as he watched Marco laugh. They did this a lot now, they would just hang out, play video games, or sometimes just talk to each other for hours. And with every meeting Tom ended up liking the human more and more than the first time. Because technically, Tom wasn’t actually trying to get along with Marco the first time. It was weird, he had a fun night with Marco, just for this anger management practice, but when Brian told him he passed… he felt bad. Like he didn’t deserve it. Tom tried to shake that feeling off and continue his time with the human who had proven himself to be such a good friend.

“Tom, are you even trying?” Marco asked, as he beat the demon in the video game once again. Tom shook his head and laughed a bit.

“Not that time, no. I got a little distracted.” He admitted, blushing a little more. It was odd, whenever the human was around he got a surge of new feelings, and he liked it. He didn’t want them to go away. But even if he stayed forever, whenever Tom would make a move to tell marco how he really felt about him, he would get tied up and the words wouldn’t come out. So Tom just decided to stay quiet, and love him from afar.

Marco restarted the game and the boys continued to play. They laughed and joked and messed with each other, like most of their time together was spent. But their fun was cut short this time when the door opened and Brian came in, already speaking.

“I have a few more questions in regards to your graduation.” He began. Tom scrambled to his feet.

“Brian could we actually-”

“Graduation?” Marco asked, cutting him off. Tom fell back and bit his lip. Brian looked up at the human in surprise. “Tom, what are you graduating?” Marco asked. Tom just played with his hands nervously.

“That’s the thing, Brian I don’t think I’m ready to deem myself cured. I think I-” But Tom was cut off again by the life coach, who seemed very confused.

“Tom, what is that kid doing here?” He asked. Tom looked like he was about to say something again, but Brian answered Marco’s question faster. “Tom graduated anger management, I thought you knew. You were there.” Brian started. Marco fell back in confusion.

“I don’t think so.” He laughed. “What’s he talking about, Tom?” Marco asked. But before Tom could respond Brian reached into his pocket and showed Marco the badge Tom had received.

“The night of the Mackie hand movie, that was his test.” Brian started. “That’s why I never thought I’d see you again. Tom had to spend three hours with somebody he hates most without getting angry, and if he did that he graduated.” He explained. Marco’s eyes widened and he looked at the pin.

“Tom… is he telling the truth?” Marco asked. There was hurt in his eyes. “That movie night was just a ploy?… A person you hate MOST?” Marco asked. He was trying very hard not to let tears escape his eyes. This couldn’t be true. Tom and him had been getting along so well, they’ve been such good friends and so nice to each other. Marco actually thought he might have real feelings for the demon. But Tom hated him?

“Marco listen.” Tom tried. But Marco groaned and threw the pin on the ground.

“I knew it! I knew you were still the same jerk that Star dumped!” Marco hissed. “UGH! And I thought we could actually be friends? I thought I actually could… you were using me to graduate? You HATE me!?” Marco felt a tearing feeling in his chest. The idea that Tom of all people hated him made marco feel like he was choking.

“No! Marco, it’s not like that… well… maybe it was at first.” Tom tried. Marco just huffed and dug in his pocket for his scissors. “Marco wait!” Tom cried, but the human was already gone. Tom’s ears dropped and he fell back, feeling a horrible feeling well up inside. He felt empty and hurt and all alone, and the guilt was eating at him.

“Why were you with that kid?” Brian asked, clearly confused by the situation. Tom just stood there and stared at where Marco left. He didn’t hate Marco, he was with Marco because Marco was sweet, and kind, and made him happy. Nd Tom just wanted to forget his reasons for that night, and start over. Tom just wanted a real friend.

“You ruined EVERYTHING!” Tom screamed, his eyes lit up and he spun around in a rage. “YOU RUINED IT!”


Marco groaned when there was a little knock at his bedroom door. “I don’t wanna talk about it, Star.” Marco huffed. But the door creaked open anyway.

“It’s… It’s me.” Tom spoke up. Marco sat up quickly and looked over at the demon for a moment, before getting an angry look and turning away.

“Get out of here, I don’t wanna see you.” Marco huffed. Tom took a step forward.

“Marco, please, I just wanna talk… I-I’m sorry.” Tom started. Marco just huffed and rolled his eyes, sitting back down on his bed. Tom played with his thumbs. “Marco please understand, I never wanted to hurt you… I didn’t think that you’d-”

“You didn’t think I’d be somebody worth liking?” Marco asked, crossing his arms and throwing the demon a look. Tom looked up and shook his head frantically, waving his arms.

“No! No! It’s not that, Marco! I swear!” Tom cried. He then fell back with a timid look and chewed his lip. “I-I never thought me and you would get along… We didn’t exactly get off on the right foot and… I never gave you a chance after that. I’m sorry, Marco. It was unfair of me, and it was wrong of me to use you like that, and it was wrong of me to never tell you. I just… in the moment, it felt like the right thing to do. But it wasn’t.” Tom continued. “I’m sorry, I want to be your friend I-I really like you, Marco.” He finished, his face flushing red.

Marco stared at him for a long time, Tom rubbed his upper arm with a timid look. “I… I didn’t expect you to say all that.” Marco cracked a little smile. Tom looked up at this with hopeful eyes. “I forgive you.” Marco spoke, smiling warmly. Tom felt his heart flutter as Marco smiled at him. Marco then laughed and pulled Tom in a hug, causing the demon to flush red. “You’re a good friend Tom.” Marco added. Tom then felt something squeeze in his chest, he didn’t want to be friends. He saw that now. Hr thought of Marco as something more. “You promise we’re friends?” Marco asked. “No more secrets?”

Tom fell back a moment, he wanted to tell his other secret. He wanted to tell Marco how he felt. But he couldn’t, so he just smiled and nodded. “I promise.”

Kissing in the Rain

Inspired by this amazing series of short videos about two actors who keep working together on scenes where they kiss in the rain.

AO3 Link

The steady drops of rain on his umbrella kept Lance grounded as he walked away. He focused on breathing and focused on the ripples in the puddles he passed and focused on standing tall. He focused on everything except-


He turned to watch as Hunk caught up to him, absolutely soaked without an umbrella of his own. Lance frowned, but otherwise didn’t react.

“Look, you have every reason to be angry. I messed up.” Hunk looked up at him, and Lance could swear his heart broke right along with Hunk’s voice as he continued, “Please give me another chance.”

Lance nearly folded in on himself, looking away before he answered, his voice rough, “And why should I? You just keep breaking my heart.”

“Because I love you.”

Lance chewed at his lower lip. “But you said-”

“I don’t care what I said.” By now, Hunk was close enough to reach out and touch him, but he held back, waiting for Lance to close the gap. “I love you, and nothing could change that, so please…” A soft hitch in his voice cut him off, and Lance stepped forward, almost mesmerized. “Please tell me it’s not too late.”

Finally, Lance smiled, brushing a thumb over Hunk’s cheek. “For us? It’s never too late.”

Lance could almost hear the romantic music swell in the background as Hunk surged forward to kiss him, warm hands curved around Lance’s jaw. Lance slipped an arm around the back of his neck, eager to meet him halfway, and for one beautiful moment, they stood there, enjoying the shared heat between them and the backdrop of rain surrounding them.

“Cut! Take five!” Pidge’s voice interrupted them, and the two separated.

Lance sighed dramatically. “Why does it have to be raining? It’s so cold!”

“Feels fine to me,” she called back, sipping on what had to be her third cup of coffee.

“You’re wrapped in, like, five blankets! Of course you’re not cold!” Lance whined.

Hunk chuckled. “Hey, kissing in the rain is supposed to be romantic, right?”

“Yeah…” Lance grumbled and dropped his head onto Hunk’s shoulder. “But this is the fifth take. I’m tired, and I’m pretty sure she’s doing this on purpose.”

Hunk patted his back. “Well, if it makes you feel any better…” He lowered his voice as he continued, “I already bribed Rolo to give her decaf tomorrow as payback.”

Lance grinned. “You know, that actually does make me feel a lot better.”

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Bound to You (angst)

Anonymous: Hi! I was wondering if I could get a scenario for Jae (Day6) based on the song “ Bound to you ” by Christina Aguilera? (It’s from her movie ’ Burlesque ’) I love this song so much, it makes me feel so many things. I love how you write angst, so make angsty please.🌹

Title: Bound to You (Jae/Jaehyung)
Genre: Angst
Words: 1043
A/N: Aghh, I have a fever but I had to finish this or else I won’t be able to sleep. Enjoy!

p.s. Bound to You - Christina Aguilera

Originally posted by shinee-l

“Oh, they’re still playing that song around?” Brian said making Jae whip his head from his phone and look at Brian, tuning out the soft chatters of people.

Trapped in your love
I’ve opened up, I’m sure I can trust

Jae stopped, his phone hanging on his hand. He felt a big lump in his throat and no matter how much he’d try to push it down, he knew it would stay there, suffocating him, reminding him of you.

“Are you–are you sure about this, Jae?” you said, an excited smile in your face. Jae grinned at you, basking in your beauty. You looked so radiant in your prom dress. The moonlight was spilling over your shoulders and your features, making you look ethereal.

Jae grins at you, he was feeling euphoric too. Everything felt so perfect. You and him were at the open tennis court, meters away from the school gym–where everyone was. He placed his phone in the pocket of his blazers and plugged the earphones as he walked towards you.

“Milady, shall we?” he said as he offered the other pair to you. You curtsied, giggling, as you took it from him and put it on while he did the same. Music was already playing when you put it on, making you stop to figure out what song it was but when Jae clasped his hand on yours, you forget about it. Instead, you wrapped your arm around his neck and he placed an arm around your waist, pulling you closer with that smile you love.

“How’s the music?” he said after a few swaying and accidental steps on his shoes.

You gave him a grin, “It’s great. Everything’s…everything’s perfect, you know?”

“I know.”

“The stars, the weather, you and me alone, the closeness…” you rushed breathlessly and Jae only stared at you, smiling at the fact that he had you. He had someone like you. And he felt so darn lucky.

Sweet love, sweet love
Trapped in your love
I’ve opened up, unsure I can trust
My heart and I were buried in dust
Free me, free us

Your eyes widen, giving him a more better view of the sparkle in your eyes. He was sure there were stars living inside your eyes. He presses his forehead against yours, his jagged breaths brushing against your flushed features. Both of your heartbeats could be heard by each other.

“I can’t believe you have this,” you nervously laugh, your heart pounding.

“Me either,” he chuckles. Jae steps back and you step forward. You both waltz together under the moonlight, not hearing the faint music from the gym. All you and Jae could hear was Christina Aguilera’s voice and your heartbeats.

I found a man I can trust
And boy, I believe in us
I am terrified to love for the first time
Can’t you see that I’m bound in chains…

Jae leans forward, carefully pulling you towards him as he cupped your cheek. You held against his neck tighter. Jae’s lips crashed against yours. You kissed him back.

It was a kiss that felt it could stop everything.It was so sweet, so delicate, so new. And somehow Jae knew there was a hint of sadness in it. Sadness you and him didn’t want to talk about. It was quickly erased when you pulled back to look at him, as if wanting to say something.

“I am bound to you, I am bound to you,” the female singer sang as you kissed him again, this time your finger on his hair. It didn’t matter now. It didn’t matter that both of you were going to graduate. To have to live separate lives. It didn’t matter that after this, he was moving to South Korea and you were going to Europe. It didn’t matter. Both of you had promised you would work it out. Jae wanted to believe in that. That’s what mattered.

Rain splattered over the two of you, making you two break the kiss after a while. You both laughed at each other and took off the earphones as Jae pulled you closer to him and rushed to the nearest shade beside you.

You were both half-drenched under the shade, giving Jae a reason to move closer to you and wrap his arm around you as he and you stared at the rain pit-pattering against the concrete.

I am bound to you,” those five words were stuck in Jae’s head that night.

“Jae?” Brian waved a hand across Jae’s face, making Jae blink and look at his friend.


“Oh my god, I thought you achieved the art of sleeping with your eyes open,” Brian chuckled. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine…I was just thinking.” Jae gave the boy a slight smile to reassure him even if Brian didn’t need reassuring.

“Good, can I take your sundae?” Brian gestured over at Jae’s bowl of sundae that was nearly melting. Jae stared at it. He had just realised that the song was already over and Urban Zakapa’s latest song was playing.

“Bri–I mean, YoungK, what’s the date today?” Jae said, his voice slightly trembling.

“May 6, why?” Brian said.

Jae’s heart fell, he felt like he was short of breath. He pushed the bowl over to Brian. “Here, have it.”

“What’s May 6?” Brian said, ignoring the bowl of nearly melting sundae.

Jae looked at his friend. His heart heavy as he felt his heart twinge in pain. So many promises broken. So many holidays missed. So many things he would have done…

And he thought he and you were bound together. He thought…

“Jae?” Brian prodded.

“Today’s the day it crashed. H-h-her…d-d–” Jae sputtered. He couldn’t say it but he felt like he had to say it. He had to say it. His heart beat fast as he swallowed. “Her death anniversary.

Jae slumped down, feeling his shoulders heavy with heartbreak and troubles. His tears slowly trickled down as he sobbed with hurt. You and him had so much planned. You and him had told each other to be together for lifetime. Your absence ripped a hole in his heart. A hole he’d never be able to patch up. Salty tears find their way in his lips…the lips that used to kiss you with so much sincerity and love. He missed you.

He missed you so so much.

Your Savior - 22

I have to work for the next several days, so I wanted to get a chapter out while I had a chance! The last chapter was a bit of a downer (but I’m not apologizing any more @backseat-negan !) and this one has plenty of angst, but is still moving the reader and Negan forward. Thanks as always for reading, and please keep all of the reviews coming, you all give me life!!!

Chapter 22


Swearing, Negan being Negan, mentions of past sexual assault, angst/depression

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

When you woke in the morning it took you several seconds to clear your head enough to remember where you were and why you were there. Brianna was hunched over the bed, sleeping on her arms while still sitting in the chair next to you, just as she had promised. Some friend you are, making your pregnant best friend sleep in a chair while you are in her bed. 

The more you woke up the more memories from the day before crept into your head, the pain slicing you deep and fresh. Brianna roused not long after you, stretching her back before smiling down softly at you. “How ya doing? Any better?" 

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Sleepy Photos

Drabble: “Hey! Could you do where you fall asleep on Brian’s shoulders and he starts taking pictures of you or tries to tickles your nose ?xD thank you ~”
Pairing: Brian Kang/Kang Younghyun/Young K x Reader
Note: I’m hoping that you guys are liking the new “format” for the fics and drabbles. It took me a while to figure out what to do about the no gif thing, but I hope you all are liking it!!

“Oh that’s cute.”

A small laugh fell from Brians lips as he looked to his phone, a picture of you asleep on his shoulder adorning the screen. He turned his head lightly towards you again, and he pressed a small kiss to your temple as he slowly wrapped an arm around your shoulder. You shuffled a bit at the movement, a few incoherent words coming from you as you snuggled closer to his body as he smiled.

Once again Brian raised his phone up, angling the front camera toward you as he pressed yet another kiss to your cheek, and he snapped a quick photo. “That’s gonna be my new lockscreen.” He whispered, smiling down at the screen before he placed his phone down next to him on the couch. “For sure.”

Brian raised his free hand up to gently cup your cheek, the pad of his thumb gently rubbing circles into your skin as he held you close to him. He soon pulled away from you, and and as gently as he could he wrapped his free arm around the back of your knees, pulling you fully on to his lap before he readjusted himself on the couch. He softly tucked loose strand of hair behind your ear, pressing, once again, another kiss to your cheek before resting his head against your own.

“Yah, you’re just the cutest.”


John C. Reilly nailing down Diego Luna’s appeal.

For my money, Criminal (2004) is my favorite Diego Luna movie (prior to Rogue One). It took full advantage of his puppy-dog, ray-of-sunshine, nice boy looks & cast him as a con-man with a conscience. He also got to speak some dialogue in Spanish & this movie was also based on a famous Argentinian film called Nueve Reinas.

for all the honest world to feel (trixya) (4/8) - dare

“You always get so scandalized when I’m the one to bring up sex,” said Brian, amused. 

“Scandalized is one word you could use for it.” Katya sounded flustered; Brian covered his mouth with one hand, like someone might catch his grin in the empty room.

(AN: finally! this chapter is once again absurdly long and i’m not gonna apologize for it. also, do take note of the extra little tag at the bottom – this chapter is NOT pg13. as always, i mainly use “he” for brian & katya and “she” for adore. we’re picking up speed! i know this fic is like the slowest of slow burns in terms of plot but i promise pieces are starting to move into place. and in the meantime – more bad jokes! so many more. i really outdid myself here tbh.

this week on “honest world”: brian has found himself a new normal. adore prepares to host a pageant for seattle’s local weirdos. brian and katya make things uncomfortable for whichever NSA agent is listening in on their conversations.)

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In All My Naked Glory

Based on this request: Also! “Oh, did he not tell you about that? He’s seen me in all my naked glory.” (Feat. Oscar and Bryan) [or something like that]       

It was a particularly hot day; the sun was bleeding golden ichor in the cloudless azure sky. The streets were violent with heat, sweat stuck to skin, and so did clothing, glued to a body and irremovable. It was a thick kind of heat, one you could take a slice out of and spit out. Everything felt ten times heavier, and the rush of the city made it all a thousand times worse.

Brian’s air conditioner had broken.

           Just his luck as well, because the news reporters were starting to say it would be “the hottest of the year” or “a blistering day, crank that A.C!” Of course, soon the heat from the television leaked into the room, drenching everything in sticky humidity. After stripping down to his underwear and sticking his head under the cold water of the sink, Brian received a message.

           Noah: Dude, it’s so hot out.

           Brian ignored the bubble of excitement bursting in his belly as he read over the message. He let a smile cross his face as he shook out his hair, which had grown long in the past few months, long overdue for a chop. However, every time Brian thought about the barbershop, all he could think of was Noah saying, “Your hair is like a super nova, it’s absolutely killer to paint!” And Brian imagined he could suffer a while longer with the hair.

           However, this heat was beginning to add weight, and he found it hard to keep his head up. He opted to shoot out a reply, hoping something good would come out of this bone-crushing hotness.

           Brian: I know, my air conditioner just broke. I think I’m melting.

           He towel-dried his hair as he stared down at his phone, willing Noah to type out a visionary masterpiece, which would mostly entail, “come over, and let’s make out.” Or something along those lines.

           Brian didn’t reckon it was love, more that it was…

           No, never mind, he figured it was love.

           Of course, right as his heart was pounding and his mind was racing, Noah was about to force him into insanity, his phone buzzed. Brian jumped at the noise, reaching across the counter. His hands hungrily snatched at the device and his eyes read the message with just as much fervor.

           Noah: Sounds like you’re really suffering. Our place has got A.C. if you’re into that.

           Brian answered without a second’s white, his mouth bursting into a candy-coated smile.

           Brian: Is that an invitation?

           And not even a moment later.

           Noah: Yes it is.

           Brian burst into a super nova, his light bouncing through the room, destroying everything in its path. He flew to his room, cutting through the dense air with a machete. He practically pulled his drawer off its hinges. He ripped out a pair of paint-spattered shorts (thanks to Noah, of course) and a Stanford Baseball shirt. Then, in an explosion of electricity, he sprinted out the door and down the street.

           He travelled as fast as a comet towards the Sweetwine’s shared apartment. He pushed past people, his excitement fighting off the heat of the day. He surged into the apartment building, and the doorman offered a grunt and a nod.

           Brian flew up the stairs, jumping through galaxies to reach Noah’s apartment.

           And suddenly he was there, and the door was flying open.

           “Picasso! Your friend is here!” A tall, accented bloke with an eruption of dark hair similar to Noah’s (although not as artistic, Brian noted) opened the door. Brian immediately noted his choice in wardrobe: black skinny jeans, black biker boots; black t-shirt, and black leather jacket.

           “Thanks Oscar!” An all too familiar voice called. Brian’s heart swelled with excitement as he watched an awkward figure bounce through the room. The biker with hair not quite as good as Noah’s left the doorway with a chuckle. Brian watched Noah walk over. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt that had once been white, but was now drenched in every color possible. His skin was spattered with paint, making him even more of a masterpiece than he already was. His hair was a nest of unwashed curls atop his head, which he somehow managed.

           “Brian!” The excitement in the smiling boy’s face radiated across his body, radiating across the planet. Brian suspected every person in the world felt a few degrees better as Noah’s smile grew. Brian smiled back and was soon smashed into a too-big hug that touched him in all the right places.

           “Get a room, boys!” Jude called from behind. Immediately the two best friends parted, sharing smiles and blushes and odd little “I’m sorry’s” and “you look good” and such. Jude cackled from behind, an absolute vision with an ocean of blond hair dressed in a dress of her own creation. She was sitting on the couch, the tall, foreign boy right beside her, arm draped over her shoulders.

           “Ah, I seem to have forgotten,” Noah noticed the tension building on Brian’s face. “This is the ever-wonderful Oscore, Jude’s ‘bad boy’ boyfriend.” Noah explained with a smirk. Jude fell into hysterics at that.

           “What?” Oscar asked, a smile spreading across his devilishly handsome face. “Listen, I’m worse than you lot combined.” He added. “I am quite the bad boy boyfriend, thank you for the introduction, Picasso.” The Brit spat out the brunette’s nickname. Noah chuckled and Oscar turned his gaze to Brian. “You must be Brian then? Right, I’ve heard a good amount about you.” Oscar gave Noah a pointed look. Noah went bright red and Brian fell into the cool abyss of confusion.



           Everyone stayed in silence for a moment, until Jude saved the day, as she seemed to be constantly doing.

           “What are you working on then, Noah?” She asked. Noah’s face got that starry, far-away gaze that he tended to get any time he talked about art. Brian found it endearing, cute even.

           “I was doing a cubist take on a painting I had done a few years back, but then I thought of this absolutely gorgeous realism painting I saw a few days ago, so I did a bit of a twist on that I suppose.” Noah absent-mindedly grabbed Brian’s hand and led him to the coach. Brian felt heat flood between the two; he didn’t want to let go. “It really is just an extraordinary concept, you know.” He babbled on.

           “No more naked pictures then?” Oscar’s face turned to a mischievous grin. Noah’s own went bright red. “That was years ago, remember that Picasso?”

           “Yes, you talk about it every time you get the chance.” Noah answered shortly. Brian was confused, as usual.

           “What is going on here?” He questioned, the room bursting with tension.

           “Oh, he hasn’t mentioned it?” Oscar nodded towards Noah, who was giving the older boy the death stare. “Yeah, that odd bloke over there has seen me in all my naked glory.” Oscar explained. Jude burst into another bout of laughter, and Noah sank lower in his seat.

           “What!?” Brian cried.

           “Defensive boyfriend, are we?” Oscar asked, his fingers intertwining with Jude’s. She let out another giggle as the two boys sputtered out excuses and defenses. “Oh can it, there’s obviously a lot of romantic tension, it’s smothering me, in fact. Why don’t you two just fuck and make us all feel better, aye?”

           “OSCAR!” The twins cried. Jude swatted at his arm and Noah jumped to his feet. Oscar had his hand wrapped around Jude’s, the smile on his face slowly growing.

           “Picasso likes you.” Oscar sprinted out of the room, Jude following close behind as the two turned into volcanoes of laughter, joy trickling from every inch of their bodies.

           “OSCAR-“ Noah began, jumping to his feet.

           “You-you like me?” Brian muttered, looking up at the frazzled brunette. Noah turned to Brian, his eyebrow arched in confusion as his lips set in a thin line. He seemed to be questioning Brian’s question, leading into more confusion.

           “Well, yeah. I thought it was pretty obvious, or, Oscar told me it was anyways.” Noah shrugged. Brian stared down at his hands for a moment, his body a rocket of happiness waiting to take off.

           “But-but I abandoned you…” He thought out loud.

           “And I did something even worse. Listen, you don’t have to return the feeling or anything, it’s just-“ But Noah left his thought unfinished, because the rocket had exploded and Brian was on his feet, racing towards Noah at full speed, and their lips met on a collision course.

           A few moments of breathless, airless, thoughtless moments passed. Hands roamed bodies and mouths moved in harmony as the two boys made up for years and years of lost time, years and years of disappearances.

           “But I ruined your-“

           “Noah, I ruined it. I ruined everything.” Brian muttered, cutting the Rafael-like boy off. “We were both dumb, deal?”

           “Deal.” Noah responded in breathless wonderment, his eyes painting galaxies across Brian’s body. “Oscar told me-“

           “Listen, no offense, but the guy’s kind of an idiot. He’s wearing all black and leather on the hottest day of the summer.”

           “True but-“

           “Just kiss me again, I don’t want to hear anymore about this ‘naked glory’.” And Noah’s face went bright red as their lips met again for the first time in too long.