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John C. Reilly nailing down Diego Luna’s appeal.

For my money, Criminal (2004) is my favorite Diego Luna movie (prior to Rogue One). It took full advantage of his puppy-dog, ray-of-sunshine, nice boy looks & cast him as a con-man with a conscience. He also got to speak some dialogue in Spanish & this movie was also based on a famous Argentinian film called Nueve Reinas.

The Front Bottoms - The Distance That I Fell (x)


Let me tell you about why I love Brian

-Brian was a dork in high school
-Brian fell off the stage at one of 3rd Degree’s gigs
-Puberty hit him like a truck
-Soprano to baritone in 0.2 seconds
-He’s a composer
-He’s a lyricist
-He raps
-He sings
-He trumpets
-He beatboxes
-He plays the bass
-He plays the guitar
-He dances
-He’s a tease
-We all know Brian has abs but he refuses to show us
-Jae asked him to do a flip and he said he couldn’t anymore
-This means he could before
-Why aren’t you flipping Brian??
-The little hip wiggles he does when he plays the bass
-That time when his bandana slipped down when he played “Like This”
-That time when his bandana slipped down when he played “Colors”
-That time when he pulled his bandana down when he played “Hunt”
-That time when he headbanged to “Colors” so hard his necklace went flying
-the way he runs his fingers up his bass to be more intense
-The way he slaps that bass
-His smile at the end of “She Will Be Loved”
-His baby dinosaur smile
-His smile in general
-His cat-eyes
-His nose-scrunches
-His hands
-His fucking arms
-The two little freckles at the base of his neck
-The two little freckles on his ear
-How he closes his eyes when he falsettos
-The way he always groups his selfie together with the perfect blend of sweet, dorky, hot, and “FUCK NO”
-Have I mentioned his deep as fuck voice??
-His gorgeous vocal tone
-His precious accent when he speaks English
-How much he loves his fans
And finally, last but certainly not least,

“Arin..?” Fog rose out of the tall machine. Arin had “accidentally” fell into Brian’s new invention, meaning Brian had used him as a lab rat and pushed him in. Dan had witnessed this all happen and stood in fear as he waited for his friend to come out of the contraption.

A foot appeared out in the fog, followed by another, and another and five more. “A-A-Arin..?” Dan clenched his shirt as the fog cleared up revealing not one Arin, but four of him, each with a different colored hair strand. “Yeah?” Each of them said simultaneously responding to Dan. They all turned and stared at each other in disbelief. “What the hell??” the man with the blue strand exclaimed.

“Is that what I always look like??” the pink stranded man asked. “Damn, I look good!”

“W-w-what’s going on??” the purple stranded one spoke. “I-im scared..”

Dan grabbed Brian’s shoulders and shook him. “What the fuck, man?! What the hell did you do?!”

The man laughed. “Just experiments. I had no idea this was going to happen. But isn’t this amazing!? I just made a scientific discovery!! I invented cloning!!” Brian pointing to himself with a big smile on his face.

Dan scoffed, “I cant believe you, man. Come on Arins, lets try to figure out what to do.” He led all the Arins out of the office and into the Grump room.


“What am I going to do?” The curly haired man ran his fingers through his hair and bit his lip. “What am I going to tell Suzy?? Can I even reverse this???? Ugh!!”

“Hey Dan?” The purple haired man approached playing with his fingers. He extended his arms. “Do you need a hug?”

Dan looked up and nodded and wrapped his arms around the man. “Thank you Baby Bear.”

“Baby Bear, huh. I like it.”


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My new band, Traveler’s Cold, is actually going to be real pretty soon. I’m excited.

Here is a crummy practice video.


Brian “First Take” Fell.

Traveler’s Cold drums takes are done as of today. :)