brian ernst


In honor of my boredom and late night reflection of past journeys. I realized that the road to becoming a working actor has been a bumpy one but it’s also been a lot of fun and I met a lot of cool people when I moved back to LA. Especially people from social media apps. Anyway, I have learned (while working to support myself and building an acting career) that actors are indeed just people like you and me. It took a while for me to calm down whenever I saw someone I knew from TV or the Internet. Now I think I’ve finally got it because I honestly do want to do what they do and that’s make a living by doing what they hopefully love: acting. Anyhow long story short, here’s a photo collection of the people I’ve met/asked for a photo with since I moved back. The recent one was with Ry Doon Who is pretty cool and has a cool show every first Wednesday of the month at the Hollywood improv. The rest is from many different locations at different periods from the last three years. Now I never really ask to take photos with a celeb every time I run into them like I did in the past, I transitioned my mindset from “ooh a celebrity” to “that person who does cool things and make tons of money for it”. That transition sort of took on sometime in the last year. It was probably right after I got signed to my first commercial agency and realized that I’m getting closer to where I want to be. While I’m still figuring it out at 21, I do know that comedy is something I really love and I have always loved and strongly feel that there’s a future for me within it. While I wouldn’t mind doing some drama I just know that me and comedy get along better. So as I try to end this post without dragging on for too long about my life, i’d like to say that I’m grateful for everything even when I feel like I’m stuck doing the same thing I always know that there’s a plan, God has a plan and he’s looking out for me and if he wasn’t I wouldn’t be where I am now and even though I don’t know what it is yet I must be doing something right because I’m still in LA pursuing my dream and getting closer to the big goal. I’m also speaking into this so my sentences might be a little weird and I might miss some punctuation and stuff but I have high hopes and although I didn’t go to college there still something that tells me I’m doing the right thing and to keep going. So if any of you guys happen to read this and made it this far thank you and I’m excited for the future and stay blessed.

“Before the band went onstage Brian was the one who always seemed to be the one who was most conscious on his appearance. It gave me the opportunity to play around with my camera.” Bent Rej

Photo taken in 13th September 1965 in the Ernst-Merck-Halle Arena in Hamburg, Germany and featured in book “The Rolling Stones - In The Beginning” by Bent Rej.