brian eno frisbee


Day 2. Auckland - 10th May 

(This post is mainly for me to reflect on later when it all becomes a blur)

I feel so, I’m not sure how I am feeling. Today has been a whirlwind of a day. Early in the evening kozokomatsubara and I met Noel, Tom and Mike just as they were about to go and soundcheck. I was so shy, nervous and had no idea what the heck was going to come out of my mouth. As they got out of the car we cautiously walked over to them hoping that we weren’t being too much of an inconvenience. Noel asked if we wanted photos and of course we said yes. He signed a couple of things for us and asked my name. Erin (with the kiwi accent it sounds like ear-in). He looked puzzled. Uh, how do you spell that ‘E R I N’ Oh Erin (Aeir-rin). And then there was a little bit of chitchat. 

We then went back to sit down and wait as there were a couple of hours before the show was due to start. About half an hour later Mike came out to have a smoke and came over to us and asked if we wanted a coffee. We chatted for awhile which was nice. He is so lovely. 

It was then time for the show. It was a mature crowd this evening. Not many people dressed up. There was a Bryan Ferry Kite and Brian Eno Frisbee, Two amazing Crack Foxes, two Old Greggs, a Fantasy Man, Andy Warhol and a couple of Future Sailors floating around. I was once again in my Boombox costume which got a lot of weird looks. 

I went to find my seat. The front row was literally touching the stage which was alright by me. The show was very similar to last night’s and I don’t want to do any big spoilers so I will just talk about a couple of things. At the start we all know he asks everyone to scream section by section and then he singles out someone in the first row. The first 2 people he singled out messed it up. Then he pointed at me. I panicked and no noise came out of me, the best I could do was give a thumbs up. Embarrassing. He then looked and me and said that he was looking for a scream and that I had let him down. Ouch. 

The show followed the same format, couple of variations and extra slip ups which I don’t think were intentional. But definitely added to the show in my opinion. 

During the intermission I ended up going outside, it was so hot in the theatre and went around and decided to talk to Mike. He was outside having another smoke and was dressed as Hawkeye. I told him that it was brilliant so far and that I don’t think people got what my costume was yet. And he said that people probably think I am a set up which I found funny. I then, as my awkward self, edged away and left him to it. (I’m always worried that I’m bothering people when I talk to them) 

The second half was just as brilliant as the first but Steve added that little but extra. He told Noel that his occupation was a Hermit Crab Re-homer and that it was a big issue in New Zealand. The show got put on hold while Noel and Tom got to grips with what had just been said they could not contain their laughter. Noel then asked where he had gotten into crabs and he quick-wittedly replied “Hamilton”. Probably got one of the biggest laughs of the show (Not sure if Noel and Tom understood why). 

The show was drawing to an end. It felt a lot faster second time around. After they all had said goodnight an thanks for coming Noel came over to me and shook my hand. In that moment I told him to stay there and I reached into my bag and pulled out a packet of Tim Tams I had bought incase I had a chance to give them to him. This was the perfect moment in my eyes. He smiled and gave a little chuckle as I gave them to him and he held them up for everyone to see. And then walked off waving to everyone. 

A group of people lingered around after the show hoping to meet him. I found it a perfect opportunity to talk to other people and throw a few quotes here and there and actually have people get my references (For once). I was also hoping to see him again and say thankyou and maybe have a conversation if I was lucky. Tom came out and so did Mike. I felt awkward and I mean I had already met them today, it’s a bit weird for me to hang around again so I decided to call it a night and left everyone else to it. 

What a day. I wish more of my days could make me this happy. 

Thanks for reading my essay if you did and enjoy the photos :)