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Marvel announced this January’s (just in time for the movie) “Rise of the Black Panther”, a Year One style origin story about T'Challa’s first year as King of Wakanda. It’s written by io9’s Evan Narcisse, with Ta-Nehisi Coates as consultant. This announcement comes only one day after another Black Panther announcement.

Why read Secret Empire when you can buy Black Panther (2016) by Ta-Nehisi Coates

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Jude Law

Ruining his chances

Dwayne Johnson

Travelling with DJ

Peter Dinklage

Imagine Peter being cute


Imagine Chris saying this

Eric Dane

Admitting he’d fallen for you

Patrick Dempsey

Having a meal with Patrick

Mark Wahlberg

Hooking up with young MW

Tom Hardy

Hardy smut

The Joker

Joker picking you

Joker asking permission

Reassuring The Joker

Thinking you can escape

Filling his wall with photos

Johnny Depp

In love with Johnny  

Performing with Alice

Sam Heughan

Sam gives you the look

Sam invites you to a premiere

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

JDM being a perfect partner

Playing with JDM’s beard

There being an age gap

Scott Eastwood

Posting a pic of Scott on insta

Sebastian Stan

Being matched with Seb by Chris

Dan Howell / danisnotonfire

Dan drawing cat whiskers on you

Dan’s video about

Dan’s cute tweet

Trying to embarrass Dan

Photoshoot with Dan

Truth or Dare with Dan

Tom Ellis

Tom falling for you

Jack O'Connell

Dating Jack

Prince Harry

Harry’s secret girlfriend

Harry looking at you

Yours and Harry’s engagement interview

Jared Leto

Jared Leto Interview

Jared’s expression when you

Jai Courtney

On set with Jai Courtney

Premiere with Jai

Ryan Gosling

Meeting Ryan Gosling

Telling Ryan ‘ILY’

Seth Macfarlane

Seth Macfarlane Interview

Interviewing your boyfriend, Seth

Being married to Seth

The way Seth looks at you

Seth stating he loves you in an interview

Seth’s response to hecklers

Seth’s tweet to you…

Long distance tweet

Meeting Seth in a bar

Seth tweets/engagement/movieprem

Seth dedicating a song to you

10 year anniversary

Tom Hiddleston / Sir Thomas Sharpe

Tom & Benedict imagine

Tom Dancing

Tom wearing glasses

Tom surprising you

Paint war with Tom

Tom talking dirty in public

Heart to heart with Tom

Tom Anniversary

Tom Truth or Dare

Making a scrapbook with Tom

Tom asking to meet you again

Being on Tom’s mind during a panel

Meeting Thomas Sharpe in the park

Tom proposes to you

Interviewing Tom and he looks at you like…

Tom scared of your dad

Dinner with Tom

Listening to Billy Idol with Tom

Tom coming home from working to find you in hospital

Dropping by to see Tom at work

Tom and Stan Lee

Lucky photographer

Tom likes you back

Tom being your tc

Tom’s face when ordering food

You zipline into MTV Movie awards

Tom’s face when you buy dogs

How Tom looks at you when you announce your pregnancy

Tom’s tweet about your baby girl

Tom’s Disney tweet  

You play Sigyn and…

Tom gazing at you as you walk down the aisle

Tom being jealous of you & RDJ

Tom wanting to tell everyone about you

Thomas Sharpe’s ghost

Thomas Sharpe realizing he loves you

Tom still loving you

Benedict Cumberbatch

Ben asks you out on a date

Tom & Benedict imagine

Imagine playing Irene Adler in Sherlock & Ben falls in love with you

Having a spot of tea w/ Ben

Sons Of Anarchy

Jax comforting Juice

Tig smut

Imagine Jax saying this to you…

Chibs smut

You & Jax annoy Bobby

Jax’s Birthday

Going to Disneyland with Samcro

Chibs smiling for once

Date night with Chibs

Jax informing Chibs you’d been killed

Friends wedding with Chibs

Hooking up with Chibs

Hooking up with Tig

Chibs bragging about you to the sons

Interviewing cast of SOA

Chibs finding you dead

Chibs seeing you after 7 years

Being Mrs Telford

Christmas with Jax

Tig hitting on Chib’s old lady

Jax glancing at you

Chibs watching from a distance

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam falling for you

Going on holiday with Charlie

A intense makeout session with Charlie

Jensen Ackles

Telling Jensen you have feelings for him

Jensen treating you right

Catching Jensen staring at you

Waking up to Jensen

Jensen realising you’re insecure

IJ/ Brian Quinn

Telling Q you love him

Hitting it off with Q

Visiting zoos with Q

Q’s zoo tweet

Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi Interview

Bill Hader

Rom com with Bill

Taylor Kinney

Waking up on your wedding morning…

Matthew McConaughey

Being with Matthew for 10 days

Lee Evans

Being BFF with Lee

Channing Tatum

Being on set with Channing

Jerome Plays Shrink

Title: Jerome Plays Shrink

Anonymous asked: I like that AU fic idea where Jerome is the therapist but I can’t see him as a legit one. What if he was just pretending to be one to get to a new inmate? He kills the real therapist and steals his clothes, all to get some alone time with her. Omfgggg, sex therapy.

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

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- Columbine Conspiracy #2: Multiple Shooter Theory Pt. 3

If you have not yet done so, I encourage you to read the prior posts of this series before continuing with the following. Thank you.

Robert Perry, an expelled CHS student and TCM member, was positively identified by dozens of students and faculty. Student Bijen Monte irrefutably declared Perry as one of the shooters because of the severe acne, crooked teeth, pigeon-toe mannerism, and unique trench coat that he had. Perry’s trench coat was made of a cloth material, it was not a leather duster because he could not afford one; technically, Perry was the only member of the TCM who actually had a trench coat. Students Brian Frye (JCSO, 813), Lacey Smith (JCSO, 4,465), Crystal Archuleta (JCSO, 2,346), Tessa Nelson, and Matthew Connelly all echoed these rigidly specific details. Most of these students even picked Perry out of a photo lineup, which included Dylan Klebold. Perry slightly resembled Klebold, and many of these students stated that law enforcement pressured them into claiming that the person they saw was actually Klebold (not Perry), but they refused. Brooks Brown attempted to help the official narrative by telling law enforcement during his interview that Klebold had acne scars, despite no one else ever mentioning this detail, not even Klebold’s parents. Many students interviewed throughout the investigation claimed that Brown is a compulsive liar. Perry was seen driving an older individual on the campus of CHS by the aforementioned students before the start of classes. Likewise, many students saw Perry after the attack concluded. Breanne Cook, who victim Rachel Scott often wrote to and spoke with, identified Perry as a shooter to friends and law enforcement. Cook, who was evacuated to a local library after the attack, reportedly began hyperventilating because she saw Perry there, who had changed into tie-dye shirt; many people at the library also noted that Perry was at the evacuation site because of this obvious detail. Perry began working graveyard shifts at his job the same month as the attack; however, he did not show up for work on April 19 or April 20.

Chris Morris, a then CHS senior and TCM member, was also positively identified by an overwhelming number of students and faculty. Ashley Egeland identified Morris by name in her interview with Jeff Co. officials. Students Jake Apodaca (JCSO 665), Chris Wisher (JCSO 1260), Donald Arnold (JCSO 666), Patrick Neville (JCSO 1044), and Mike Kenny (JCSO 940), among many others, all described seeing Morris throwing explosives outside of the school. Just as Robert Perry’s claim to have been sleeping during the attack has been proven impossible, Morris’s claim to have been playing Nintendo with Corey Friesen, fellow TCM co-founder, has also been proven impossible because of this eye-witness testimony and unintentionally non-redacted pages in the final report. Fellow conspirator and TCM member, Joseph Stair, mentioned that Morris has anger management issues that caused him to act violently before the attack. Morris had previously been suspended for pulling a knife on students. In Morris’s own interview with law enforcement, there are two major discrepancies with the official narrative. Morris, along with Eric Harris’s ex-girlfriend, Sasha Jacobs, claimed that the Harris family had prior knowledge of the attack and of the construction of explosives that took place under their roof. The Harris’s never testified because they were refused immunity. Morris also claimed that Phil Duran, who worked at Black Jack Pizza with the shooters, had prior knowledge of the attack and willingly bought the guns for Harris and Klebold. If Morris claims to have known that these individuals were told of the attack, how can he claim that he, himself, had no prior knowledge on the attack and did not participate in any way, shape, or form? Morris was arrested the day of; law enforcement refused to acknowledge this (more on this arrest later).

Joseph Stair, also a CHS student and TCM member during the attack, was identified by a diverse number of eye and ear witnesses. Joseph, or simply, Joe, revealed a great deal about the TCM during his interview with investigators. Like Chris Morris admitted of himself, Joe Stair practiced satanism. Stair would reportedly carry around what he called “the devil’s bible.” Also, Stair and fellow TCM male members would kiss each other in public to disgust the students around them and promote satanism. As noted by investigator GB Mumma, Stair threatened to blow up Columbine on several occasions; CHS peer counselor Lindsey Ul corroborated this and informed law enforcement that police reports and internal Columbine reports were made on Stair and several other members of the TCM. Prior knowledge of the attack was abundant. I will get into more particular details on the TCM, including documented proof of Dylan Klebold’s involvement with the group in a later post. Students Salazar (JCSO 3761) Courtney Harible, Alicia Incinious, and Stephanie Duffy (JCSO 2919), among many others, all reported seeing Joseph Stair. The lack of redactions in these students’ accounts shows that they heard fellow shooters even call out to him “Joe, and not the word ‘yo.‘” Stair allegedly committed suicide in 2007, when many of those around him claim that he was preparing to become a whistleblower.

There were more personnel involved in the attack; however, these were the only three mentioned by name in the final report because they were the only three students, other than Harris and Klebold, who had attended CHS. I will describe the other people involved in later posts, which include TCM members from nearby schools and law enforcement. I also will provide documented evidence of prior knowledge, as well as new details of the TCM.

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**Again this is not my work. Not claiming these are true either, just theories**