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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)
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To celebrate hitting over 500 followers (I never thought there would be that many Python fans on tumblr) I’ve drawn the Monty Python lads in some of their most iconic roles.

Hope you like them, let me know what you think or if you want to know what sketches they’re from!

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It may not matter to you, it may not matter to anyone else, but it matters to me

This here? This is Union Jack. A marvel character.

Pictured is Joey Chapman, the third and most recent person to take up the mantle of Union Jack.

The first was Montgomery Falsworth, who in comics continuity was the first person to cloak themselves in their nations flag and kick ass on foreign soldier. In world war 1. With no super powers or serum. Just a guy that was deeply loyal to his country, and sought to help out the soldiers dying on the battle field. In that same continuity it was Union Jack that gave the US the idea to create their own flag bearing symbol. Which we see later in WW2, as the famous Captain America.

Montgomery actually appears in The First Avenger film. He’s the guy with the red beret and fancy mustache. A side note is, that his in movie uniform is a brown leather version of his in comics costume. There is a Union Jack design on his chest. The video game, however terrible and now out of continuity, makes him apparent.

The second Union Jack was Brian Falsworth, Montgomerys son. Here’s some history for you, Brian was in a homosexual relationship with Roger Aubrey (also known as the costumed Destroyer), making them chronologically the first gay characters in Marvel Comics. What made them unique is that, however negatively homosexuality was portrayed in the media, as weak, limp wristed, or unmasculine, Brian and Roger were known super soldiers. They were strong, confident and smart. They didn’t instigate fights, but stood up for those who couldn’t defend themselves.

The Falsworths were, for all intents and purposes, lords. They were rich, wealthy, and had great power.

Which is why the third person to take up the mantle is even more important now.

Meet Joseph ‘Joey’ Chapman, the current incarnation to take up the mantle. He’s the son of a dock worker, and is just your regular Joe. He meets Kenneth Crichton in University and they become fast friends.
Kenneth is the nephew of Brian and next in line for the mantle, but his anemia made that kind of a moot point.

He was visiting Falsworths manor with ken when it was attacked, Joey just helped out people he barely knew, and with the family’s blessing continued the legacy.


Union Jack had been more of a background character since his resurgence in the nineties, with some guest appearances in superior spider-man, and a regular in the short lived New Invaders series alongside US Agent.

So that’s a character that I feel is important for marvel to remember. The first, was a world war 1 legend, paving the path for Cap years later, the second, the first openly homosexual character in marvel, and the third, the average citizen willing to go above and beyond for his fellow man.

That’s important to me, and I’m not even British. It’s inspiring nonetheless.