brian bishop

the signs and their tampa bae

aries: tyler johnson

taurus: alex killorn

gemini: steven stamkos

cancer: victor hedman

leo: valtteri filppula

virgo: nikita kucherov

libra: brian boyle

scorpio: vladislav namestnikov

sagittarius: ben bishop

capricorn: anton stralman

aquarius: ondrej palat

pisces: ryan callahan

Civil War II #6 - Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez, Justin Ponsor



You were an active member during the LAST Civil War.  

Not to long ago you went on a multiversal adventure with the Young Avengers, and battled alternate reality versions of yourself that were also harpies. 

I’m calling BS.  You’ve seen weirder.

Speaking of which, my god the teen scene  … no, all of MARVEL is just so much smaller than it was in the past.  If the character isn’t in a current book, they don’t show up in these events.  Period.  And even thought hey manage to cram as many characters on the page, it is still smaller by way of the way it’s drawn. 

And that annoys me.

It makes the universe smaller. 

“Bishop was hit square in the mask by the deflected puck and went down. After popping back up and collecting his front teeth from the ice with the assistance of teammate Brian Boyle, Bishop, incredibly, stayed in the game.

‘It wasn’t really super painful or anything like that,” Bishop said. “These guys in front of me lose teeth all the time, so I guess I just wanted to be like them.’”

- when you can’t tell if this is from an actual article or a parody account because it’s so ridiculous