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Superman/Wonder Woman #30

This single issue was never released by DC because, of course, they decided to Rebirth everything and who cared about thing like details for fans of the new 52 and tying up loose ends?  And then this would contradict and cloud pretty much what Rucka was doing with Diana and Steve. This was written BEFORE Rucka pulled the 180 of Diana’s life for 5 years as not real and his Rebirth Diana claimed she was with Superman because it was easy. lol. After reading this issue along with #31 we have even more evidence to prove Rebirth is just jumping the shark. And this new 52 Diana is and could never be Rebirth Wonder Woman. They are simply two different women.

We’re kinda surprised DC bothered but the two unpublished issues were placed in the Superman Savage Dawn trade and it will also be included in the final Superman/Wonder Woman volume 5 A Savage End out in December.  It follows Diana after she and Clark took time apart.  Clark had not told her as yet he was dying. Peter J Tomasi had not bothered to flesh and resolve the drama he created but thanks to Brian Buccellato,  who wrote these issues, we do get exploration of Diana’s feelings for Clark and a chance to see the situation in a very human way.  We will share some of these moments in these two issues with our fellow SuperWonder fans because they will show that our couple, while going though some hard times, were not together for the lame reasons laid out by Rucka. He never wrote them ergo he doesn’t know them. His Diana is not our Diana here. Our Diana is not that shallow confused woman who couldn’t even muster one adjective to describe one Clark Kent trait as to why she would even be in a relationship with him. 

Diana and Clark were on a break during the Truth/Savage Dawn storyline and here Steve tries to see if he has a chance, given that he he thinks she and Clark are not together. Diana very firmly makes it clear to Steve she was not interested. She is trying to find out what why Clark is avoiding her. What was he hiding?

We will share more with you later and just like some Rebirth can ignore us or try to crap on what we loved…we can ignore them. THIS is the couple and the story we invested in and we’re not going to let Rebirth dampened what we know to be the truth. Rucka and his lies can go take a hike. 

If anyone wants to get it for themselves…Savage Dawn is on sale on Comixology and the likes of Amazon and your local comic and book stores. 

British Invasion (2/2) *Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Day Fourteen 

Summary: A Mission happens over in the UK, at Christmas time, so you take the Avengers where you were born. Showing them the British Christmas culture. 
Warnings: Swearing & use of the word cunt, as term of endermeant (cause my family does that)
Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff and Sam Wilson + Brian Braddock/ Captain Britain because I’m trash for my Nations Captain.
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Part One: British Invasion.

NOTE: The Christmas traditions shown here are what my family does, this doesn’t mean I am saying EVERY British family does this, just my own.

Day Thirteen

“That went better than expected, not gonna lie, thought we’d all die.” You speak matter-of-factly to everyone, Natasha suppressed a small laugh from escaping, Steve and Bucky rolled their eyes at you with small grins.

You all entered the Quinjet, “Well, we finished earlier than expected, if we go back we’ll make tonight, then everyone can go off for their Christmas adventures.” Tony informs you; everyone seemed to nod in agreement with that idea, except Bucky who was passing on big social events.

You gave an awkward cough and held a hand up, Tony raised an eyebrow at you, “I’m from here, my mum would be pissed if I didn’t stop in, she’d honestly kill me if she found out I was here and didn’t see her anyway. I’ll get a return flight home from Heathrow?” You asked picking up your duffle bag, “Have a good Christmas, lads.”

You walked back down the ramp before remembering an important factor. You had heard Bucky and Steve, well actually eavesdropped on their conversation, talking about how they had no idea what to do Christmas. You gave a gentle sigh, turning and walking back up the ramp, everyone frowned as you stood in front of Bucky who was standing beside Steve. Also, Wanda had nowhere to go, unless Clint invited her to his farm.

“You guys wanna join in on my families Christmas? I overheard you both talking about not having anywhere to go, you don’t have to, and my family are overwhelming especially at holidays.” You smile slightly, “the offer extends to everyone one here.” You look around to everyone.

Steve looked at Bucky, pleading with his sapphire eyes at his best friend who sighed and nodded, “sure, Y/N, we’d happy to join in.” Barnes smiled; you grinned and looked at Wanda, who also nodded at you in return.

Those three began picking up their own duffle bags, Natasha slinked up to your side, a small smile forming on her lips and you already knew what she was going to ask. You nodded with a grin as she effortlessly passed Bucky her own duffle, he gave a small eye roll but slung the black bag over his shoulder anyway.

Tony gave a small sigh before standing up, “Okay, okay, I’ll tag along. Stop twisting my arm.” You gave a small chuckle at Stark who extended his duffle bag to Steve, who stared at him for a few seconds before shrugging and taking it from him, you had already ordered an Uber to come pick you up.

“I’ll take this baby back to the compound, I’ll send Laura and my kids your wishes,” Clint yelled and you all nodded blowing kisses to the archer who faked gagged and dodged them, only to get a kiss on the cheek from Tony and Nat at the same time.

The drive to your parents’ home was eventful, Tony complained about the London traffic whilst Bucky and Sam argued over personal space; they weren’t even sat near one another to complain about it. Natasha had fallen asleep, whilst Wanda listened to an audiobook. Eventually, you arrived at the manor, causing everyone to frown and step out of the Uber. Everyone looked at another, you never mentioned you came from money, although you never really mentioned family – just that family was important to you.

You skipped up to the front door; pulling a key from your bag and opening it, leaving the door open for everyone else to step inside. They looked around at the very open foyer, Sam whistling at the décor.

“Anyone home?” You called out, you didn’t call in advance, you hoped everyone was actually here and not someplace else for Christmas.  

Your mum popped her head around the corner to the living room, a smile gracing her lips as she practically ran to you, you giggled and hugged her tightly. “You didn’t tell us you’d be home for Christmas!”

“I was in the country and decided to stop by,” You squeezed her tightly before letting go with a grin; you see her eyes flicker behind you. “Oh! These are my work buddies, the Avengers, I invited them along.”

“That’s okay, sweetie, some will have to bunk with others in rooms but we have enough room.” She smiles at your friends, gesturing you all into the living room where your father sat watching White Christmas on the telly, glass of mulled wine on the coffee table in front of him. “Y/F/N, look who turned up on Christmas Eve!” Your mother grinned when she saw your father’s face light up.

He stands up and opens his arms for a hug, which you gladly accepted, “Well, Christmas came early. What a lovely surprise, your brother has managed to be here also,” your dad informed and you grinned.

“That’s perfect, he can finally meet my friends,” you nod to the very out of place group of Avengers behind you, your father chuckled and nodded, stepping in front of them and introducing himself.

Your mother begins to fawn over the group, asking if they needed anything, most all replying with a hot shower. You showed everyone to spare bedrooms and the office, which was gonna have two blow up mattresses for Bucky and Steve to sleep on, they insisted – although neither Tony nor Natasha tried to fight them on that.

Once everyone was fresh faced and showered they all met you back in the living room, you had given Nat and Wanda Christmas jumpers to wear, Natasha actually looked incredibly cute her one due to her red hair and weirdly natural domestic behaviour side showing. Bucky was extremely out of his depth, not used to the fawning of a mother since the forties, your mum seemed to sense this and began to leave him alone; to some extent.

“I think, the broody one fancies you,” she smirked happily with her observation, you scoffed at her and glanced into the living via the kitchen doorway where Bucky stood by the fireplace looking at family photos, you dad beside him with Tony and Wanda. “He does, he seems very interested in your heritage and just you, in general. He has a schoolboy crush and it’s so cute.”

You laughed, “Nah, Bucky has a crush on Sam before me. He also is kind of reserved, only ever talks to Steve and Sam, sometimes he’ll manage a conversation with others but I don’t think he views anyone romantically, especially after his last couple of years.”

Your mum gave a huff before walking to the other side of the kitchen. You glanced back to Bucky who was listening to your dad, his metal arm covered under a soft jumper, he turns his head and gives a small, half smile and you give a pity one back. Knowing all too well how your father can talk about random shit for hours.

“They fucking ran out of Terry’s chocolate oranges, dad!” A voice yelled from the front door, you instantly grinned, “Tesco was a nightmare to park at, it’s like everyone thinks it’s Christmas Eve or something.”

You rolled your eyes walking into the living room as your older brother walked in, scarf still wrapped around his neck, “That’s cause it is you twat!” Brian laughs before wrapping an arm around your shoulder pulling you to him, “ugh so much love.” You groan.

“Who are these cunts then?” He nodded to the group in front of you, he got a smack upside the head from your mother, and he chuckled and waved. “I’m Brain, her older brother.”

You nudged him, “Don’t act like you don’t know who the Avengers are, being subtle or humble isn’t your strong suit, bro.”

“I know I just didn’t want any egos inflated,” he glances at Stark who just grins “anyway, you guys upset MI: 13 today, thought you ought to know.”

You made a face and looked at the Avengers, “Oh, Brian is the low budget of Captain America.” Brian scoffs at you with an offence, “Oh right? He never gave himself the name Captain Britain but he totally goes by it because he isn’t original with names, like at all.” He pushes you with a playful glare as you laugh.

Your friends laugh as you get into a small pushing fight with your brother, stopping when your dad yells at you for being in front of the TV. Of course, as soon as, you and your brother stop fighting he starts to talk to Steve. You refrained from eye-rolling at how quickly they seemed to get along, although Brian did seem rather sceptical by them all at first.

Tony was somehow roped into helping your mother in the kitchen, Wanda eventually agreeing to help also, preparations for tomorrow’s grand dinner and Nat was playing with Brian’s dog, Shelly. Bucky was sat beside your father watching White Christmas; your dad wasn’t much of a talker, especially when White Christmas is on. It’s become a sort of tradition in your household to watch the movie; he did it when he was a kid and now it’s passed through to your brother and you. Sam was sat in an armchair fast asleep, he did the most on the mission.

“We’ve run out of cranberries, Brian go back out and get them,” Your mother called from the kitchen. Brian made a noise of complaint, sat on the floor beside Nat and holding Shelly in his lap, Natasha chuckled.

You sighed and stand up, “I’ll go, and it’ll be nice to run into the locals.” You gave a small shrug, your mother walking you to the door where she handed you a few pounds, Steve peaked his round and you rolled your eyes. “C’mon weirdo, you can push any crowd out of the way, if needed.” He chuckled and grabbed a jacket following you outside.

“How come you never told us your brother is Captain Britain?” Steve asked casually, hands in his jacket pocket, you chuckled at his ‘disguise’ a cap and some glasses.

“I didn’t want to be accepted onto the team just because of him, he’s a great leader and as much as it pains me to admit, a really great superhero and I can’t amount to his achievements.” Steve looked down as you shrugged, “I’ve had to lurk in his shadow since I was very young, he was always academically smart, straight A’s throughout the school. And then as an adult, he’s visited by Merlin, which I thought he was high or something but he’s blessed with an amulet that makes him super strong and shit. Just figured, I wanted to be noticed for me, accepted as just who I am. I’m not making any sense, sorry.”

Steve smiled lightly, “No, I get it. Always watching someone else get the attention; the spotlight. You should know we don’t accept people on the Avengers because of their family relations,” you chuckled at that. “You got in for your own skills and that killed British charm.” Steve nudged you playfully.

“I am detecting a hint of sarcasm?” You asked in mock shock as Steve rolled his eyes, “I appreciate it, I’m also sorry for my overbearing mother to Bucky, she likes to mother.” He chuckled and nodded at that.

You eventually made it to the corner store, where you picked up a jar of cranberries, plus a few sweets just because you could. You had Steve a Cadbury’s caramel car, eating your own Galaxy salted caramel one. Steve took a tentative bite from the chocolate and made a small noise of appreciation.

“British chocolate is a lot more milky than American,” Steve stated and you chuckled, “Ah Dairymilk, that’s understandable, I like it, though. A little creamy, good, though.”

“Outta ten?”

“Like an 8.9,” He shrugged lazily and carried on eating the sweet.

Once you got back, everyone settled down to watch whatever was playing on BBC One, classic Christmas movies and also played a few games before bed.


“Steve, wake up!” You yelled through the door only to it open to a very grumpy-sleepy looking Bucky, you smiled up at him, “Merry Christmas, Bucky.”

He sighed softly, “Merry Christmas, Y/N.” He left and went downstairs where Sam, Wanda and Tony already were with your parents and brother, Natasha passed you in the hall with a sleepy look and still clad in her pj’s.

You ended up going downstairs with Nat, not bothering to wait for Steve, who was being stupidly long at whatever he was doing. “Why are there so many presents?”

“I had Friday, ship over all of the ones waiting at the compound to here, hope no one minded?” Tony asked, you grinned and shrugged. “Figured, might as well, have our Christmas here instead of whenever we go back.”

“That’s why you’re the genius, obviously.” You grin as he bowed, earning a laugh and a slap from Sam.

Steve eventually came down with a small smile on his face, everyone began unwrapping their presents, once your mother and Nat arranged them all into piles. A lot of gasps and surprised faces happened in the hour of opening presents. You had opened a present to a small, velvet black box that contained a beautiful, vintage necklace. It didn’t come with a tag but you instantly knew who had given it to you.

Considering you didn’t get a present from him, yet. He probably didn’t want to make a big deal about it, you grinned at Steve who was currently sat beside Bucky and helping your mum collect all the wrapping paper to be recycled.

“Mrs Braddock, I do not  want sprouts,” Sam says nicely to your mum who nods with a small smile.

Bucky scoffed, “I bet I could eat more than you anyway!”

“Who bets someone with that? Everyone hates sprouts, no one goes, and I’d like five sprouts at Christmas.” Sam looked at Bucky with disbelief, the ex-soldier just shrugged at the other veteran. “I’m not falling for this.”

Bucky shrugged, “Proves my point.” Brian chuckled from where Bucky sat, both with Christmas hats on top of their heads, eggnog in their hands.

“You’re on I’m gonna beat you at the Brussels eating competition!” You looked at your mum who chuckled at your friends, who were currently having a glare off till Steve walked in and gave a disappointed look to them.

“Hey, Y/N, can I interest you in a Christmas walk?” he extended your jacket, you nodded.

“Okay, we gotta be back before dinner and the doctor who special!” He rolled his eyes and nodded.

The walk was silent mostly, not many people were out and Steve asked why some places were open still and you had to explain that pubs are always open for Christmas drinks, plus dinners. Once you turned eighteen you often visited the local Pub, The Heron, to see you friends for a quick Christmas drink and exchange of presents.

“I didn’t want to give you this in front of everyone cause… it’s kind of personal and I’m not sure how you’ll react.” Steve tells you, a blush forming on his cheeks as he looked down at you, you smiled softly and nodded.

*-You expected a physical gift but instead Steve leant down and kissed you, you were surprised at first but eventually relaxed into the kiss and kissed back. Wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer, his arms wrapped around your waist. -*

You were brought out of your daze like state by Steve pushing a small gift into your hand, you looked at him with slight disappointment but quickly covered it by opening the small box, after that little daydream you were kinda disappointed to see an official Avengers patch. “Figured it seemed fitting, finally.” He chuckled and you nodded in agreement. “Sam got his one this morning, welcome to the team.”

“Thanks, Steve.” Then who the hell got you the necklace you were wearing?

The rest of Christmas was spent sat around the Christmas table with your rowdy friends and family, a lot of your mum scolding the Avengers for swearing, then calling your dad an asshole for drinking too much-mulled wine. You getting excited over the doctor who special and your brother stealing your chocolate coins, like every year.

You were also looking around at everyone, wondering who got you the anonymas necklace. You asked Tony, your parents and brother, even Natasha. to no avail, you couldn’t figure out who got you it.

“Did you like your Christmas present?” Bucky asked with a wiggle of his eyebrows, you were in charge of Christmas shortbread, you frowned at Barnes before you were hit with the realisation that he was the one to buy you the necklace.

(Well, I actually surprised myself with the ending tbh/ I am sorry, this was meant to only be two parts! I’m not even sure what or how I’ll do a third- Ro)

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