brian a luce

sophiabush: Some days really make you think … Today, shooting a very heavy scene with @brianluce000 was one of them. He is our technical advisor on CPD. He’s taught me more than I can say. Not just how to move on a raid, but how it feels to do this job. What you carry home at night. How you learn to make split second decisions when life hangs in the balance, and how much pressure that comes with. How a human heart can witness such darkness, and still have a sense of humor. His insight is invaluable because his heart is boundless.

He wore this uniform for 27 years. His Father, rest his soul, died wearing this uniform.

The complexity of this world is undeniable. It’s not always easy to tell what’s right side up, I know. But I also know that there are so many great human beings who suit up in uniform every day because they love people, they love their cities, and they want to do right by them. So much so that they’re willing to risk not making it home at the end of the night. These are the same cops I’ve witnessed become enraged when someone in uniform abuses the power of the badge. It breaks their heart in ways I couldn’t have predicted before this. The ones I know and love wear it with honor. For every damn good cop out there, days like this on our set are for you. We do our best to honor your service and your sacrifice. We do not take wearing these blues lightly. We know who has worn them before us. #ChicagoPD#BTS #FinalesMakeMeEmotional #EverybodyGoesHomeTonight 💙