I got Vol 1 for AkaYona in English earlier than its wide release in August (shoutout to Bri for nabbing me one at AX!) Read it and figured a lot of fans want to know what Viz’s official spellings are for names and places. Here’s a list so far:

Son Hak 
King Il
Son Mun-deok 
Kang Tae-jun 

Kingdom of Kohka
Hiryuu Palace


Not to be rude .. but that girl who posted bri, f & oliv picture

● Her first tweet is a retweet in ((21 jan 2016)) same day freddie supposed born !!!

●Her first tweet written by her is about freddie'name “conchobar”

●Her name is trashely wish is the name larries mocking bri'cousin

● .. and regardless of her concern to name herself “trashley” and to tweet her 1st tweet about “freddie”, she only retweeted 1 tweet from dax holt about babygate in 7 months!

●She never mentioned LARRY AT ALL

Coincidence that she is also the 1 who saw BRI& OLIV & F by luck in an appel store 👀👻!

Not saying she is 100% related to 1dhq, but also not confirming 100% she is not 😎

p.s: the fan who hacked Anne'icloud was followed by Harry and jay and created her acc 6 yrs ago..

So expect the unexpected with modest & simon to prove their stunts is real👻

… Update : Her likes started in (29 december 2015) .. and her tweets started in (21 jan 2016) i tried several times and yet i am not abel to scroll before that dates , but her media has posts before that date ! .. so pls if any1 can scroll before these dates , pls tell me with a screenshot

And either ways, i ll not take any 1 saying whatever as a fact and consider it as the truth .. bri and oliv let her filming them inside the store ! for like 3 times ?! beside why bri posted a snapchat with same outfit ! what a coincidense that she usualy post a vid before we see fan or paps pictures of her at same day !

#Confirmed .. she tweeted before 21 jan 2016 .. but still, why bri posted that vid with same outfit and we found fan pics of her & freddie ! and how the girl was abel to take like 3 pics of bri & oliv while they were standing at same store ! ❗this is awkward, like she wasn’t scared that they could see her !! 3 clear pictures !!

I truly can’t even begin to thank everyone for the support you’ve shown me and my family these past couple of days. Whether it be by sharing or donating you’ve helped in ways I can even say. I love you guys so much. This past week has been the worst part of my life by far, but just knowing how many genuine, good people there are in the world helps so much. I can’t express how grateful I am, and my brother is too. Once again thank you so so much. I love you guys.