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here have some completely random Jack Zimmermann headcanons:

  • he doesn’t know how to roller skate
  • during their sophomore year, shitty got jack to sign some papers that legally changed his name to jacques. to this day only the two of them know
  • his pre-game playlist is just 1920′s jazz?? ?what the fuck???
  • he actually prefers cake over pie but oh god bitty is never knowing that
  • stretch marks. tummy, hips, arms, back, thighs. he was chubby as a kid then shot up and gained all that muscle you can not tell me that jack zimmermann doesn’t have stretch marks
  • he is a Flannel Bisexual™
  • lardo introduces him to meditation and now he does it multiple times a week to help with his anxiety
  • he has a thing for hickies, giving and receiving. he only gets to see bitty once or twice a month if he’s lucky, so he makes sure to leave reminders when he’s gone, and he loves it when he has some of his own coloring his torso and thighs
  • Bitty put chowder’s name in Jack’s phone as “cinnamon roll” and he doesn’t know what it means but does not change it either
  • jack has this really amazing cousin who he grew up with, and she is basically the female version of shitty except with a nose ring. she is one of his best men at his wedding
  • he had to wear headgear for a few months growing up and for some god-awful reason there are so many pictures of him, please just burn them mama ple ase
  • he hates milk. with a passion. the boys chirp him for eating cereal dry but he literally does not care it’s disgusting
  • his praise kink is the size of the fucking sun jesus christ
  • he goes to Gettysburg in PA for a weekend getaway and Bitty almost dies of boredom but he’s never seen Jack go on rants before (at least non-hockey related rants) so it’s worth it
  • jack’s really allergic to peaches
  • jack falls so hard, so fast for bitty. he tells him he loves him a month into their relationship, curled together like a pair of parenthesis in bitty’s bed, the words whispered between kisses in the sticky summer heat
  • he proposes at Faber, center ice
  • he has never seen star wars or star trek but he knows all the words to the songs in, like, every disney movie. his favorite is mulan

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"The Course of True Love" (Frozen, DAS-verse)

Rating: M for sexual content
Words: 3,100
Pairing(s): Kristanna
Summary: After the events of “Dark As Snow,” Anna and Kristoff attempt to spend their first Valentine’s Day together, but some shadows are long, and some nightmares hard to shake.

Notes: Technically-ish my prompt for Kristanna Smut Week Day #3, “Be My Valentine,” but also an excuse to do some more writing in the DAS-verse. And also to hurt people with Kristoff and Anna fighting in that ‘verse because I am a terrible person. Enjoy.

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(As we'd like to think)

Four times Armin attempts to get closer to Annie, and the one time it works perfectly.

you’ve probably seen me reblog this drabble series a few times. well, here’s the full thing, now on ao3! annie/armin. it’s so good. rip me.

also under the cut, if you’d rather read it on tumblr!

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anonymous asked:

slumber party! sakura, aoi, chihiro, and mukuro bonding!!

How can they be so relaxed?

This thought takes up all of Mukuro’s mind, leaving no room for the quiet, easy discussion going on around her. It’s so strange, she thinks. The entire world is writhing in chaos this very instant, but these girls treat this room as a safe heaven. If something were to happen right now, there’s no way they could react in time to save themselves. Even their clothes serve as an obstacle.

Chihiro sports a mint green tank top and matching shorts that don’t even cover her whole thighs. There’s no protection there whatsoever. The chipped nail on Mukuro’s hand could rip those tissues to shreds.

Aoi’s covered in a pale pink nightgown that goes down to her ankles. The light pouring down from above makes the pink bow resting on her collarbone shimmer. It’s pretty, but it clearly restricts her movement. She wouldn’t be able to run very fast in it.

Sakura also sports a nightgown, but hers is slightly more practical. It’s a strappy little thing that stops at her knees. The pastel blue fabric hugs her muscles tightly. She’d rip every seam in that thing if she had to fight.

Mukuro’s clad in a set of flannel pajamas Junko insisted on her wearing. It’s covered in little purple dogs. She has no idea why they’re there, but it’s warm, and she can fight in it.

“Mukuro-chan? Are you ok?” Mukuro whips around until she’s facing the source of the voice, and finds herself face-to-face with an extremely worried Aoi. 

“I’m fine,” Mukuro answers. She flashes a forced smile, and though it makes Aoi relax slightly, there’s still a worried tilt to her eyebrows. 

“Um…Ikusaba-san?” Chihiro mumbles. Mukuro takes a moment to be grateful for her sharp sense of hearing, and then awkwardly clambers around Aoi to sit by Chihiro.


“Can I paint your nails?” Chihiro asks, looking at her with wide, hopeful eyes.

Mukuro freezes for just a moment. She imagines bright red nails, filed to a sharp point, covering her hands. She sees them dig into tender flesh, sending rivulets of blood coursing down long, lean fingers.

She clears her head of that image, and looks down at her own hands. They’re extremely short, and filed to round, harmless stubs. The torn nail is an irregularity.

“What color are you planning on using?” Mukuro asks hesitantly.

Chihiro smiles, and holds up a container of cool, blue polish. “This one. It suits you very well.”

Even the color is calming. It reminds her of the ocean at night; calm and quiet.

Mukuro looks back to the other girls. Aoi’s almost bouncing in place, and nods at her, urging her to accept. Hot pink polish covers her fingers.

Sakura sits next to her, her arms folded over her chest. Her nails are a pastel, cheery yellow. They look perfect.

She looks back to Chihiro, finally, and stares at her bare nails. She takes a deep breath. “Alright,” she says, noting how quickly Chihiro brightens at the news, “but only if I get to paint yours afterwards.”