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replied to your photo“We’re what killed the dinosaurs. We’re the asteroid that’s overdue….”

I never watched heathers, I just know a few of the songs and I like it…is there a movie? do you think I should?

Heathers is a movie and a musical! The movie came out first around the 80′s and the Musical came out in 2010 (corrected it whoops, the filmed vers was uploaded in 2014!) and is great as well.
The movie and the musical are on youtube, I’d recommend watching them because they’re just so good!! (I’d say watch whatever you want! I watched the movie a few years ago but only just found out about the musical!)

jackryanistrash replied to your photo “Transgender flag with the name Jackson for anon! No reposts or…”

Ahhhh thank you! (I accidentally sent that twice once as anon and once as not whoops sorry)

You’re welcome! And that’s no problem at all, don’t worry💕 Although, in the one you send off anon, you said you wanted a banner instead of an icon shaped one. Do you still want me to make that one then?