bri made a thing


Ok so I wouldn’t normally post these selfies but honestly I have to share to the world how happy and proud I am.

I went to Miami Pride and it was fuckin amazing. Not only was it a lot of fun, but I also felt so loved and accepted, and that feeling doesn’t come very often. There was no judgement or fear of stigma. Just a whole bunch of people, dancing, singing, loving, celebrating who we are in a beautiful colorful way.

Now I’m back in my home and I have to put all of my colors away. The bi flag that I bought will be put away in a box, along with everything else I collected today. But I’ll remember that feeling, and I’ll still feel proud of who I am, even if I have to hide it right now. I’m bisexual and I’ll never be ashamed of it.

I love who I am. And I just wanted to share that with y'all :)

Sweets (Jack Gilinsky)

The worst part of him being away was the things my mind convinced itself. I imagined him in some sleazy hotel room, with another girl gently stroking his abdomen as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. I wasn’t even on his mind, just her locks of perfect curled hair and how they tickled his chest when she pressed her body against his. 

“I thought I’d never fall in love, then I met you.” He would whisper in your ear each night before he left, but somehow tonight you were lying in bed doubting every sweet word he spoke to you. Did he really miss you? Was he really sleeping or hanging out with friends? No, he was probably with the girl in his instagram picture. You missed Jack terribly, oh god you missed Jack. It had been a week since he left, and the seven days were complete torture. You tried to be positive over the short three minute phone calls and texts that he took hours to send. It was hard, but you loved him. 

You roll over and sigh deeply, you wanted so badly to hear his voice but if you called him he might think you’re being desperate and clingy. Tapping your fingers on your tummy your eyes shut, and reopen, and you feel tears roll down your prominent cheekbones.

 It was the first time you had cried since Jack left. You hated yourself for crying over something your own mind convinced itself. You use your fingertips to wipe away the tears and let out a shuddering breath. You had hit rock bottom, this was the hardest night since he left, and you felt like you were going insane. 

Eventually, you begin to drift off and the thoughts of Jack turn dull as your sleepiness takes over, you hadn’t slept in days. You were just about to fall asleep when you hear your distant text-tone come from the nightstand beside you. 

“I love you, sweets. Call you tomorrow x.” 

He isn’t my boyfriend, but he’s something, and he calls me sweets and I haven’t talked to him in a week because he’s out field and my mind has come up with all sorts of things…so I made this.- Bri x 


the twins came over to watch destrie for wes and briley’s date night 💖 they’re all probs just gonna eat the leftover cupcakes bri made and throw things at each other and teach destrie curse words (carter’s fault lmaooo) 

(i’m learning how to do pretty things in photoshop and also ignore briley’s hand thru her tiddy)