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Do you have a guess or prediction on when and how static quake will happen? Like in which episode? They have been hiting that for awhile. It has to happen, right?

I do absolutely think they are going to end up together–there is endless evidence to support this via the cast, writers and crew.  Chloe and Luke are literally the greatest supporters of this, which is fantastic. Here is just a handful of it all:

“I think you’ll maybe see [Daisy and Lincoln] get a little bit… a lil close this season, maybe.” -Chloe (x)

“I think they’ve set up that they have some chemistry in Season Two, and I think that connection is going to remain throughout Season Three. But it’s going to be interesting to see how that is handled.“ -Luke, (x)

“It looks like if [Daisy and Lincoln] had a baby together, that baby would rule the planet.” -fricking Whedon (x)

“There’s still a connection there… I think they kinda got close last year when Daisy was transitioning and she had this really hot guy helping her which is like a dream [laughs]. So I think, they definitely have a connection in that sense.” -Chloe, (after 10:15)

“But obviously, I think they both have crushes on each other. We’ll see what happens there. It’s about time. I’m really ready for Daisy to have a boyfriend. Like, all work, no play.“ -Chloe, (x)

And then this beauty featuring the two of them was the very first photo released for season 3.

They are very much implying with everything they have that this ship is going to happen, not even to mention the implications in canon.

(ie, the Great Fall of You Should Be Shipping This:

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This is literally the oldest trick in the shipping book).

It isn’t going to be easy, though.  They aren’t even going to be really reunited for a while still:

“It’s definitely going to take way longer than people think. I really love, actually, how he doesn’t just immediately get brought back on the scene, and it’s just a very easy movie moment where we’re like, “Oh, there it is. He’s back! Ha ha!” It’s actually going to be a little bit more difficult than I think Daisy would like and than Lincoln would like. They definitely, at the beginning of the season, butt heads on their take on Inhumans. That’s going to be a little interesting conflict.“ - Chloe, (x)

“I think it’s going to be slightly different points of view from both characters.“ -Luke, (x)

“But it’s not going to be as easy as people think to get him back, and to have him start helping.” -Chloe, (x)

Whether or not they do actually save him and whether or not he joins them after that in 3x03 is really up in the air for me as of now.  I think there is a very good chance Lincoln’s backstory will be explored in a bit more depth before they have him join Team Daisy, to really demonstrate where he is coming from.

It is going to be at least half a season, probably longer, before we get any payoff.  And I wouldn’t want it to be any less than that.  Daisy is far more closed of now that she has been and Lincoln was immensely closed off even before he shoved his walls up in everyone’s faces.  I don’t want this to be rushed and I don’t think it will be.  I don’t want to make a solid guess episode-wise, especially because we still know so little going forward.  But up until now, Lincoln’s story has paralleled Ward’s closely and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is towards the back end of the season.

That isn’t to say there won’t be tension and flirting and heart eyes all over the place.  And isn’t that the best part? We’re at the very beginning of this story.  I think that Daisy and Lincoln are clearly both attracted to each other and obviously share a deep connection–but they haven’t fallen in love, not yet.  They simply haven’t seen enough of each other.  I hope they will emphasize the slow-burn aspect of this and give them time to really get to know each other and scale each others walls (although honestly I wouldn’t hate the tension getting the best of them at some point, Captain Swan in Neverland style).  I desperately want to see the lingering touches and the doey eyes and them slowly taking each-others backs before everyone else’s in battle.  I want to see their connection fostered and growing.

As for when they do get together–I’ll take it however they give it to us.  Mutual rage that the other could have gotten killed turned desperate makeout session? Yes.  Buddy, your touches are way too lingering for nursing my forehead wound but I kind of love it please don’t stop also I might kiss you now? Cool.  Ridiculous jealousy confrontation accidentally becoming a confession? Give it all to me.  Seriously–however their story goes, I am here for it.

Today’s #Costoberfest spotlight is a team of cosplayers from Missouri and Illinois dressed as characters from “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”! 

Phil Coulson - Brian Robison

Bobbi Morse - Courtney Hayden

Melinda May - Suzy Chang Blanchard

Alphonso Mackenzie - Jeremiah Johnson 

Daisy Johnson - Bri Super

Photography by Melissa Super.

Costoberfest submissions end October 10th, so send yours today! 

I Dig You So Much (Jack Johnson)

A few people requested Johnson smut…which I’ve never written before so I’m so excited! I oh wow, I’m going insane with excitement..let’s go! - Bri x 

“I think we’ve made it quite clear that I’m not going to pass this psychology class.” Johnson admits with a large sigh. He was struggling with things such as the peripheral nervous system, and couldn’t tell the difference between the somatic and the autonomic sections. 

You sigh taking a deep breath, “Autonomic makes you think of which word?” You question, tipping your head to the side as you run your pencil over your bottom lip. 

Jack shrugs, “automatic.” He runs his long fingers through his blonde hair and makes eye contact with you, eyes quickly training on your lips as you run your pencil over them. He reaches over and rubs your back, flashing you a smile, “you tired?” You shrug and shake your head, you liked Johnson a lot, and usually after studying you would watch a few Netflix shows and cuddle but you were genuinely just friends…maybe a little more at times, but you weren’t worried about it. 

“What are some examples of autonomic functions?” You proceed, eyes giving him a once-over. 

He sighs, “automatic stuff? I-I can’t remember, I’m going to forget this by tomorrow.” He was losing interest fast, but before he could an idea popped into your head. 

You turn to face him and move his hands so they’re at his sides, slowly but surely you slide your hands up his legs towards his belt, immediately his breathing increases and his eyes widen, “w-what are you d-doing?” 

“Can you control the way you feel when I do this?” You ask, leaning in slightly to nuzzle noses with him, Jack snakes his arms around your waist and pulls you to straddle his lap. He shakes his head repeatedly, “Somatic or Autonomic?” 

“Autonomic.” He whispers leaning in to kiss you, “kissing is autonomic or somatic?” You whisper against his lips and he smiles. 

“Somatic because it’s entirely voluntary.” He parts his lips and deepens the kiss moving to roll you over so your back is pressed against the mattress. His body hovers over yours, and you pull at his short strands of blonde hair. 

You giggle against his lips, “will you remember them now for your test?” 

Jack nods, “I won’t ever forget.” He presses his forehead against yours and nuzzles noses with with, “I really like you, Y/N.” 

You bob your head affirmatively, “I really like you too, Jack.” 

“I mean like, I like you enough that I want this go past a lot further than studying–like I want people at school to know how much I dig you.” 

You smile, placing your finger on his bottom lip you flick it out gently and peck his nose, “I know what you mean, and I feel the same.” Jack stops speaking and leans in to kiss your neck, sucking slowly until you start moaning quietly. You had never done anything like this before, with anyone, and butterflies with fluttering around in your stomach. For some reason though, all inhibitions you had ever had about going all the way fluttered away with the butterflies as Jack affectionately stroked your sides.  

“We don’t have to skip bases tonight, darling.” He assures you. You run your fingers to his hoodie and simply untie the bow you had made earlier with his two hoodie strings, you fiddle with them and make eye contact with his blue eyes. 

“I want to.” There wasn’t a better or more poetic way to put it, you and Jack cared for each other and it was simple as that. Jack doesn’t waste a moment to slip your leggings down along with your cute socks you wore over them. He takes his hoodie off, as well as your sweater and you work on his belt buckle with shaky fingers. 

“You’re shaking so much already.” He observes, with concern in his tone. 

Truth be told, you were nervous to no end, but you were ready and that didn’t mean you wanted to do it any less, “Hey,” you take his face in your hands and peck his lips, “I’m okay.” He smiles against your lips and takes one of your hands to hold, you slip your hands down and into his boxers, getting comfortable with touching him there. He immediately lets out a low groan as you pump him slowly, “is that okay?” You ask with a nervous laugh and he nods. 

Jack guides your panties down your legs and rubs you in a sensual manner as his kisses your neck, making you moan slightly louder than before, he slips one finger in and once you adjust to the off-putting feeling you actually begin to enjoy it, “am I doing okay?” He whispers in your ear and receives an answer by your moaning of his name. Letting go of each other for a brief moment, Jack finds a condom in his jeans and slips it on with ease, only taking a few moments, “if you want me to stop, just tell me, okay?” 

You nod in agreement and Jack takes the time to ease into you once, going deeper as you adjust to his size and shape. It hurt, like hell, but he was so gentle the pain subsided within a few pumps. Regardless, the few moments of pain made your body shudder more, “baby, baby, hey, I’m sorry.” He coos in your ear, moving with a slow rhythm that you were comfortable with. 

After about three minutes, things start to feel amazing, “don’t stop.” You plead, capturing Johnson’s lips with yours as you begin to rock your hips in sync with his, “please don’t stop, baby.” Johnson smiles against your lips, pressing his forehead against yours as he pumps into you faster and deeper. Oh god, it felt so good. Jack continues the same motion, and you roll your hips so he goes deeper each time. Letting out a moan, directly in his ear, it wasn’t long until you were both close to climaxing. 

You were scared to change position, as this was your first time and Jack didn’t even bring it up. Missionary felt amazing for you both. You fingers press into his back as he moves quicker, muscles flexing against your bare body. He was quite strong an athletic and barely broke a sweat, “Y/” Johnson murmurs against your collarbone as he sweetly kisses along the bone. He bites your shoulder which pushes you further along making you feel even closer, “I won’t be able to hold on much longer…” he trails off. 

“You don’t need to.” Moments after stating, you climax, letting out a surprisingly loud moan of his name. Within a few expert strokes, Jack follows, his being much quieter. He wraps his arms around you tightly and you roll over so you’re on top, both now feeling like you were on top of the world from the endorphins. 

“I dig you so much.” Johnson proclaims with the cutest grin on his face. 

You shrug, nuzzling noses with him, “and I dig you, so fucking much.” 


Real Or Not (Nate Maloley ft. Omaha Squad)

Hi! I love your writing so much and I was wondering if it were possible to get a Nate imagine where y/n and the boys are playing truth or dare and some things get confessed Smut please if you’re comfortable with that. I love you so much!!! 😙❤💕👌
Side note: I was listening to How To Be A California Heartbreaker so some of the words are actually lyrics oops! Thanks for the request I love it oh my god! - Bri x 

“Okay…Johnson…have you ever fallen in love with a stranger?” You question, running your long nude painted nails up and down your thighs, mostly because it ticked your thighs and felt amazing but also because it drew attention to your tanned and toned thighs that you had worked very hard for…because let’s be honest, tanning your thighs was a workout in itself. 

Johnson grins at you, “Well baby, I fell in love with you when we first met and you were a stranger,” he laughs when you and the other guys roll your eyes, “just kidding! Um, yeah I mean I guess I do it all the time.” 

“That is not love, that’s lust bro.” Gilinsky reminds him and you dip your head to laugh harder. 

“Whatever my turn, my turn!” Sam demands, turning to you, “How long does it really take to get into your pants Y/N?” He was blunt, and determined to get an answer out of you. 

You shrug, “I mean, I’ve gotta stay lookin’ pure so I always kiss at the door and say goodbye.” The boys groans, “For real! Okay, fine, I guess about six or so weeks depending on our connection?” 

The boys again groan, when the word ‘connection’ comes up, of course they would groan they’re all a bunch of boys, “Whatever, it’s my turn…Nate, truth or dare?” Gilinsky questions Nate, whom was beside you and had remained the least quite of all the boys. 

“Dare.” Skate’s eyes flicker to you and he leans forward, eyeing Gilinsky. 

Gilinsky chuckles, “I dare you to eat…” he grabs a bag of skittles, “these out of Y/N’s lap.” You and Nate look at each other and both begin shaking your head, “hey you gotta do it!” Gilinsky argues. 

Nate sighs, “I’m so sorry y/n…it’s not my fault I’m going to violate you.” You laugh, a blush covering your cheeks, you had always liked Nate but if your first physical encounter was going to be this, it wasn’t ideal. Nate pours the bag onto your lap…right near your crotch region and inner thighs and then lowers himself so he can begin to eat. The other boys watch in awe. 

“Oh my god…Nate your scruff tickles!” You complain, giggling loudly, you feel his tongue run up your inner thigh and your breath hitches, eyes fluttering closed slightly as you begin to feel your blood pressure hike up. 

Sam smirks, “I think y/n’s like that.” You glare at him as the boys laugh. Nate continues to eat the rest, causing goosebumps to form on your smooth skin. He lifts his head up and flashes you a smile–well that sexual tension was obvious now, thanks Jack. 

“I have one for Y/N!” Johnson sings. 

“What?” You ask turning to face him. 

“Show us what you look like in lingerie.” This was one you didn’t mind doing, so you get up and skip towards Nate’s bedroom where you were staying. He slept on the floor and you slept on the bed. But while you were struggling with the garter belt you hear distant conversation that was about you. 

“Dude…you like her, she likes you, why don’t you just ask her out?” Sam questions, “I mean, I like her too but, you should totally just ask her out.” 

“I don’t know man, you really think she would want me?” Nate questions and your eyes grow wide…he likes you too!? This made you want to look even sexier, since duh, Nate was hot and you wanted him to ask you out. So you finish up with the garter belt and saunter out noticing all of their eyebrows raising when they see you. 

“Damn.” Both Jacks say when you see them. You don’t really pay attention though, because you were more interested in Nate. 

You walk towards him and place your arms around your neck, “Real or like me?” You question always having been confident enough in yourself that you could ask boys questions like this. 

“Real.” Nate replies back, his eyes staring into yours with a smirk on his face, “Real or like me back?” 

“How about I show you without all these perverts around?” You question, turning to the look at the boys who were quite obviously turned on and excited about how you looked. 

“That’s our cue to leave!” Jack J yells and you and Nate laugh. 

He turns your cheek, so you’re facing him, and leans in for a very tender, very genuine and very skittle-tasting kiss. 

Fill Me In (Jack Johnson)

Requested? Yes! 
- This song reminds me of Johnson so much, and I get so many requests to do Johnson imagines so this is all for you guys! Johnson definitely needs to get more attention! I might make this a two parter just because the song has so many scenes! 
Listen To;- Fill Me In, Pia Mia ft. Austin Mahone
 (it’ll make the experience so so so much better!)

“Darling, we’re going out tonight.” Your mother tells you leaning against your doorframe, you held your phone in your hand texting your neighbor Jack Johnson. He was blonde, and quite adorable, you couldn’t help but like him a lot. You were family friends with him but never got alone time because of the fine line his parents and your parents ran between you two. 

You toy with the hem of your white shirt and nod, flashing her a smile, “have a good time.” You say between your teeth. 

Your mother nods, “no one over, understand?” 

“Mhm.” You say with the fakest of smiles. She blows you a kiss which you pretend to catch and tuck in your white shorts pocket and with that, your parents leave. You look out the window and see that his parents were out as well. 

You press his number and as soon as he answers you laugh, “come on right around.” You say into the speaker and he quickly agrees. You change into a satin black lingerie babydoll that hit your mid thigh and within moments he is knocking at your door. You grab a bottle of red wine and skip towards the door. 

“Hey beautiful.” Jack greets you, entering the door. He wraps his arms around you in a tight hug and presses a kiss to your cheek. 

“Hi.” You say sweetly, liking the way his hands caressed your satin lingerie. You take his hand with one hand, while holding the bottle with another and lead him towards the couch. He sits down, and pulls you into his lap, “you want some?” You question and Jack rolls his eyes. 

“Aren’t you fancy and mature…red wine?” You blush and he laughs, “let’s give it a try.” You peel the foil away and pop the cork, pouring it into two glasses you hand him one and keep the other. 

“Cheers.” You murmur clinking glasses with him. You take a sip and so does he. The wine tasted sour, and burnt your throat in a bad way as it struggled to slide down your throat. Wine didn’t taste as good as you thought it would. 

“This tastes expensive.” 

“Indeed it is…I actually don’t even like it.” You admit, and Jack laughs. 

“Yeah, fancy doesn’t taste too fantastic” You put your glasses beside, and he rubs your thigh with the palm of his hand. You make eye contact and Johnson leans in slowly peppering your lips with a few kisses, you cup his neck and lean in deepening the kiss drastically. He smiles against your lips, and runs his fingers through your hair pulling at the roots softly. You tilt your head to the right slightly and part your lips so his tongue can slip through. The kiss felt absolutely amazing, “I have a jacuzzi back at my place?” He questions, trailing his lips to your jaw. 

You press your hand against his chest, “sounds interesting.” 

Johnson chuckles, “definitely will be a lot more with you in it.” You stand up, and exit your place hand in hand with him. Johnson leads you to his backyard, and pushes the gate open. 

“I don’t have anything to wear.” You counter as he strips out of his t-shirt and shorts so he’s just in his boxers. Johnson turns you around quickly and pulls your babydoll lingerie up on your body revealing your thin torso clad in black panties and a black bra. 

He pulls you in and whispers in your ear, “now you do.” Johnson gives you a once over before picking you up, he throws you over his shoulder and you screech. He walks up the steps to his jacuzzi and puts you down so you can get in. Again, you sit in his lap, except this time you’re straddling his lap. You capture his lips with yours and you two begin to makeout quite rashly. You drape your arms around his shoulder as your hips rock back and forth against his, “babygirl.” He murmurs against your lips. You had intense feelings for your former family friend, more than any other guy you had even known, and they were quite sexual. 

“Y/N, where are you?” You hear your mother yell quite loudly from the other side of the fence. 

Oh Fuck.

A bit of a cliche 90s movie scene that probably sucks, but I feel like a part two would make it a lot better! So please request it if you want one! Love youuuu
 - Bri x