bri is a derp

Well, look who decided to do a “follow forever” after all.

There was really no criteria or anything like that for those that I picked; If you’re on the list, it simply means I think you’re a lovely person. Whether we’ve spoken many times in the past, have only just introduced ourselves, or even if we haven’t spoken really at all, but just have a mutual reblogging thing going on or something of that sort. Hell, even if you’re not following me back, and I just adore what you post. Or if you’re on my Tumblr crushes list or– Yeah. Okay. Some of you have been in my follow list since I’ve started this blog, and some of you are relatively new– but, anyway, we should get started, shouldn’t we? I hope none of you mind that I added you to this or anything. I’m afraid of seeming… creepy?

Look at me, even being fancy and making it alphabetical.

17xinfinity | adeleyelleohhh | akiozoro | alibaba-senpai | alibabababu | benbutt | blackguyindtb | breadling | connor-kenway | dean-laughingalone-withpie | desiludida-takumi | fankyegbert | ffuwaffuwa | fivecentimeterspersecond | hipstergreed | imma-kitty-meow | inuyoshie | kakashiikun | kawaii-beast-tamer | kimi-no-kotoba | kusaribes | live-in-the-fairy-tale | ludgerwillkresnikswife | luxerionnovuspartus | lyssala | maddieandyou | manwhoresopensores | milkyychu | mirajanechan | miss-pumpkin | mu-alexis | ndareba | nieistotny | no-where-to-run | noonesaidwhy | novasanel | peppermintbarton | residentasian | ritacule | satanslemons | saynguyenlikewin | scary-tale-ending | shotinthekokoro | skyw4y-traffic | summoneroftime | talesofsaku | thelostprincessofasgard | tokikake | tsu-baby | useless-kun | vivere-et-discere | wonderlessdream | zelass-wilder