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So I made a pact to never talk about those alternate endings to Justified, but join me for drinks and who the hell knows what kind of stuff I’ll tell you? 


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photos taken of me during Youmacon 2015 in my Amethyst cosplay!
I am quite proud of this cosplay, especially how I made my whip and how I sewed the stars unto my leggings.

Overall, it could be much better and I hope to do small alterations to it for next year’s Shutocon. Such as mixing a better color from Ben Nye for the makeup to match the armsocks I made, fixing up the arm socks so that they’re tighter, doing better on my eye makeup, and working on my wig more.

I had a lot o’ fun this year, got to meet some great artist and hang out with some cool buds. I even started on my next cosplays for Shuto, be sure to be on the look out for them!