bri beauty

Ch 2

Robin walked in the dance studio that was filled with a bunch of 5-10 year old. She got this stank feeling inside.

ugh I hate dat Troy bitch ass got us teaches these lil pissy ass kids. Kids they do sum to me , I can’t stand dey ass for some reasons. she thought

“Ok y'all we gon stretch or whateva” She told them lookin at her self in tha mirror. “Ok down & ova to ya left, hold fo 15 seconds” she said poppin her gum. You will never find her with her gum.

10 minutes passed by and Megan walked thru tha studio with her long hair put up into a messy bun, no makeup on, some black skinny yogas & a off tha shoulder shirt and some air max.

“bout time yo ass is here.!” Robin said wen Megan was setting her things down.

“ohhh u can’t curse in here, I’m tellin.” a little girl with pretty brown eyes said. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

“girl whatever I’m ur teacher , I can say wat ever I want.” Robin said Rollin her eyes.

“Sorry I’m late y'all, I over slept. Is Robin doin a good job.?” Megan asked tha kids.

another little girl shook her head no. Megan chuckled a little bit. “ it’s gonna be good , I’m here now. ” she said gettin in position to teach them a small simply dance.

“u doin a good job, so I’m finna go make a run” Robin said grabbing her phone & purse.

“alight.” Megan said.


Robin leaned her car seat to the back a lil bit & took in tha big ass blunt.She didnt really smoke at her job but today was a fuck it attitude, ain’t nobody gonna stop her. She inhale & let it out, Robin had a lot on ha mind , her momma wasn’t talkin to ha & her brother was always popping up & leaving. Her lifestyle wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t bad.She picked up her IPhone5 & dial “Rich” number.

“aye Rich what you on?” she asked him. Rich is her on - off nigga. They was both in it for tha sex but end up gettin more feelings for it.

“shidd about to leave the Trap House.” he said. She heard a door close on tha otha side of tha phone.

“u wanna come thru?” she took a hit of her blunt.

“yea, I’ll slide thru, I’ll be der in 20.” Rich said before he hung up.

Robin sent Megan a quick text saying she was leaving early. & will be back around 3 to work on der dance.


Megan placed the half empty water bottle down on the ground. The kiddie lessons was done & the only three girls that were there was playing with each other. Megan glanced at her phone and saw a text from Robin ‘aye im bout go see Rich, I’ll see ya round 3 for tha dance.’ ugh why is she still messing with him. Megan thought. she didn’t even text her back.

“look wat I can do.” one of the girls got Megan’s attention & She did a cart-well,

“that is so cool , I didn’t know how to do that wen I was ya age.” Megan said smiling. She loved kids thats why she didn’t mind teaching the kiddie class.Megan studied the three little girls, they was sister she thought , well they had to been. All of em had the same even skin tone & long pretty hair. she was interrupted from her thoughts wen a older lady walked in.

“Gramma , Gramma, gramma.” the girls said in unison.

Megan got up from the floor and walked over to her.

“look what I learn today.” the youngest one said. she started to do sum of the dance moves that Megan taught them. Megan & the older women laughed.

“I’m sorry, I was running late. I told the otha girl I was gonna be late, but it seem like she ain’t here.” she said holding out her hand for a handshake.

“oh it’s fine they weren’t any trouble. ” Megan shook hers.

“alright come on Amayia,” the lady said to one of the girls. The other two were already out the door.

Megan sat back down & got on her phone. She dialed Cameron’s number, its been awhile since they talked.His phone rung & on the 3rd ring he picked up.

“wass up baby.” he said thru tha fone.

“hey baby I miss you.” she said blushing.

“I miss you more baby, I’m thinkin about coming to see you soon.” he started smiling.

“that’ll be soo great, I just wish u could’ve came down here with me.” back at home wen she first brought it to his attention he wanted to go but sum came up & he changed his mind.

“I know bae but I had to handle some business up here. ”

“Cam u could’ve got another job down here. "She started pouting.

"It’s different bae, but ima hit u back lata I’m about to go to work, I love ya.” before she could respond he had hung


cameron hung up tha phone and tucked it into his all black Levi’s, he grabbed one of the all black ski-mask and placed it on his face , pulled the hood to on his all black hoodie over his head. “aye y'all ready?” he asked the three dudes that was in tha all black truck wit em. “yea we ready” one of em said.

Cameron pulled out his gun & his three friends & him got out tha car & busted open the door to abandon house that some niggas were hiding at.These niggas owed Cameron & his crew some big boi money & they wasn’t leaving til dey got it.

“Aye man, where da fuck our money at.” Cameron pointed the gun to one of da main dudes.

“w- w- we got robbed , ” tha dark skinny dude said frighten.

“Aye man tie all these niggas up.” Ron 'cameron’ order his crew. They did exactly wat dey was told.All 3 of tha dudes was now tied up in wooden chair. Their hands tied up behind der backs, & der feet tied to tha bottom of da chairs.

“iight one moe time, where fuck is da money."he said louder & angrier

"we got robbed !” tha same dude answered.

Ron was gettin even more upset because he trusted dees niggas to sell his stuff & give them they cut of da money.Now dey claiming dey got robbed.

“nigga u think I was born yesterday, do ya u think I’m dumb.?” he asked em, “u kno wat don’t even answer that.” he punched the main nigga in da mouth. He started to spit up blood.

“who was tha nigga?” Ron said , now aiming the question to all em that was tied up.

“it was tha dude from tha South, say he came up for da good stuff , askin me all question.” tha dark dude spat out.

Ron started to think about which nigga it was. He heard around that week that some niggas from Atlanta was coming up to buy from em.He ain’t really get to meet em to know if they was really wat they say dey about.It slipped his mind.

“Damn, !” he said, Ron punched tha nigga again. “U sure it was them niggas.?” asked making sure.

“u-um-( coughs up blood) yea dude tattoo was showing , it was tha state of Georgia wit 404 in it” he said coughing up more blood

“u lucky, I ain’t gonna shoot ya asses , but if something like this happen again I all three of y'all gon be 6 ft under.” Ron said leaving out tha door & his home boys following.






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Trina feat Bri Beauty ~ Gone Mad {Audio}

The Baddest B*tch is back with 1st single off of her upcoming mixtape scheduled to release in October 2014.

Watch on

Trina feat Bri Beauty ~ Gone Mad {Audio}

The Baddest B*tch is back with 1st single off of her upcoming mixtape scheduled to release in October 2014.

heroiclesbianvampire asked:

hi Bri! I was wondering if you had a "bri talks about beauty and the beast" tag or something like that? Cause there's a post going around about what would happen to each Disney princess if her mother was still alive and the BATB one is the mom screaming "CAN'T YOU ALL SEE THE STOCKHOLM" and it's pissing me off and I know you did an amazing explanation of why that is NOT the case but I can't find it anywhere!! Help please??

My tagging system is chaotic at best, but this may be what you’re looking for!

kingofnortherneurope asked:

[Text: Bri ❤] Hey beautiful, you should look outside. [Of course this dork is going to be standing outside with a bunch of roses and tulips looking like a kicked puppy]

[She squinted kinda hard at her phone for a second.]

[And then did as told for once, and smiled before opening the window and leaning outside.] Matthias, what would you have done had I not been at home?

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