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Core Class Review: Rogue part 2

Utility and Builds

Rogues are not just ‘a’ skill-based class, they are ‘The’ skill-based class, only rivaled among core classes by the bard. They have a large number of skill points and a wide variety of skills to choose from, mostly dexterity, charisma, and intelligence, that make them agile, dexterous, and cunning. As such, they can be the party face, the problem-solver for non-combat hinderances, and often an early-warning system for dangerous threats.

This class can hold its own in combat, but they rarely take foes head on, instead preferring stealth, flanking, and deception to open up a foe’s guard and perform deadly sneak attacks that deal extra damage to a foe, the greater the mastery of the rogue, the more damage they can do, though their foe has to have vulnerable points to exploit in order for it to work, be they vital organs, mystic runes or focal points, or even moving parts that could cripple a foe if damaged.

Regardless of their vocation, rogues have keen senses, and know enough practical engineering to notice and work to disable traps with ease, including even magical traps.

Their reflexes and senses are so keen that these ne’er-do-wells have an uncanny knack for taking cover against area-filling attacks. While most others can only react fast enough to reduce their harm, these rogues can go to ground, duck behind cover (non-living or otherwise) or otherwise quickly react to protect themselves, avoiding harm unless they fail to do so. Eventually, even more powerful rogues can even reduce the damage of area effects if they fail.

A new addition to rogues in pathfinder is the inclusion of rogue talents, various abilities chosen from an ever-growing list at certain levels. These abilities range from adding additional benefits to sneak attacks, to gaining various bonuses to rogueish acts, such as buying or selling on the black market, or various other eclectic skills such as learning to cast minor magic spell-like abilities, learning to brew bombs like an alchemist, and so on. These talents make for a fun way to expand on the abilities of your rogue, showing how eclectic and different characters can be in this informal class. At a certain point, they gain access to even more advanced talents, becoming even more powerful.

Even when their skills fail and traps are unleashed, the incredible reflexes of these sneaks often save them regardless.

Even danger they cannot sense cannot get the drop of them, having honed their reactions and their sixth sense to a greater height, which only increases with skill.

The most powerful of these rogues can strike so precisely as to put a foe completely out of the fight, knocking them out, paralyzing them temporarily, or even outright slaying them assuming they can catch them off guard.

So with all that in mind, its easy to see that one has their work cut out for them when deciding on a build. Obviously rogues work well as “problem solvers”. They can be your classic thieves, cracking locks and checking for traps, or they could be building traps of their own, or stealing from bystanders and foes alike. Or they might be combat rogues focused on making kills with sneak attack, or even pour points into use magic device and have a wand and wondrous item for every occasion.

So needless to say you have options. Next time, we’ll look at how those options expand with archetypes!

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