Tell me about disabled Hogwarts Students

Tell me about how the many stairs create ramps on the side, complete with railings, for students in wheelchairs

Tell me about students who wear prostestics and have to learn how to use them when flying on a broom or using a wand

Tell me about how Snape forgave a student when their prostestic accidentally fell into the brewpot and only asked the student not to wear it when they’re in Potions

Tell me about the star Seeker on the quidditch team who can capture a snitch with the two fingers they were born with.

Tell me about Flitwick working with a student without arms and teaching them to use magic without a wand

Tell me about the deaf student who scared her professor when she pulled up a Mandrake without earmuffs and made her best friend pee herself in laughter

Tell me about the mute student who built a sign language for spells 

Tell me about the blind student people adore thanks to her optimism.

Tell me about them.



Upgraded my brewpot with this bad boy! No more tipping scolding wort all over my missus or ending up with hop bits everywhere. Thanks to some tips from hopdamn and The Home Brew Shop I managed to get everything I wanted. The metal drill bit cutter didn’t last long on stainless steel, snaped teeth everywhere, but I managed to cut through and burn my finger on the hot metal, but that’s just usual DIY for you. It held up a seal with some water so fingers crossed it should be good to go for some hot wort and another brewday on Sunday!