Brewfest Conclusion!

Thank you all that attended the Ironstout Brew-Booth throughout the length of the whole festival!  We had some slow nights, we had some crazy nights, but most of all, we all had a blast!  Again, thanks to all of you amazing people!

You can certainly bet that you’ll see us out there again in 2017, ready to get you just as drunk, and just as ready to kick more Direbrew butt!

At this year’s fest, we gave out untold amounts of food, snacks, and booze!  (I kept track of the amounts that Bathildis handed out, but not the other amazing volunteers!)  Alone, Bathildis handed out well over 1,000 beers  (and since a stack of 4 = 1 stein of beer in my book, that’s well over 4,000 individual brews)!!!

As for events, we hosted both nightly drinking contests, and weekly “Drunken Ram Racing!  Prizes included an alemental companion pet, 16x ornate drinking steins, 8x Tremendous Tankards of Terror, and a Mekgineer’s Chopper (donated by Mikanora Metalbanger)!

Lastly, special thanks go out to Davonna Thunderfist for handing out brews (among everything else!), Modarin Slatefist for running the grill (and heckling the Thunderbrews!  Thunder’eww, amirite?), and Brigeda Stormbolt for supplying us with many other dishes.  Can’t leave out the Gnomes, either!  Tyrman Bladebreaker, and Mikanora Metalbanger were brew-barking champions!

Hope to see you at the Craft Fest!