Expo West Roundup

A little more than a week has past since Brewla exhibited at Natural Products Expo West and we are still recovering. The best advice given to us before the show was to order padding under the carpet. With padding your feet hurt, without it I can only imagine! What better way to remember our first solo trade show exhibit then to relive it through pictures:


Southern California beckons. Nothing like warm weather and beautiful sunrises…

The calm before the storm. This is a view of one hallway prepping for an eventual 65,000 people.

Soaps with a mission. soapboxsoaps wins the NEXT accelerator Pitch-Slam contest.


Lick Well, Live Well! The Brewla booth in action.

Three floors housed over 3,000 booths. Stonyfield brought their own cow.

We’re giving away boxes to our biggest fans!


Relieved to have our first Expo West show behind us.

So many samples, so little time…

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