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Read, Quality, Teacher, and Zoo please! :)


The Book Thief. It is my favorite, mostly because it seems all nice and innocent and then it rips your heart into shreds. I love it


Only 3? No way josé, I am just full of rebellion today. @alyblacklist @norahalib @takadasaiko @imyourplusone @pl3as3-tak3-m3-t0-w0nd3rland @degizzie @jesterbing @lizziespostoffice @whimsyandsomething  @bottlefame-brewglory  @nancyjocom and a whooole bunch of others. Boom. 


I’d kill to be a television show creator. Here’s a fun fact: Diid you know that less than 30% of television creators are women. Super optimistic odds, especially for someone who can’t even call to ask Barnes and Noble if they have a book in stock!! I mean, I’m basically there already! 


I’m allergic to cats, and yet I want like 100 of them. It’s my biggest curse. 

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Lizzington Award for Best AU Fic...Final Voting Round

Congrats to all who made the final round of voting!  Here is a list of how things are shaping up so far.  

Please check out these great stories below!

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