brewers on the bay

Initially I was planning on just simply liking this player, casually, but then I thought WHY NOT DEVELOP AN OVER COMPULSIVE OBSESSIVE DISORDER OVER HIM?!

George Harrison with pen pal Jennifer Brewer at the Sandy Bay holiday camp, Exmouth, Devon, August 1956; screen capped from Living in the Material World, and also included in The Beatles Anthology book.

Photo © Harrison Family

“[W]hen the Harrisons caught up with their friends the Brewers in again, back at the Sandy Lane holiday camp in Exmouth, George had a new obsession to share with his friend Jenny. ‘He was now mad on music. He asked if I’d heard the real one. It was Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley. I said, ‘Who?’ 'Elvis! Elvis Presley!’ He didn’t have his guitar with him, but he loved the music with a passion.’” - The Beatles - All These Years: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn

“In June 1968, George was filmed with Ravi Shankar in California for the movie Raga. 'It was the last time I really played sitar. I thought I am never going to be a sitar player, because I’ve seen a thousand sitar players in India who are better than I’ll ever be and, out of them, Ravi only thought one was good. Ravi was more worried for me than I was. He was trying to find my background or some roots and he was saying, 'What about Liverpool?’ and I said, 'No, I feel more at home in Benares, India than I do in Liverpool.’ Then I thought, 'What’s my root?’ The first thing that I could call a root, musically speaking, was riding down the road on my bike and hearing 'Heartbreak Hotel’ by Elvis Presley coming out of somebody’s house. On my way home (from California) I went to New York. When I checked into the hotel, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton happened to be staying there, which is another little cosmic point. From then on I thought, 'Well, maybe I am better off to get back into being a pop singer, guitar player, song writer; whatever I am supposed to be’. So it was Ravi really, who helped me get back into being a pop singer and guitar player again.” - George Harrison, quoted in The Apple Years 1968-1975

A little about me

Hi readers, I just thought that I would write this post to tell you all a little about me.

Starting with the basics:

• I’m 18 
• I have blonde hair and blue eyes
• I wear glasses
• I’m the youngest of 3 
• I have only 1 true friend (I may explain why in a future post)
• I’m currently enjoying the summer before I go to uni to study psychology
• I took A levels in; sociology, biology (AS only), history and psychology

Now likes and dislikes:


•standard girly things; makeup, fashion, hair, shoes, bags, perfume, etc

•music: a bit of everything really but the artists I love are:

• Ed Sheeran
• Joel Baker
• Nick Brewer
• Nizlopi
• Saint Raymond
• Guvna B
• James Bay


While there is not much that I really dislike, there are some things that I’m not too keen on:

•people with poor personal hygiene

TV Shows:

I have watched some shows on and on and there are some shows which are my secret pleasures!!!

• Big Bang Theory
• 2 Broke Girls
• Rules of Engagement
• Hollyoaks
• Friday Night Dinner
• Inbetweeners (when it was on)
• My Mad Fat Diary (oh Finn!!)

Obsessions/guilty pleasures:

A bit of a strange heading I know…. Basically just to explain those people/things that I follow religiously(pretty much stalk)

Dan Osborne (from Towie)

There is obviously no denying how hot and perfect he is with his gorgeous blue eyes, muscles and tattoos.

Not only that but he is such a good dad to Teddy who happens to be the cutest baby I may ever have seen, oh and a mini version of dan!!

One direction:

Now I’m not a directioner and I will never claim to be, however I have recently developed a growing obsession for the boys, which I will admit and please don’t judge may have something to do with the smut written about them on here (more about that another time) as well as their general hotness!!


Well mr cheeky himself, with that laid back style in his baggy sweaters and headband holding back those cute brown curls


Well mr angelic himself, with that bleach blonde hair and those gorgeous baby blues, oh and his guitar playing skills and his amazing selfies


Well mr manly himself, with those muscly arms shown off by his tank too and an über cool SnapBack on his head and his amusing twitter posts, defending the band and generally calling for peace and love


Well mr dark and dangerous himself, with that jet black hair and his usually all black outfits and his leather jacket, he exudes this strange mysterious charm


Well mr cutie himself, with that messy brown hair and just general cuteness

(More to follow about my feelings for one direction and dan osborne, or for a little extra info read my previous posts)

Sorry this turned into more like a LOT about me!!

Thanks to you if you read this and please no hate!!

Packers will debut self-serve beer station at Lambeau Field 

The Green Bay Packers will debut a serve-yourself beer station at Sunday’s home game against Philadelphia.

The Packers say the machine gives fans more leeway in the amount of beer they drink, since they can pour only a few ounces if they choose. The self-serve machine has the same purchase limits as beer bought at concession stands at Lambeau Field.

After showing proof of legal drinking age, fans can buy $20 beer cards at a cashier. After again showing an ID, fans then swipe the card at the machine.

Miller Lite and Oktoberfest are the beer choices.

Miller Lite will cost 39 cents per ounce ($4.68 for 12 ounces) and Oktoberfest 44 cents per ounce ($5.28 for 12 ounces).

Last season, the Minnesota Twins became the first major league baseball team to serve beer from a vending machine. The Milwaukee Brewers followed in September.