brewer's art

One of the four postcard designs I’m doing for shatterdomeseattle! (An additional four to be done by geniusbee.) The postcards were available through the Indiegogo that was run last year, and I imagine they’ll also be available at the con itself on May 3rd. So go to the shatterdomeseattle page and get up to Seattle. :3

I had to make one of them coffee related, and given that I usually always draw Newt, I decided to go with Mako instead.


Contemporary artist Alex Brewer, or HENSE, creates abstract and colorful pieces of art in this midsts of a variety of architectural styles. He incorporates different artistic elements such as line, shape, color, and form to all unify the quick pace of street culture. His pieces, although predetermined, have a whimsical and dream-like feel to them as they keep visual interest and assorted perceptions from the unique individuals of the public. 


Here we go again! Our 2nd Teespring Campaign!

Do you love nice, ice cold brews? Then this is the shirt for you!  Here we have our beloved “The Beer” piece in all its yellow glory! Its only $15!  Also available in girl cut and long sleeve!  We are trying to reach a goal in 7 days of 20 shirts to get this printed! Please help! Support local art, honoring the retro past and a love for a good beer all at the same time. CLICK TO GET YOURS.

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Impatiens capensis


Specifically evolved to be pollinated by hummingbirds spotted-touch-me-not is named for its spring-loaded seed pods. When ripe, even the gentlest touch can cause the sensitive seed pods to burst, flinging seeds several feet into the air.

Photo by Claire Brewer & Stephen Brewer