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Trying to think up names for world building concepts in my changeling sim. Cos it sucks to have the ideas and then its so awkward to talk about, lol!

So I was thinking… Maybe the magic in this setting is called ‘ardor’?
Cos that’s kinda A Thing in welsh/Irish/scottish mythology. Artistic inspiration and magic were treated like the same thing! The vast majority of major folk heroes were bards and/or poets, or just generally eloquent and witty. The origin story shared by Taliesin and Fin MacCool has someone brewing a magical foodstuff that grants intelligence/muse. I don’t know the Irish version as well, but for Taliesin he was the slave of a witch who was making the spell for her son who was apparently so ugly everyone hated him. “At least if you’re smart they’ll respect you.” So yeah it can be a bit unintentionally unsympathetic that our hero stole the soup and went on to be a famous hero! The witch mum might have been an asshole but I feel sorry for her kid…
…Anyway, where was I?
Oh yeah! Well even though the potion was only meant to make the person silver-tongued it also made him a magical hero of grand proportions, and this creativity/magic conflation is a common theme in many other stories too.
So I figured saying that instead of 'mana points’ would be a neat idea! And 'ardor’ might work cos that’s a relatively obscure word for inspiration/motivation/passion.

Imagine Person A of your OTP as a mage/witch of some kind, and Person B as their assistant/apprentice. Person A brews potions, grants wishes, and does other assorted magic for the nonmagical local populace. While they ask payment for their services in the form of local currency, they say that they will also accept payment, in whole or in part, in the form of high-calorie, fattening foods, and would in fact prefer partial payment in that form. 

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