Ol’ Pale and Hoppy

Whatever happened to the pale ale? You know, the beers that hover just above five percent alcohol, somewhere between gold and amber in color, balanced hopping, nice flavor? Remember those? Suddenly the market is flooded with really light beers, four percent to four and a half percent alcohol, hops piled on hops to cover up the hollow finish. The other options seem to start at six percent alcohol and rapidly climb past eight. Can’t I just drink a normal pale ale?

Yes. Thanks to Gigantic Brewing, the hoppy pale ale is back. Scrilla is five and half percent alcohol, balanced, and delicious. Imagine a nice fresh bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Now update it for 2016. Instead of plain Cascade hops, Scrilla is made with Simcoe, CItra, and Crystal. It has those same pine and citrus flavors, but with a more modern twist. The pine notes are stickier, the citrus is juicier, but the package is just as balanced. None of the sticky sweetness of an extreme IPA and none of the watery nothingness of an ISA. Scrill is just a pale ale and tasty.

Check out this playlist on @8tracks: made a little circus, lost a couple friends by matildawhiskey.

This was originally made as a mix tape, exactly eight years ago today. (July 25, 2008.)

side a

1. World/Inferno Friendship Society - Peter Lorre // 2. Firewater - Some Strange Reaction // 3. Apocalypse Hoboken - Misguided Memories // 4. Defiance, Ohio - The Condition // 5. Kimya Dawson - The Beer // 6. Tom Waits - Tom Traubert’s Blues (Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen) // 7. The Mekons - This Way Through the Fire // 8. Against Me! - Armageddon // 9. Dillinger Four - Doublewhiskeycokenoice // 10. The Hold Steady - Constructive Summer // 11. Cub - Way to Go // 12. The Cat Empire - Fishies // 13. The Hellblinki Sextet - Ruckus

side b

1. Mischief Brew - Love and Rage // 2. Jolie Holland - Flood of Dreams // 3. The Pine Hill Haints - Trains Have No Names // 4. The Knotwells - I’ll Be Gone Tomorrow // 5. The White Stripes - The Denial Twist // 6. Circus Contraption - Over the Rails // 7. THAT Damned Band - A Drunken Pyrate’s Hymn // 8. Mucca Pazza - Last Days // 9. Gogol Bordello - Ultimate // 10. 1 Man Banjo! - Not the End // 11. Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere // 12. Casa de Chihuahua - Firefly

A few tasters at Ballast Point / Home Brew Mart. From the left, Nitro Red Velvet (3 of 4), R&D Table Beer (2 of 4), and Watermelon Dorado DIPA (2 of 4). The Red Velvet has chocolate and beets and tastes of it - there is a fruity/starchy sweetness throughout, and quite a lot of chocolate in the nose. Great nitro body and quite nice to sip. The R&D table beer has some really faint belgian yeast character to it, but is otherwise quite unremarkable. Refreshing, but not a lot going on. Finally, Watermelon Dorado. I was warned I wouldn’t like this by a friend, and while I don’t particularly love it, it is ok. The watermelon is over the top, and there’s a ton of candy sweetness in the body, without nearly enough bitterness to balance.


ミスターハンセン病患者 - the new days (Music Video)


Uh… my hand slipped?

So these are some designs of an Undertale / OFF crossover AU.  I know it’s nothing new but I thought I’d throw in my own version. I have more content for this, and if there’s enough interest I’ll totally keep going with it!

Obviously these would be really weird with Undertale canon in mind - but I made substitutions based on personality/role rather than trying to work them into the story. I’ll put my explanations and substitutions below the cut.

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Rest in Peace Erik Petersen.
I am so honored to have met and shared memories with you before you passed. You were such a kind person with a beautifully creative soul.
You will be greatly missed, but will always live on through your music.

What in the world is a beer comb? 

It’s not for covering up bald spots.

These old-school tools were used for beheading beers that have foamed above the top of the glass, but they went out of style, probably because they weren’t very sanitary. 

The set in our @amhistorymuseum presents a mystery: We don’t know whether they were used before Prohibition or after.

Behold the beer comb, a fancy bartending tool from drinking days of old