Nam Kyo is a summer somewhere in a hazy memory, the sun setting but the heat still hanging in the air and the light fragmenting between leaves. Listeners meet the wise and mischievous spirits of Humble Pious and the Brewdem: they whisper reminders of the things which matter and are good in life, and conjure up a simple world of close friendships, elevating the mind through music, wonder and curiosity, a spliff and a cup of tea, a beautiful garden, giggling at farts, 99p ice-creams that really are 99p - half nostalgia and half directive. In its dark corners, one finds disgust at the greed, hate and self-obsession ruining the world, the futility of trying to change it….sadness quickly denied indulgence. Since discovering Humble Pious I don’t really want to listen to anything else, but thankfully he is the most prolific of artists and his discography is free at:

(written by Julietta Coleslaw)


stopmotion n experimental video.