General items, Food, Drink, Perfume, New Status Effects, and Fatigue Values.

Perfume – A concoction made with Brewcraft. The aromas from perfumes have different effects, particularly Aura Effects, which do different things in the area around Eily, like Thorns Damage, Elemental Damage, etc. Different smells also effect people and enemies that Eily encounters.

New Status Effects –

  • Drunk (Burrp!) – Every time Eily chugs Alcohol (which is basically nearly every drinkable potion), she becomes a little more tipsy. This condition has lesser to no effects in its early stages, but intensifies with further consumption, leading to weakened motor control, lowered stats, extra conditions, poor decision making, and ultimately blacking out.
  • Stinky – Wards off (or attracts) certain creatures, and reduces her affinity with NPC’s. Very hard to remove without proper cleaning. Similar to Wet and Muddy, this is a condition that can be used to your advantage.

Fatigue Values – Eily’s Fatigue slowly chips away at her Stamina. Her fatigue is now divided into three categories; Nourishment (Food), Hydration (Water), and Rest (Sleeping). She must keep these values in control, or her Stamina will eventually reach 0, causing her to pass out. Then, you’ll have to hope that a friend happens upon her, and prevents her from getting eaten by animals or Wecks.

New Action Menu! It’s modular now, because I found the need for it to have tabs that you’ll unlock later in the game (aand if I want to add more tabs period, it’ll be much easier)


Items now have a “Cooldown” value, which disables use for a period of time.

It’ll particularly be used in Brewcraft, where potion-like items will have to ferment for a few minutes before they can be used. Some weapons and tools may cause cooldown when using special abilities.