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ToTN- Coffee Shop AU

Tales of Two Ninjas

One-Shot 17 (Read on ff x

Coffee Shop AU

Summary: We Bean Business was a quaint little café in the large city of Konoha and part of her daily grind. But then he returned into her life and started to take up a latte of her time. Sometimes it’s a struggle to espresso yourself. (Horrible use of puns. They certainly won’t brew you away).

Rating: K+/T

She actually really enjoyed it here. The simplicity of it but never dull. The smell of roasting coffee in the air mixed with the faint buzz of talking patrons. The fluffy baked goods and glazed sugar lining the display window ready to eat. She was more of a tea person herself, but she could see the allure coffee had on its drinkers. A slightly bitter taste giving you a well deserved boost in the morning. Or a gentle warmth between your fingers as you cradle the mug in one hand and a book in the other.

But mostly she enjoyed people watching.

There was a keen interest she took in watching the people she served, wondering about their triumphs and burdens.

Some looked absolutely dejected as they walked through the door of the coffee shop, dragging their feet along, desperate to get their first dose of badly needed caffeine.

Others were bubbly, skipping in here with groups of friends, ordering some spiced Indian chai tea (the name which she always found odd because chai in fact meant tea so these girls would order spiced Indian tea tea), sit and take pictures of their drinks, chattering about.

The rare few walked in nervously, glancing at the chalkboard menu above her head, wondering what everything meant. She would always smile kindly at those, knowing full well what it felt like to be overwhelmed by something strange and new. She’d coax them into trying something; help them find their favorite drink- before being scolded by the manager and waiting patrons for taking too long.

“She’s trying to help a customer, jeez,” she heard a loud voice. “Be patient. You all are rude.”

Hinata glanced over the glowering faces, tiptoeing to see who had come to her defense but only saw a shock of blonde hair mixed in with the rest.

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@facadxs II Starter Call

“A brew steered to sate sweet tastes will never satisfy those of the bitter.”

“That’s my rating of your coffee brew, amigo. It’d work for your kids or the missus, but me? Ha! I’m too bitter to enjoy a brew levied with sweetness.”