Some Healthy Brews

Since there are so many Tea lovers out there, I wanted to make a short post about some herbal teas that are not only tasty but also really help out the body and give us a nice boost in the health department. Herbal teas nourishes the soul, heals the body, and helps calm our busy minds.

Blackberry Leaf Tea: Reduces mood swings, evens glucose levels, and can help in weight management. Can even help with circulation and aids in such issues as inflammation and varicose veins.

Catnip: When you first feel the start of a sore throat or impending cold, drink a warm cup of catnip tea and head off to bed. You will awake feeling much better! Catnip soothes the nervous system and can help (safely) get a restless child to go to sleep due to the fact that while it is potent it is also very gentle.

Cardamom: Calms nausea and helps ease morning sickness. It is also excellent for digestion and can help clear up your mouth/throat. If you love cinnamon you will like the taste of cardamom tea.

Nettle: Raises your energy levels, boosts your immune system, and is packed with iron and vitamins.

Fennel: Excellent for awakening and uplifting; can be used to help with digestion and cleaning. Fennel is also a natural breath freshener.

Echinacea: Very helpful at boosting the immune system.

Ginger Root: Calms and cheers while aiding in digestion and nausea. Can also fight off coughs and ease sore throats.

Dandelion Root: Grounds and centers, providing many minerals and nutrients. Also acts like a cleanser and a great natural detoxifier.

alextheraven  asked:

You appear to be a hyper coffee drinker (if I understood that post correctly). There's a gent out in Cali that sells what sounds like the very thing, it's called Black Blood of the Earth and the site for it is hilarious but I thought I'd mention its existence if you wanted to give it a look

Black Blood of the Earth is what I based my brew on!! I found out about it and wanted some, but couldn’t justify shelling out the $$. 

Then I realized “Hey dork you collect virgin chemistry lab equipment because you’re a huge nerd I bet I could approximate this stuff on my own.”

So. Enter several weeks of trial and error, and Event Horizon (so named because it is so black that not even light may escape) was born. 

True to Black Blood of the Earth legend, the cold extraction method means even though is is hypercaffeinated and as strong as tar, the taste is surprisingly mellow and sweet due to the fact that acids are only extracted by heat. Dump a shot glass of it in a glass of milk for a delicious iced latte. Chocolate milk makes it an iced mocha. Mix with Bailey’s Irish cream for something my husband calls an “Irish Pub Fight”. Mix with vodka to die. 

(I did the math and it turns out 1 1 oz shot glass of Event Horizon has about 100-200 mg. of caffeine, allowing for natural caffeine level fluctuation if the coffee beans depending on growing conditions). I tested it on co workers, and one drank a full 6 oz cup which I EXPRESSLY forbid him from doing but he said ‘fuckit’ and did it anyway ‘for SCIENCE’. 

He didn’t sleep for 48 hours and was running laps of the parking lot for two straight hours ‘because he couldn’t keep still’. He also claimed that he could ‘feel air molecules’. 


Catching up on American Craft Beer Week!

Hop Flight!

Juicifer from Gnarly Barley, Today Is Just Yesterday’s Tomorrow from Evil Twin, Syncopation from Southern Prohibition Brewing and A Giant Hop Fir Mankind from Bayou Teche!

This DIPA from Wiseacre Brewing was very good and sweet, Adjective Animal!

Stout and Sour Flight!

Pe Kan from Prairie Artisan Ales, Tin Cup Camp Milk Stout from Burial Brewing, Double Dry Hopped Lowerline from NOLA Brewing and Hurricane Saison from NOLA Brewing!

FANFIC:  What’s Up Pussycat?

Summary: Graves gets hit by a spell potion that makes him sprout cat ears and a tail. There is no counter curse and he’s forced to bear with it for a week. 

Written for the lovely @fantastic-beasts-smut - should be more to come. Hope you like it man :) 

Percival was not having a good day.

It started when he woke up (which in itself was a rather depressing thought). The sound of one’s lover whooping for joy ought to have been a lovely thing to welcome the day with, and Percival, in his ignorance, had thought that it was. Then Newt had climbed out of his suitcase, dressed for travel, and proceeded to pack it up and move it from the corner of Percival’s bedroom that it had been calling home for almost a month now.

At this, he blinked.

“Good morning?”

“Good morning!” Newt replied with a wide smile, quickly stepping over to the bed and stooping down to press a kiss to Percival’s lips. He hummed against the other man’s mouth as a hand came up to cup the back of his head, tangling in his hair. The kiss deepened pleasingly into something that was making certain parts of his anatomy very happy indeed. Then Newt more of less ruined the moment by pulling away with a rather obscene ‘mwah’ noise and rocking back on the balls of his feet. “Percival, it is a wonderful morning!”

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Basic Witchcraft Masterpost

Here are some tags/topics I’ve compiled to help out beginners(:

Self Care
God (male)
Goddess (female)
Deity (either gender)
Deities (either gender)
Samhain/Autumn Equinox/Autumn/Halloween
Essential Oils
Moon (phases, spells, etc.)
Everyday (how to incorporate magic everyday)
Star signs/Astrology
Schedule (routines)