brevin and alicool

“So you’re telling me, all the might in hell is going to bring Gavin here to torture me, but it won’t ever really be him? Then I’ve accomplished the only goal I ever set myself. If for eternity I’ll weep at your feet weep at that figment of my imagination. But Gavin lives on hating me or thinking I abandoned him. ..he’s alive. He is not in hell. He’ll find what he’s looking for and be happy. I’ll suffer for eternity but I’ll always have my soul, my salvation… that temptation born of green eyes and a ruffled accent walks among the living. You can’t break me Lucifer. Only one person can do that and you can’t hold a claim on his soul because I died for him. He’s saved.” Michael laughed, the happiest sound that hell had ever dragged from his residents.

Happy Birthday Baby!~

I wish the happiest of Birthday’s to my very bestest friend and Platonic Husband i-am-the-jester-gavin! I am one of the luckiest people in the world because I randomly wandered into a few chats with you and it turned into a very amazing friendship.

I don’t think I’ve ever been that fast of a friend with anyone before, and as we’ve said a thousand times before, for whatever reason, we’re like platonic soul mates. <3

I know you’ve been feeling a lot of ups and downs this year, and I hope that your birthday marks a change in your life that brings only the good stuff because you deserve it. 

Here’s a bunch of pictures of our favorite things! Love you! <3 <3!

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“You wore your heart on your sleeve like an idiot,  and now you’re going to spend all of eternity knowing that he never loved you nearly as much as you loved him, with me. Where I will make you remenber it forever and onto the next life.”

“I’ll take all you can give me Lucifer. My wish was to know that what love was, what loss was.  You’re talking as if I regret a moment of it. I don’t. Go fuck yourself you piece of shit. You don’t know /anything/. I’ll take your punishment with a smile and remember for a brief moment in time that Gavin Free loved me, even if it meant nothing. All I needed was a moment.”