Fractured Light - A  Kalagang Oneshot

Okay, this is probably trash. But it wouldn’t leave me alone.

Rated M: Mature Situations

Note: I own nothing related to Sense8 or its characters, nor am I profiting from this writing.

Author’s Note:

This is my first foray into Kalagang fanfiction. Actually, this is my first Sense8 fanfiction ever.  

Fractured Light was inspired by the events at the end of Season 2 (where I think I might have died a little death). I don’t even try to speculate on how the cluster would have gotten Wolfgang out of BPO - that’s for another fanfic. Instead, I focus on the aftermath, in Paris, during what I imagine to be Wolfgang’s recover period.


The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out

You left me in the dark

No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight

In the shadow of your heart

  • from Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine

Wolfgang’s chest still ached even after nearly a week from being rescued from the BPO facility in Berlin. There was also a general soreness to his muscles that still made it hard for him to get out of bed in the morning. But he never complained about the residual pain from the electric shock.  Kala knew these things only because it was in their special nature to know these things about each other. He couldn’t hide the pain from her, even when he tried.

Just as she couldn’t hide her longing from him.

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