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“Pssst, y/n"Lydia nudged you in the side.

“Ouch, why are you whispering"you whispered as you rubbed your side.

"Brett’s checking you out"she mumbled in your ear quietly so that no one could hear.

Stiles and Scott made their way over.
"No he’s not"you quickly muttered back.

"Yes he is"Scott smirked as he sat down.

"Scott what have we said about listening to our conversations"Lydia exclaimed as she flicked his ear.

"Brett’s heartbeat is through the roof, it’s so obvious"Liam sat down next to you.
You cried out in frustration.

"Stop listening to our conversations, you werewolves are so annoying when it comes to being nosy!"You held your hands in the air.

"But the other day I was in detention and you, stiles and Lydia were talking in the jeep, I thought I heard you say that werewolves are smart"Malia said smugly.

"Stop listening to our conversations!"You,Stiles and Lydia shouted in unison.


It was New Year’s Eve and Lydia was throwing a giant party. Everyone was there, including you, even though you would rather be at home watching Netflix.

The night was drawing towards midnight, 15 minutes to go. You could see the couples getting closer to each other and singletons who were seeking out other singletons to kiss when the ball drop. You on the other were not bothered if you ended up kissing someone at midnight or not.

Whatever happens, happens.

You were trying to find your friends, not one of them were in sight.

“Hey! Y/n!” Called a familiar voice.

“Brett? Hi! Have you seen Lydia or anyone? ” you questioned

He replied “ She’s kinda occupied, if you know what I mean”

“Okay ew I don’t need to know any more”

You and Brett continued chatting, only realising how long your conversation had been when the count down started,


“This is it” you said smiling


“2017 here we come!” Brett cheered

8, 7, 6, 5,

Brett looked at you, “Can I try something?”


“Sure!” You replied


“Okay” he said

“2!, 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!” You both screamed along with everyone else,

And with that said Brett took hold of your waist, pulled you closer and placed his lips upon yours.

“Lahey, stop.”

“Babygirl, all you’ve gotta do is get on the bike.”

“I’m not getting on a motorcycle with you, Isaac.”

“Did you just call me Isaac?”

“Did you just call me babygirl?”

“Just get on the bike.”

“Fuck you.”