Old German States Schleswig-Holstein 1865, inscribed “HERZOGTH. SCHLESWIG” 1 ? schilling rose, 15 copies, affixed overlapping, all tied by several clear strikes “HADERSLEBEN 30 11 65” and partly by oval transit mark of Hamburg to envelope via London (red “PAID” marking on front) to Montevideo, Uruguay; on front red “½” showing paid 2 d. British transit and 1 sh. Sea Postage; the franking partly small faults, where affixed at the edge of the cover and one adhesive fixed around the edge of the cover; a phantastic entire, the only known complete letter to South America and largest multiple franking of this stamp; certificate van der Linden BPP and opinion Maria Brettl.

(via - Old German States Schleswig-Holstein, Michel 15)

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