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Fic title thingy. Because I have one more. "Men of Ice." Also, you're amazing and I'm very intimidated by your amazingness.

Men of Ice.  

Okay, so I read this and I immediately went “Men of Ice…and Fire.”  

So this would def be a GoT fusion fic.  

You’d have Steve going up to the wall to chase after Bucky, only for the both of them to get frozen in some mystical pond on the other side of the wall and unthawed on accident decades later.  

Peggy could be the wife Steve leaves behind, who through some kind of ice magic, slows down the progression of her aging.  She never gives up on her quest to find Steve. She’s the leader of a tribe of warrior women, who make their homes in the forests of the frozen north, forever searching for Steve Rogers.   

Darcy is the ward of Lord Anthony Stark. (Eh?  Starks in Winterfell, ehhh?).  She doesn’t know her true parentage, and is thus raised as a bastard. She runs away to the capital to become a handmaid to the queen.  She finds out through careful perusal of the library that her true father was none other than Bruce Banner, former court physician, who was banished in disgrace for experimentation, and rumored to have done the worst of the experimenting on himself.  Her mother, Lady Elizabeth of House Ross is since remarried and refuses to meet with Darcy for months.  

When she finally meets her mother, Darcy discovers the plot of the king to eradicate her father’s line from existance. The experiments Banner had done might not have been as bad as the records made them seem, and there is the small matter of the prophecy.  If Darcy were to marry a man of ice, a man out of his time, their children would bring about the fall of the king’s rule.  And bring peace to their lands.  Unfortunately, she has no idea how to find a man of ice and out of time.  

Meanwhile, Steve and Bucky emerge from the frozen pond.  Bucky is carted away by the brotherhood of the Hydra, and Steve is left for dead, only to be found by a group of people living north of the wall. He is soon reunited with Peggy, and together with his newfound army, they march on the brotherhood of the Hydra to save Bucky from their clutches.   

Darcy escapes in the dead of night back to House Stark in the north, only to come face to face with the famed Steve Rogers of legend, once thought dead, but alive again.  And seated to his left?  James Barnes, a man with blue eyes like ice, an arm made of metal, freshly thawed from ice and completely out of his time.  

And you know.  Wintershock ensues.  ;)   

i started listening to TAZ!!!

at first i was like “im gonna design my own original taako based on just the podcast!!!” but its bretty difficult to differentiate between what are my own impressions from the podcast and what i’ve just internalized thru fandom osmosis. in the end i just decided its not that serious and drew as much inspiration from fanon as i LIKED

I…I just want say. I love Undertale, I love dragons, I love my friends, I love my characters, I love and no my characters too! And I love you all. I…I bad know english, but, please, talk with me. Please.
And, hah, I don’t know how to express my thoughts too, sorry. 
Sometimes I feel very lonely, pal, hah?
And..Again, hah. So, I see you all. All reblogs and tags, all likes, all subscribes too :)

Piano Pig

Its Nine O’ Moon On A Sandy Day

Regular Crowd Shuffles In

There’s An Old Ape Sittin Next To Me

Making Louvre To His Potions And Gin

He Says Boar Can You Play Me A Melody

Im Nort Really Shore How It Goes

But Its Sad And Its Sweet And I Gnew It Gomplete

When I Bought A Younger Boar’s Snows

Sing Us A Song Yore The Piano Pig

Sing Us A Song To’Night

Well Wore All In A Mood For A Melody

And You’ve Got A Strong Iron Hide

Gerold At The Hole Is A Friend Of Mine

He Gets Me My Sand For Free

And He’s Quick With A Joke

Or A Bomb Full Of Smoke

But Thore’s Some Place That He’d Rother Be

He Sais Boar I Believe This Is Killing Me

As The Smile Ran Away From His Snout

Well Im Shore That I Could Be A Rapper Star

If To Venice I Could Get Out

Now Frog Is A Salty Sand Novelist

Who Always Has Hidden A Knives

And He’s Talking With Seymour

Who Dorn’t Want To Hear More

And Never Will In All His Lives

And The Tapirs Are Practicing Politics

As The Monkey Boys Slowly Get Stoned

Yes Theyre Selling A Good They Call Lonliness

Well It’s Better Than Vending Alone

Sing Us A Song Yore The Piano Pig

Sing Us A Song To’Night

Well Wore All In A Mood For A Melody

And You’ve Got A Strong Iron Hide

It’s A Bretty Good Crowd For A Sandy Day

And The Fleshrat Hive Gives Me A Smile

Gauze They Gnow It’s Me Theyve Been Goming To See

To Forget About Sand For A While

And The Piano Sounds Like A Carnival

And The Microphone’s Shaped Like A Sphere

And They Sit At The Bar And Put Sand In My Jar And Say Boy Whart Are You Doing Here

Sing Us A Song Yore The Piano Pig

Sing Us A Song To’Night

Well Wore All In A Mood For A Melody

And You’ve Got A Strong Iron Hide

friendly reminder that Natasha was afraid of Bruce in Avengers. Honestly, genuinely afraid. and then suddenly was fawning over him after the SECOND time they interacted (unless you count Nat collecting Bruce and him hulking out on her as different interactions). There was no interaction between Avengers and AoU, but suddenly her entire personality changed toward him…

Betty Ross loved him since college and loved him after the accident. She fought for Bruce, against her OWN FATHER, because she loved him. Oh, did I mention it had been like, five years since they had seen each other? 


Jeremy Brett is An Ideal Husband, Part 4

This is the scene in which Watson Lord Chiltern just confided his secret to Lord Goring.

Age of Ultron AU where instead for forcing Bruce and Nat in that weird ass romantic plot they just brought Betty Ross back to MCU, made Natasha actually deal with the shit of having all her secrets thrown around and where their amazing “where the fuck was hawkeye” cover story was Clint spending the last three years in Bed Stuy feeding pizza to his dog and watching dumb TV shows with Kate while absently being the third wheel to her and America