Let me remind you that it’s been thirteen years since Bruce Banner could last have sex (accident was in 2003).

Let me remind you that he’s been on the run for all that time, shying away from human contact for fear of hurting people. Let me also remind you that he was in love with Betty all that time. Even if he could be intimate with someone, he wouldn’t. But he can’t.

Just think about how starved for affection Bruce is. How starved for human touch. When was the last time you think he was hugged, let alone kissed or cuddled? How much do you think he wants it? Needs it? All the shit he endures, guy’s gonna need some comforting.

Let me remind you about Bruce’s panic attacks. The way he remembers bits and pieces of what the Other Guy goes through while he’s being shot at and attacked by military-grade weaponry, and how the Hulk makes it through it, but it haunts Bruce even when he’s not the Big Guy. He’s got no one to lean on even then. He’s been alone with himself all these years. Imagine having no emotional support through all the shit he goes through.

Now imagine when he joins the Avengers. Suddenly there’s people always around, and I imagine he would be flustered and overwhelmed at first. Because these aren’t just passing acquaintances or employers and this isn’t just a place to stay while on the run, these are friends and this is home. How long has it been since Bruce had that? (At that point it would have been nine-ish years)

But it must have felt like so, so much longer. He hasn’t been living, he’s been surviving. He’s been scraping by and continuing to move so they can’t find him.

Imagine the other things; imagine Bruce getting reacquainted with living again instead of just surviving. He’s been on the run, he hasn’t had time to check up on the news or technology or catch up with the times. When he comes back, when he steps into that lab for the first time, imagine how good it must feel to be back in a lab again, a nice one without second- or third-hand or thrown-together-with-materials-he-had-to-scrounge-up-and-piece-together equipment (like he had to in Brazil, and I imagine everywhere else too), but how out of place he must feel because what the hell, everything’s touchscreen and holographic and so goddamn shiny and how the hell is he supposed to use this shit?

Imagine Bruce getting up to date on scientific news and discoveries and advances since he’s been away. Imagine Bruce getting Facebook and maybe catching up with old friends a bit (though he’s still wary of too much attention). Imagine Bruce trying to figure out smartphones and discovering memes and catching up on movies and music and news that was big but not quite big enough to reach him wherever he was at the time.

And imagine when he finally finds someone. Whether you ship Bruce with Betty or Tony or Natasha or whomever, imagine how he will finally have someone. Imagine how he will be so afraid at first, how everything will be small and tentative and hesitant, and he’ll be afraid he’s going to fuck it up or hurt someone or have to leave again—

And imagine his partner, whomever you ship him with, comforting him. Imagine when he has a panic attack (and just their presence has been helping with those now), now someone is there for him, to hold him and hug him and make him feel safe and reassure him and calm him down. Imagine Bruce breaking down because it’s so much, it’s too much after all this time and he never thought he’d be able to have this again and he can barely believe it’s real and he’s afraid it’s all going to slip through his fingers.

Imagine soft kisses and exploring hands and lazing in bed together—intimacy, but not sex. Yeah, Bruce misses sex, but this, this, is what he’s been craving.

Imagine the way his eyes will close contentedly at the feel of a gentle hand carding through his hair. Or lips and warm breath against his skin. Holding someone, being held.

And I’m getting ahead of myself here but just. Bruce Banner deserves all the best things. He deserves all the cuddles and all the kisses and hugs and all the love. And friends and a home and goddammit just let my green son be happy T~T

Bretty-chan posing after amazing schooling, yesterday. She is the best! We absolutelly nailed stretchy canter for the very first time. Like, we could do it before, but it was quite hard to get her fully relaxed, and yesterday it felt like riding on a cloud! So proud of her!

The first time I drank this I had two issues, One, it was damn expensive for an IPA and two, I couldn’t figure out how to catagorize it based on my internal database of IPAs. Then I started trying their ever expanding catalog of Bretty, funky farmhouse ales infused with all sorts of fruit, sour ales, Gose, stouts, Brett aged IPAs, saisons. Well anyway, I had an epiphany. These are not run-of-the-mill beers and ales. These are the fruits of some extremely talented, envelope pushing ( but with a nod to tradition), badass brewers and this is a basass IPA. The closest one, taste-wise, that I’ve had is Life.Death.Life.Truth from Orpheus Brewing here in Atlanta and I’m guessing Wicked Weed went a similar route with Pernicious by using a non-tradition IPA hop and malt bill to produce this singular ale. And no, I do NOT work for Wicked Weed. And one other thing. I also realized I don’t really give a rat’s ass what it costs. For the first time in quite a while I’m lucky enough to be able to indulge myself (in moderation). #wickedweedbrewery #NCBeer #CraftBeer #indiebeer


I’m a little bit of a shipping whore… And I also feel like sharing is caring! So here is my list of MY top ships for Bruce

  • Bretty (Bruce x Betty)Soulmates and partners in crime. He’ll love her until his heart stops beating
  • Science Boyfriends (Bruce x Tony) Mad scientists and equal geniuses in most ways they challenge each other 

                 With this there is also a sub-ship: Dr. Pepperoni… because EVERYTHING is better with Pepper. 

  • American Pi (Bruce x Steve) this one I don’t ever get to play… Steve is everything Bruce has always wanted to be and Steve is the soft place to land.
  • Brutasha (Bruce x Natasha) if this one is done right it can be really cute. Both lack relationship skills, and don’t let people in. But once you’re under thier skin they never let go.
  • Hulkeye (Bruce x Clint Barton) Clint is never afraid and maybe it could get him killed. Luckly he has a giant green anger monster to catch him when he falls. 

So… there are my ships. Additionally… this does not mean I WILL ship, or that if you do not like the ship I will force ship it. It’s always about chemistry after all. I just felt like putting this out there in case anyone is ever wondering if I ship the thing and are afraid to ask. Because… I probably do.


nervous_testpilot is bretty gud.