The Start of a Creative Day - Brett Bean’s Morning Routine

Ever wonder where all of Brett’s morning warm-up sketches are done? He wakes up his hand and his creativity at a little eclectic coffee shop in Pasadena. The day begins too early to admit (thanks to a 15 month old at home…). He sits in the same seat everyday - the seat with the best people watching view of course.  To the bustling sounds of the coffee grinding, chatter, glasses clinking, and the occasional annoying cackle, he hunches over and starts to draw. Does he already have planned what he will draw? Usually not, it is just whatever comes to mind or whoever walks in the door.

We are going to break down the different ways he gets going in the morning. 

Observational - Someone who catches his eye walks in. Either their overall shape, the textures and patterns of what they are wearing or even the way they walk stands out to him. Based off of that one thing that he likes about them, he will base all other decisions off of that one idea.

Shape Exploration - Depending on his mood he will either do this by holding his pencil in a different way then normal to create big shapes he wouldn’t normally create or he will take the big wide Copic marker and create big bold shapes and then find the design within that shape.  As artists we naturally gravitate towards what we know and constantly use shape wise. This is a way to push yourself in a direction that you might not have otherwise gone. 

Idea in the Head - some days he wakes up with an idea already in his head; a memory from a dream, or or something that is contributing to an original IP. These ideas he puts to paper at the coffee shop and then adds to a separate journal - one that no one but he sees. He loves using repurposed journals to store all his ideas in. To him, it reminds him that it is not supposed to be precious at this stage - it takes the ego element out it knowing that it is only to explain his ideas to himself.

How or where do you start your creative day?


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