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Pink lady and a T-Bird. Grease 2 and the podcast @hdtgm #2dbean #art #character #design #brettbean #sketch #drawing #girl #grease2 #hdtgm #podcast (at City of Monrovia)

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Here’s how Julie (aka Mrs. Bean) makes resin jewelry out of my artwork. This is part 1 of a 3 part series. This first video talks about how to prep and seal your images, part 2 will be the actual resin work, and part 3 will be turning it into wearable jewelry. Hope you enjoy! 

thugpumpkin  asked:

Hey bret! Big fan, I was wondering how you choose which features you to exaggerate on a person when drawing them from life? or designing a character based on them?

I’d say that what a designer chooses what features they gravitate towards is a personal and long journey.  Instead, I’ll try to explain the brain functions behind the theory….

I think of designs as a simple Hierarchy.  The first thing I do is quickly decide “Why am I looking at them?!?!  

This is your story/compostion/idea

It could be their good or bad taste in or lack of, clothing.  Or it could be their hair, Tattoos, facial expression, attitude, or whatever thing it is that grabs my attention and go “Oh yeah, I gotta draw them!”

 My rule of thumb, Listen to Mr. Bing Crosby……

Identify, remember, and accentuate those positives.  

And I don’t mean positives as positive attributes, but more mathematically.  Colors, clothing, details, etc you see as a designer that pluses your design all while getting rid of the negatives that detract from that design and idea.

All design decisions will reinforce that main idea with shape choices, gesture, colors, and whatever else I have in my veritable repertoire. (Ed- My goodness I love words.  Say that again….Veritable repertoire)

I believe there are 2 paths to drawing people.  Nouns and adjectives/verbs.  

Nouns are for anatomical and analytical study in your sketchbook.  I am paying attention to the hands, feet, ribs, muscle, eyes, how things are lined up properly.  Very important.  (I am closely observing and drawing them as them)

Adjectives Verbs are for observing life and feeling something.  The opposite of analytical.  Here’s where I am drawing “pointy, aggressive, angular, round, silly, childish, tired, droppy, etc.”  (I know I will never be paid to draw that person so I don’t bother trying.  I am merely taking the pieces I, as a designer, like and changing the rest.)

You, as a designer, choose which is best and at which time.  These 2 methodologies eventually blend together and just become choices of the designer in one image.  

But that’s how I mentally think about designing from people, observations in life, and how to take them somewhere.  Hope that makes sense.




How did this get made? Podcast. BLOODSPORT! #2dbean #art #character #design #brettbean #sketch #drawing #bloodsport #howdidthisgetmade

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anonymous asked:

Hi Brett, I hope you can help put me in a better mindset. Im trying to learn how to draw, but am struggling. I keep stumbling across people that have done their "10000 hours" in some other discipline, but can also draw better than me. I start slipping into the mindset of 'boy these people don't even care about art and they do it better than me, why even bother.' The problem is it makes me resentful and bitter, and I hate it. I also find it makes my desire to actually do art decrease too. :(

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”— Theodore Roosevelt

We all learn at our own pace.  It’s not about where others are or how they got there.  You are in a struggle for yourself.  I know it’s hard, but you can’t look left or right at the competition in this grueling long term race.  Inspiration of aspiration is one thing.  Keep it there.  Don’t judge your pace or skill set as you try and get better.  It will rob you of joy and purpose. I unfortunately don’t have much else to add.

Try to be above it.  I also suggest not looking at half as much art on the web as most folks do.  Being you is tough enough.  Trying to find yourself in a muddled sea of perpetual “LOOK AT ME’S” is overwhelming.  Concentrate on what you are doing and ways that you are improving along your path.

Best of Luck,



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Creature day! #2dbean #art #creature #design #brettbean #fantasy #sketch #drawing #monster #originalart #orc #copic

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anonymous asked:

Thank you for all the advice you give. I have come to the realization that I am just going to have to fight that judgemental, critical, ego driven side of myself forever and that slipping creative work past it will be like trying to do a prison break with Cerberus as the guard. That said, I know I need some tools to win some of the battles. Do you have any ways around that horrible fear monger in your brain that wants to stop you from making things? For writing and drawing. Thank you!

Well that’s a lot of imagery to take in….

And boy does your question ring true to me now.  


Moment of internet honesty in 3…2…1…

I am currently knee deep in this very problem.  Nothing is working, it’s too hard, I produce garbage that no one wants to see, why am I even bothering doing this? Why should I even try now?  Why am I even trying to write?  

Fear is an ugly beast.  It never dies, and is much like the Hydra.  Cut off a head, more turn up.  I usually get this way when I am stressed, sleep deprived, pushing myself into new territory, or wanting a huge change in life direction.

The way I get out of it is pretty simple.  I let it wash over me for a day.  It gets one day.  To get inside, make some fuss, create a stink. Not acknowledging it or pretending it doesn’t exist never helps and it just sits and stews.  So it gets one day.  I actually tell my brain that.  One day.  I’ll sit and mope, play video games in my PJ’s….softly moan.

After that, then you stand back up and start over.  

I re motivate by:

 1.  getting a new book that helps me understand or motivate me (this is the one seeing me through this crisis right now!

(last crisis I got

2.  Find/talk to a mentor you trust.  (I don’t have one and I feel it all the time)

3.  Enhance your calm and realize every artist has felt or currently feels this way and you aren’t alone in the slightest sense.

4.  Realize the Fear and subsequent struggle  is part of the journey to learning and expression

5.  If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried.  Failure leads to success.  FAIL BIG!

6.  Find like minded people that motivate or make your life stronger, not weaker.

7.  Laugh  (THIS ALWAYS HELPS)  

8.  Help others.  Giving freely to others always quiets the doubt and fear in my mind.  It fills the same space with something far better.

That’s what I try to do.

I hope it helps.




Witches! This is Halloween #2dbean #art #character #design #brettbean #sketch #drawing #witch #halloween

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