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Brett Younker // Burning in my Soul
all Your sons and You daughters
dreaming the dreams of their Father
seeing the signs and the wonders
the Kingdom of God 

Probably my favorite song from Passion 2013. Such a revivalist song, ain’t it? I would’ve believed you if it told me it was a Jesus Culture or Bethel song, I mean c'mon. These words are the anthem of my heart these days.


“Burning in My Soul” - Passion Feat. Brett Younker

All Your sons and Your daughters 
Dreaming the dreams of their father
Seeing the signs and the wonders, 
The kingdom of God

Whoa, hear the sound from heaven!

Whoa, a mighty rushing wind!
Whoa, we’re calling for revival!
God let Your fire fall again,
It’s burning in my soul!
Burning in my soul


youth evening main song tonight at oleviste church!!! see u there at 18:30


~Thank you for sharing this with me Kayleigh! 

Like the sun, Your mercy shines
a brand new day, a brighter light
Jesus, Your grace restores our lives
At the cross, the great exchange
Your righteousness for all our shame
Jesus, Your grace restores our lives…

You can make all things new!…  [*smile*]

You give beauty for our ashes and a Hope that’s everlasting. 
The past has been redeemed. Now forever we will sing…

You can make all things new!

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Passion 2013: Brett Younker and Chris Tomlin

Burning In My Soul


a few weeks ago, brett and i took a morning and made 3 “inspiration behind the song” videos. here’s a quick and fun video of brett explaining the idea behind the song “we will go”. filmed in midtown, atl. check it. more coming soon.


here’s another video i made for brett younker (@byounker). it’s for the song “my deliverer”. one of my favorite tunes from this record. nothing like using our great city of ATL as a backdrop. enjoy.