Whatever Marvel gave everyone else, they must have forgotten to give Tom Hiddleston some

So RDJ is like Tony Stark.

Chloe is like Skye

Brett is Ward

Clark is like Coulson

Mark is like Bruce

Elizabeth is like Simmons

Ming is like May

Chris is like Steve

And then there’s Tom


The…Guide is the product of many hands and minds working joyously, without hope of individual reward or recognition, to accomplish something of which by and large they are proud, and diffidently offering it to the public of travelers and scholars and general readers. 

Oregon, End of the Trail (WPA, 1940)

Folks, here in our hot little hands, we have a hard copy of our very first American Guide zine. Sounds of excessive glee are echoing through the stately halls of AG HQ.

Rural Life is the unbelievably fantastic product of curator and writer Brett Klein, designer Tammy Mercure and the photographic delights of Guides EE BergerJames BernalMitch BordenAaron CanipeDan CarusoMichael CevoliMatt CurtisBreonne DeDeckerElicia EpsteinChristian HendricksBen HincemanRoger MayNoelle McCleafPeter SpearRob Walters, and Tara Wray.

Wouldn’t you like to own one of these beauties? This full-color publication can be yours for the price of $15 + (very cheap) shipping. All profits go to supporting the amazing hard work of the photographers and creators whose words and images are featured.

We diffidently offer it to you, the public of travelers and scholars and general readers.

Get one today! Purchase on MagCloud here.

P.S. This is probably one of the most exciting days ever. We are crazy, crazy proud.