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i was given advice, they said to push my character designs more. What the heck does that mean exactly? like i thought they were pushed so how would i push it more (even less realistic?)? i know its vague since im not showing you my examples but is there a general rule of thumb? also if you already answered this, no need to re answer it. thanks!!!

2 rules of thumb.  Pushing in shape and/or pushing in pose.  I’ll do the pose here:

Hope that helps….. If I find time (I still have 40 questions to answer) I’ll do a mock up of shape extremes.



Tell your friends!  I plan on putting all these Q&A thoughts together in book form but I need the word out and the feedback to come if it is going to happen.  It’s a ton of work and I need to know y’all are interested.

As always, thanks for looking, asking, linking, and showing.


I read a short blurb about certain tribes of native Americans explained that little demons lived in Corn and when you disrupted their homes they got mad and popped, and that’s how they described pop corn.  I thought it was a great fun little short story so I did a quick 4 page over Xmas Holiday.  I had writing and words and as I created the comic it seemed like I could get away with no words, just a fun exercise.  Happy 2016!


My day at Wondercon on Friday was AMAZING. I was passing out donuts left and right, hanging with my awesome friends, and meeting some cool people!

Cosplaying as Sadie from Steven Universe was a BLASTY BLAST.

Highlights of the day: Running into Korra and Asami on their Turtleduck Date. And a random girl fangirling at my feet and telling me I was her head cannon of IRL Sadie. BLESS YOU, RANDOM TUMBLR GIRL. Made my whole day. :)

Artists I bought prints from:

Brett Bean

Kelsey McSweeney

Zoë Moss

Jenny Park

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Brett! There is too much to learn and too much to do and not enough time to do it in. I am trying to teach myself illustration, but I'm frustrated because I also see so much being produced and I can't be making things and learning things at the same time, can I? I wrote down a list from writing-anatomy-perspective-web design-plein air painting-photography, etc that is a whole page long of what I want to get better at, but how do I even go about DOING any of it? I keep getting sidetracked. help!

Shhhh, the baby is sleeping…..

I’m writing this as my son is sleeping in my work room in his stroller.  So keep the clickity clacks down huh?

I can quietly tell you this:  You aren’t building art, you’re building an artist.  A problem solver and a human.  Not just a painting.  So everything you are doing in life works towards that.  Oh crap he’s waking….

(30 seconds later as I sit still like he’s a T-Rex who only registers movement)

So while you are learning, or making, or both, or walking around thinking of ideas, it’s all in service of the artist.  Not just one silly painting.  So relax.  You will forever be in a mental state of teacher and student, especially if you want to be great at it.  So realize that.  Own it.  Be OK with the thought that each step is part of the process to get anywhere you want to get. 

Shhhh, shhh, it will be OK…. Now you might be asking if I’m talking to you or my sleeping son.  Quite honestly, doesn’t matter.  It will be OK.

Don’t let the idea that you want to be better create a stalemate on where to start.  Just pick the basics and move from there.  Pick solid foundations like anatomy, perspective, etc and just have at it.  When you make anything, it’s making something.  It’s helping make the artist.  That’s the goal.  Not the art, the artist.  You never know what assignment, or what cause, or what direction your life as an artist will take.  Just be open, be honest with yourself, and try. 

Many people have lots of things in their way to discourage making art, getting better, and just… well just trying for something more. 

  You just put one idea and a little energy towards one of those things.  Then tomorrow, do it again. And again. 

I can tell you there are thousands of things I want to be better at.  At the end of my life I hope to have accomplished 65.43% of them.  And I think that’s aiming high.  I try to pick the ones that give me more bang for the buck but I think most successful people have many things they want to accomplish and get better at.

Here’s my actual new years resolution list I tape to my bathroom wall every year.  It reminds me at least twice a day.  Maybe it helps put this all in perspective.

There will be lots of things to be better at your entire life, and vastly more important ones.  But EVERYTHING you choose to do in life echo’s through your art.  I guarantee it. 


Yeah, I’m coming.

I know baby, we all need to be changed….

Just pick a few things to start with, your whole life is ahead of you.  The production will be there.  If you have the internet and the means to type on it then you have amazing opportunities many will never get.  The journey is our destination, have at it.  Yeah, being all cheesy, I know but I believe it. 

Hope that helps.