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watching the original buzzfeed unsolved videos is so weird because after a certain amount of episodes Brent just disappeared never to be seen again- I feel like I’m watching something forbidden

Smut Prompts ❤

{some of these I found online}

1. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue… wanna see?

2. Your knees are gonna be black and blue

3 You’ve gotta keep quiet

4. It’s not going to be that easy

5. You can model for me if you want, but you and I both know those clothes look better on the floor

6. Beg. You’ve got to beg

7. Come on. You don’t have to be shy

8. It’s just a fantasy

9. You’ve got me hypnotized

10. I didn’t imagine my first time being with you

11. Belts have multiple purposes

12. You’re fucking gorgeous

13. We’re going to hell for this

14. I think someone’s coming

15.Please, oh god, please

16. I love you

17. I want this to last forever

18. I need your help

19. I’ll be gentle, I promise

20. Are you sure you want this

21. Is that gum in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


prompt #7, #8 (Jordan Parrish)

7.“I heard you’re a player, so let’s play a game.” 8.“please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.”

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“we’ve been circling the same area for about an hour now. The nemeton doesn’t want to be found.” Jordan said crossing his arms over his chest.

“well i’m not the one carrying a bunch of dead bodies out here so excuse me if I can’t find it.” I said sitting down on the forest floor.

Jordan joined me shortly looking at his hands. I instantly felt bad, he didn’t know that he was doing this either, and I wasn’t exactly helping with my accusatory tone.

“do you think I want to be doing this?” He said playing with his fingers.

“I know, I’m sorry I said that Jordan, and I’m sorry for dragging you out here this was a waste of time.” I said standing up and wiping off my butt.

Jordan followed suit.

“not a total waste I mean I got to spend time with you.” Jordan said grabbing my hand and lacing my fingers with his own.

“you know you’re pretty boy charm isn’t going to work on me.” I said letting go of his hand.

“pretty boy charm, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He said laughing.

This gave me an idea. Jordan has been teaching me self defense ever since I got attacked by Tracy Stewart.

I heard you’re a player, so let’s play a game.” I said smirking.

“a game, what kind of game?” Jordan asked stepping closer to me.

“fight me. fight me and if I win you can’t leave until you find the nemeton.” I said putting my fists up.

“what if I win? what do I get?” He asked stepping even closer.

“what do you want?” I asked feeling my face heat up from how close he was.

“a kiss.” He whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

I was a little distracted with my thoughts so I was caught off guard when Jordan pushed me, making me fall on my butt.

“hey you cheated!” I said pushing my self back up.

“no I’m just motivated to win.” He smirked putting his hands back up.

I lunged at him trying to catch his arm but he blocked me. He went in for a jab but I ducked.

“you’re not winning that easily.” I said ducking again as he threw another jab.

“I didn’t expect it to be easy.” He said grabbing my arm.

I twisted out of his grip trying to trip him. He got hold of my arm and twisted me around so he was behind me and had me trapped against his body.

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I could feel him breathing down my neck making me extremely nervous. He won and I was about to kiss him. I turned around but Jordan wasn’t standing in front of me, it was the hell hound. He pushed me to the side causing me to twist my ankle.

“Parrish!” I said watching him walk away.

He started walking straight through the tree line. I struggled to get up, but I eventually did and followed him. He stopped sitting down on the tree trunk of the nemeton. Bodies were scattered all over it. I let go of the tree I was using to support myself and fell down looking at all the bodies.

“y/n!” Jordan called running over to me now that he was back to himself.

“Jordan, don’t turn around.” I said putting my hand on his cheek.

Of course he didn’t listen to me and turned around anyways seeing all the bodies.

“I’m doing all this.” He started turning back to me. “and I hurt you.” He said looking down at my ankle that was a little purple now.

I grabbed the tree standing up.

“Jordan you’re a hell hound you protect the secrets of the supernatural it’s what you do, you’re not killing anyone, that isn’t you, and don’t worry about me i’m okay. Jordan we fight the bad guys okay, you’re not one of them. Let’s get out of here.” I said grabbing his arm to pull him away from the nemeton.

Jordan picks me up walking me back to his patrol car.

“Jordan, please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.”

“a sprained ankle that I caused.” He said his grip around me getting tighter.

“actually, if we’re speaking technically, the hell hound did this not you.”

“It doesn't matter we’re back at the car.” He said sitting me down on the trunk so he could open my car door.

He was very down, and I felt my heart ache for him.

“Jordan come here.”

He walked over standing in between my legs. I put my arms around his shoulders.

“you don’t think you’re the bad guy right?” I questioned rubbing his shoulders.

“I don’t even know who I am anymore y/n” He admitted putting his arms around me and pulling me to his chest.

He buried his face in my neck. I felt something wet and hot and realized he was crying. I lifted his head so he was looking at me.

“Jordan I know exactly who you are. You’re a deputy to the Sherriff’s department, you care about people and their feelings, you’re willing to risk your life to save others. You’re extremely good at fighting, in fact I think I owe you something.” I said pulling his face down to mine.

His breathing got heavier as my lips were practically on his. I captured his lips with mine kissing him slowly and passionately. He immediately kissed back pulling me closer to him. I could feel my cheeks burning with desire as I kissed him. He slowly pulled away resting his forehead on mine.

“should we play another game?” He smirked kissing my nose.

“if the outcome is this, than hell yeah.” I said putting my lips back on his.

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Seriously though Jordan Parrish does not get enough recognition either! Look how handsome he is! I’m glad somebody requested him! Question for you all, would you like me to make a new prompt list to chose from?

The canes as the first gif that shows up under their name

i saw @andrebearakovsky do this for the caps, so i’ll do it for the canes because why not

Jordan Staal

Jeff Skinner

Victor Rask

Teuvo Teravainen

Elias Lindholm

Lee Stempniak

Joakim Nordstrom

Sebastian Aho

Derek Ryan

Jay McClement

Brock McGinn

Justin Faulk

Noah Hanifin

Klas Dahlbeck

Brett Pesce

Ryan Murphy

Jaccob Slavin

Matt Tennyson

Scott Darling

Cam Ward

Eddie Lack

prompt #7 (Brett Talbot)

7.“I heard you’re a player, so let’s play a game.”

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“really this guy again?” I said rolling my eyes at Liam.

“believe me I wish we weren’t here either but we need to know if him or Satomi know anything about Tracy.” Liam said.

I rolled my eyes as I watched Brett juke out the other lacrosse players on the field, flinging the ball into the net. It wasn’t that I hated Brett, no you know what scratch that I did hate him. He was so arrogant it made my head hurt.

“wait so he’s a werewolf too?” Mason said coming up beside me and Liam smiling like an idiot.

“yeah.” Liam grumbled.

“this just keeps getting better and better.” Mason says eyeing Brett’s shirtless body.

Brett was no doubt attractive but every time he opened his mouth it took away from that. Brett made eye contact with me giving me his famous pretty boy smirk. He walked over to us dragging his lacrosse stick behind him. Liam showed him a picture of Tracy asking him if he’d seen her around. I was trying my best not to look at his body.

“cute, not as cute as y/n, but no haven’t seen her.” Brett said finally getting a shirt out to put on.

I rolled my eyes at his comment, but inside I was blushing.

“Is it possible that Satomi recruited her without you knowing?” I asked clearing my throat.

“since the dead pool, Satomi hasn’t been doing much recruiting lately.” Brett said throwing on his Devenford Prep sweatshirt.

“wait so alpha werewolves just go around biting people?” Mason asked perplexed at everything he just learned.

“some, or you’re born with it like me and my sister. Satomi took us in after our family died in a fire.” Brett said making eye contact with me.

I didn’t know that happened to him. Maybe that’s why Brett was well Brett.

“Hey guys I think I found something.” Liam said showing us his phone.

Liam said he had seen Tracy’s necklace when he fell in a hole while following Theo. Brett unfortunately agreed to go with us for quote “extra protection just in case we find her.” I was currently walking behind Liam, Brett, and Mason while they looked for the hole. I was having weird thoughts about Brett and I didn’t like it one bit.

“what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?” Brett asked coming up behind me.

“do you always have to be this annoying?” I asked him rolling my eyes.

“why do you hate me so much?” Brett asked laughing and flinging his arm around my shoulder.

“well Talbot it’s no secret you’re a player. I’ve heard you’re a player from a lot of people.” I said shrugging his arm off and turning to face him.

I didn’t realize how little space there was between us until I felt his breathe hitting my face.

“I’m player huh, okay so let’s play a game.” He smirked backing me up against the nearest tree.

“a game?” I asked nervously due to his closeness.

“let’s sweet talk, let’s play fight, let’s talk until the sun comes up until it goes down, let’s be each others first good morning and each others last goodnight, let’s take walks together, let’s hang out with each others friends, let’s give each other nicknames, let’s go on dates, let’s hug all night long, let’s kiss until we run out of air.” Brett says putting his lips close to mine.

“and..?” I stuttered waiting for him to finish.

“and the first one to fall in love with other person loses.” Brett whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

Brett leaned in slowly when a cough interrupted him. Liam stood there rubbing his neck awkwardly.

“I uh, yeah uh Mason found the uh hole.” He stuttered not looking at Brett or myself.

I pushed Brett by his shoulders so I could follow Liam. Brett huffed from behind me. Liam started to lead the way while Brett and I followed. I quickly turned around taking Brett by surprise.

I heard you’re a player, so let’s play a game.” I said quickly pecking Brett on the lips before turning around and running to catch up to Liam.

when Brett finally caught up to us his face was a blush color, and I knew that I was already winning.

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so this is the first prompt, I am working on the rest! I honestly didn’t know i’d get this many requests but thank you everyone for the requests and follows!

Me when watching Teen Wolf bc those guys are like HOT DAMN (especially Isaac, Liam and Theo they are my babies).

Boys from Teen Wolf.

Looks like cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll: scott mccall 
Looks like could kill you but actually is a cinnamon roll: derek hale 
Looks like cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll: stiles stilinski
Looks like could kill you but actually is a cinnamon roll: liam dunbar
Looks like cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll: jordan parrish
Looks like could kill you but actually is a cinnamon roll: brett talbot
Looks like cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll: mason hewitt
Looks like cinnamon roll but actually he could kill you: theo raeken 
Looks like could kill you and actually he will kill you: peter hale