brett richards

While searching for warmth (online, as one does) on this cold FeBrettuary night, I found Jeremy in a luxurious cardigan. The source is this fab article from The Guardian archive about him and Richard Briers. How else could one have known that our Jeremy was a classic fashion icon? :D

In 1970, mannequin-maker Adele Rootstein, who had already made window dummies of Donyale Luna, Twiggy and Lady Jacqueline Rufus Isaacs, decided Brett had the right look for today. She convinced him to model, and now there are life-size copies of Brett in shop windows all over the world. He represents “modern man” in the Bath Museum.

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If anyone hasn’t seen this yet
Today suede announced the name and date for the new album (Above is the cover art) which will be called ‘Night thoughts’ and be released 22nd of January 2016
The album will also belong with a movie/video of some sort
It can be preordered right now and the song list looks like this:
When You Are Young
No Tomorrow
Pale Snow
I Don’t Know How To Reach You
What I’m Trying To Tell You
Learning To Be
Like Kids
I Can’t Give Her What She Wants
When You Were Young
The Fur & The Feathers

Observe this is a fully informational post I do not claim to own suede or the cover art or any of this information, if something is wrong , please inform me and I’ll be happy to correct it- if u want me to remove this post please tell me and I will.