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“Mrs Hudson, the landlady of Sherlock Holmes, was a long-suffering woman. Not only was her first-floor flat invaded at all hours by throngs of singular and often undesirable characters but her remarkable lodger showed an eccentricity and irregularity in his life which must have sorely tried her patience. His incredible untidiness, his addiction to music at strange hours, his occasional revolver practice within doors, his weird and often malodorous scientific experiments, and the atmosphere of violence and danger which hung around him made him the very worst tenant in London. On the other hand, his payments were princely. I have no doubt that the house might have been purchased at the price which Holmes paid for his rooms during the years that I was with him.

The landlady stood in the deepest awe of him and never dared to interfere with him, however outrageous his proceedings might seem. She was fond of him, too, for he had a remarkable gentleness and courtesy in his dealings with women.”

Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Dying Detective

I was thinking about Miskin setlock again (for TLD). Will they adapt the Granada version of The Red Circle for this episode? Because in the adaption with Jeremy Brett, Mrs Hudson is away from Baker Street to help her friend Mrs Warren, who has a mysterious lodger (turns out to be a woman named Emilia). Will the house in Miskin turn out to be the house of a Mrs Warren in which a woman is hiding? Sian Brooke (either as LiR or woman in floral dress)? There were perhaps two women sighted at Miskin: One older woman dressed in grey (Mrs Warren?) and a mysterious younger one that might have been called Sian but was carefully hidden from view… and Mrs Hudson came to the house.

The costume of Hudders in the Granada version somehow reminds me of Una’s costume at Miskin as well:

The Red Circle is some kind of mafia tale in which people communicate via the agony columns in  a newspaper - remember the Rosamund ad…

In the original story, Holmes and Watson hide in a small box-room to watch the mysterious lodger via a mirror, crouching together…

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Been into the canon and the Jeremy Brett Holmes for years, at some point in 2010 found out about BBC Sherlock and saw a clip of "I know it's fine" and haven't taken off my shock blanket since.

Ha! That’s wonderful!

You know I was just thinking about this line turned on itself to be the confession… 

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I’m new. I made a Sherlock board game. Yes?

I’m a longtime lurker of everything Sherlock, and have been for… a long time. And I suppose what it took to bust me out of my tumblr shyness is the Sherlock Holmes game I invented because … it seemed like sort of a crime that there wasn’t a decent one. 

This is my gift for everyone whose first Sherlock was Benedict, Johnny Lee Miller, or RDJ. (I guess Jeremy Brett too maybe. He’s pretty cute.) 

If a crime-solving game sounds fun to you, or you’re at all into the aesthetic of Victorian England, give this a look.