brett helquist

Characters I Love to Hate: Carmelita Spats, A Series of Unfortunate Events

‘ “C is for ‘cute’,” Carmelita sang,

“A is for ‘adorable’!

R is for ‘ravishing’!

M is for ‘gorgeous’!

E is for ‘excellent’!

L is for ‘lovable’!

I is for ‘I’m the best’!

T is for ‘talented’!

A is for ‘a tap – dancing ballerina fairy princess veterinarian’!

Now let’s begin my whole wonderful song all over again!"’ 

The story of the Baudelaires does not take place in a fictional land where lollipops grow on trees and singing mice do all of the chores. The story of the Baudelaires takes place in a very real world, where some people are laughed at just because they have something wrong with them, and where children can find themselves all alone in the world, struggling to understand the sinister mystery that surrounds them.