brett helquist


“I finally understood that great works don’t begin as great works. They begin as rough ideas. I realized that creation is a process. I thought if I can understand the first step I can learn the next step. I was fully aware that I had much to learn, but I was confident that I could learn it.

Here’s a rough sketch of my own. This is the sketch that later became the cover for The Bad Beginning

 – Brett Helquist


Brett Helquist showcasing original cover art from A Series of Unfortunate Events, at the ABC/CBC Illustrator Studio Tours during BookExpo America (May 28, 2014).

Brett regaled us with tales of illustration past and present, revealing behind-the-scenes tidbits like the fact that in the original manuscript for The Bad Beginning he read, the Baudelaire children were blond. (source)

"Who are you?" Violet asked, finally.  The woman blinked, and 
then gave the children her slight smile once more, as if she had expected the Baudelaires to answer the question themselves.  
"I’m Kit Snicket," she said, and the Baudelaire orphans climbed aboard, turning the tables of their lives and breaking their
unfortunate cycle for the very first time.

Despite the fact that it were my favorite books when I was a kid (and they still are now) and that that’s the reason why I post this. I also really love the artwork from Brett Helquist. I’ve always loved his way of shading (even imitated it at some point of my life) and I love his coloured pieces. I like the materials he uses A LOT. Anyway, a few days ago I found out he’s selling some prints on Etsy and I fell in love with them. I didn’t buy them since I’m a poor student and still have to pay my schooltrip to Estonia and Latvia but I’ve put them up as desktop background.